Not sure where to put this

But the Necromancer's name and speech is all in russian. (Its the necromancer's Residence area)

Experimental Undead quest

Description does not match quest objectives. Description says to use "phonotarus" but that item does not exist.

** Edit: logged off then back on and it appeared in inventory.

authentication error

I get this error trying to get into game. Loads my profile but I can't get in game

Flawless elixir of lifesolved

Sorry my bad... i used health pots instead of giants :)

Life Balm

I have a Life Balm on and when im fighting monsters Its as if its not there.. I go in with 728 Hp and when i start the fight its at 680. Which is my normal health without a balm.. I havent check the Strength Stats yet on it. But im sure its doing the...

second magic spell

ok i got all i needed to learn second magic skill yet the quest will not let me collect even after i am using the second skill

Dragon Quest

When I Finished up the 200 Wind Essences. I went onto the next part of the chain where I need to kill so many Ring Leaders. I was in battle and using my Flawless Glyph of Life, on me and by accadent. The dragon. I killed all of the Ring Leaders and f...

Error Authenticating

Thats the error I randomly got today, and can't get back into the game now. Tried restarting the browser and the computer. Anyone else with this problem?

Incorrect Portrait Icon

Screenshot attached, as requesred. Notice the grohl portrait in the top right.

Messed up magic.

I have a paladin who learned Shards of ice and lighting at level 9. When I reached level 10 I noticed that the cost to upgrade my spells to level 2 for Water and Air where much higher then that to upgrade my Hammer of Order spell to level 2. I up...

Quest error

When click icon on left to claim quest reward, a big red ribbon with "quest complete" came out and another banner with "Cambria" also came out. Cannot claim reward. Same happens when I activate token for a new quest.

Quest Item

I have collected the 'Bloodied Amulet' from the respective quest. When I come to use it to start the next quest I get an error message, 'Undefined error message'.

Game Loading

I keep getting an Error Authenticating message when I try to log in to the game. Is there a quick fix or settings that need to be changed?
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