protectors quest lvl 14

it says the Skrag Raiders are at Vaalor Harbour when they are in fact at the Harbour Front

text in Fire in the hole quest

The text of the quest is not all readable. Last sentence starts with a word "Hides" and then next line is not visble as you cant scroll down to read it all. It seems that the frame is to small for all the text meant to be put in.


BUG IN THGE SEVEN BRIFGES OF SHADAN - i had to restart my comp


Followed the link in the reputations section "details" on vigilant guards and came to a page all in russian where the pictures didnt even work :P

Skillful Gladiator quest

No matter who wins or how many times we are in the arena no one gets any credit towards completion of this quest.

Wrong name of item

I was looking at items and quests in library and noticed one mistake.

Ring of Impetuous Conqueror is not a ring but a earring. I dont know if it is just a mistake in writting in library because i didnt do the quest that awards it jet, but just wo...

Server Down Lost My Eye

I was farming Air Essence and had about an hour left when I was unable to access the server shortly after 9pm CST last night. I still had about an hours time left. More than enough to farm the essences I need. I would like the Eye replaced or be give...

wondering if someone can help me

hey i got my buddy to play but he clicked on the blue guys (yes im so good with the wordings huh) and i choose the red is there any way to switch sides or just have to deal with it as it is?

Random Picky Bug Thing

Ok so in the battle screen you can see the hp and mana of all characters right? Sometimes when someone I am not fighting gets hit this bar will drop right the way down so their mana is empty and their hp has a tiny bit left. Its only momentary and it...

Essence drop bug

The description on the various dragon eyes say that every 100 mana spent from the required element, you'll get 1 essence.
I'm currently farming Essence of Order, using mostly Hammer of Order II, which costs 100 mana.
with the doubling effect from t...

Error with Balms

I've noticed that when you use any of the Balms, the extra health you get gets taken away at the beginning of battle. Example, I could have 659 health with a balm that gives +10 vitality, but when I enter battle my health goes down to 649.

minor balms

so far every minor balm i have brought wether life or strength adds on my extra health but when i get into a fight it disappears again so i appear to be wasting 6 silver every time i buy one

clan page

is there going to be a clan 'page' that we can see/set rules on?

Magic Mastery

I cannot master level II Order. No matter how many times I cast I get no mastery points. Once I leveled up water and air they gain a point 8 of 10 casts until the bar is almost full. I did notice that instead of showing Order II mastery though it sho...


The item Ruby Tear of Dragon in the library the text is in a different language "Владея этим предметом и внося единовременно более 5 реалов на свой счет, вы получите дополнительные 30% к положенной сумме. Сразу после внесения денег волшебный кристалл...
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