Be careful of sb queue

My curse strikes again. Last wednesday I was in queue for a sb but a storm cut off the power about 15 minutes before it started. I didn't even say yes to the fight 1 minute before the beginning but game counted me in ... that's a little crazy I know there's a similar bug with arena, be careful with sb too.
You can enable that function in settings.
It's a "known issue" not a bug . If you accepted SB previously, even if it didn't go or if you got left out, it automatically excepts you the next time, and the next time... and the next... until an unknown amount of time has passed, or until you've had an SB. Even with the setting on. I am sure with some searching I could find the old bug report, but truly can't be arsed anymore. Admin doesn't care, it's more reason for people to waste money for BC rep to "punish" people for joining queues.
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