Three Bugged Areas

1. Confrontation rating stop at 3 despite winning more than 15 fights in aoh
2. takes too long to get result of fight.....screen just froze
3. takes too long to teleport to another place

what happened admin??? pl assist to rectify the problems. ...

Dragon armor

Please bring back way to get level 50-60 green dragon armor
Need now more than ever since cap level increase


Game is laguing to mutch , screwed me on hop yesterday , on shaab boss and hapening today again please fix this

Quest reward disappeared

I finished the quest but did not get the reward of the Khateram's Magical Defenses quest. My intention was to claim the reward when I would have the opportunity to do full HOP for a week. Today this quest disappeared and i did not receive any award. ...

I get screen freeze after click fight

Good morning i tryied everything, i play on Oneplus6 and the game screen is not full, then when i log in, the game freezes after i click fight. On tablet it works perfect. Anyone can help?

Fights bug

I play on phone, the thing is that I was doing protector quests yesterday, and after I killed a monster I had to wait a long time for the battle to finish (I mean to show the square that says "You win" and lets you finish the battle), it wasn't my in...

why have all the islands sunk cant do daily quests or collect sydian

sunken islands everyone

I did not get Reals

Hello, I need help, I paid for REALS yesterday, but I did not get them for help
I have confirmation of my payment, but I have not received Reals

Stuck on a ship?

Stuck in a group. I want to be on the other ship but when i refresh I am back on the one I showed up with. I have cleared my cookies and restarted game. :(

Sent 4 bug reports, doubt anything will get done but this makes it completely impossi...

Stuck with defilers setting

Hello. The Be this us quest and shaab fight was yesterday, however although my character is Back to normal, i still cant do any quests, play hop, receive money, etc. im stuck in The game. All I can do is play the arena for exp and valor. Also im runn...

The collect bottom does not work

I exit and returned but collect bottom still does not work... I can just add stuff and not collect

Kicked from a brand new island

Heaven's Voice: You did not manage to leave the island before it was submerged.

I JUST planted this 30 minutes ago, brand new, 1 day 23 hours on it.
Ship is abandoned there, will you give me 5g to get it back?
red-bag hop is ruined, will you ...

Didn’t receive reward casket for buying reals... again

Once again I bought ugh the 30 reals package and did not receive my rewards casket

Halo of permanence III bug

I was using this item yesterday and was still getting full experience from my quests and arena I have screen shots please can you take that experience off

didnt recieve rewards casket.

I bought 30 reals a few days ago and haven't received my rewards casket please help
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