Payment bug

Hello, in the game I got a discount offer, it was Necessary to replenish the account at 1.1 real and get 3.90 as a gift. I filled up on 2 real, but the bonus is not received.

Secondary objectives for Martial valor heroic quest + lvl 34 Hug me bot...

I suggested this a few months ago... would it be possible to make bots count for the secondary quests of Trials of Power? For secondary quests such as Slay 15 enemies, or Take down 7 Zerks... really hard to get when arenas are not often populated... ...

lvl 50 - hero of the archipelago quest


I was writing to ask for assistance. For the last 2 days, I have not been credited the kills for the lvl 50 quest - hero of tthe archipelago. (defeat 5 players)

I have cleard my cookies and restarted my browser. So far it has not fixed ...

Sea Battle Bug

Our team won sea battle, but the message didn't pop up in main chat that the battle was over. We also did not get credit for the daily sea battle quest and I didn't ...

Invisible players

I am unable to see other players on the same screen as me
Ones that are level 71 or higher
My name does not show up either
It is the same on pc or iPad
Just was wandering if it is only me

Emperor's Bounty has caused a bug

We are no longer earning Essence of Shaab from mobs or battle grounds.

shaab event

did 5hrs yesterday to get 765 essence of shaab, went to canyon and paid 750 essence of air, decided to wait to turn in since quest showed 11hrs went to bed got up and quest was gone WTH please give me the 250 defender of adan rep or my 750 essence of...

Not Getting Garuug

Hello. I just wanted to ask if you could fix a bug I have I am not getting garuug at all and I am fight monsters around my lvl and only getting copper from them not even silver so could you plz fix and I would appreciate that.

Wrong Deal

I bought the current deal for 8.9 REALS, but I received the last deal. I did this twice in a row. The current deal is for the remaining sets of essences for the Dragon quests, along with an amulet for a dragon and ten reals. What I got was a set o...

Lost reals?

Hi I bought the special offer and did not receive the reals for it please fix this as soon as possible

Didn’t Recieve casket for purchase

Hi I purchased the exclusive deal for thanksgiving I spent 180 dollars I was supposed to get 3 orange caskets but only received 2 the chat says I got 3 but I only opened 2 and there is none in my inv I have photographs and it should show in console I...

Three Bugged Areas

1. Confrontation rating stop at 3 despite winning more than 15 fights in aoh
2. takes too long to get result of fight.....screen just froze
3. takes too long to teleport to another place

what happened admin??? pl assist to rectify the problems. ...

Dragon armor

Please bring back way to get level 50-60 green dragon armor
Need now more than ever since cap level increase


Game is laguing to mutch , screwed me on hop yesterday , on shaab boss and hapening today again please fix this

Quest reward disappeared

I finished the quest but did not get the reward of the Khateram's Magical Defenses quest. My intention was to claim the reward when I would have the opportunity to do full HOP for a week. Today this quest disappeared and i did not receive any award. ...
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