Melvin the Merchant

Every now and then the inhabitants of Adan are visited by the legendary outlandish traveller and seller of rare goods Melvin along with his faithful companion, the boar Rambah. Foreign guest brings along goods that one can't find in any of Tartu's Shops or Auctions! 

Among these goods you will find:

Marks of Weakness that not only forbid your current enemy from changing opponents for several rounds, but also reduce enemy's Health.. Amulets of Replication, allowing you to summon your replicant. Charms of Durability, under it's effect when dying to other players your equipment will take only half of durability damage.


Scrolls of Stone Skin that for 1 hour reduces damage taken by your Mount. Dragon food, which increases your dragons characteristics.

Ultimate Orbs of Vampirism, Strength, and Courage as well as Ultimate Orbs of Dragon Fury for your winged companion; 


"Blue" quality Parcels;


Bonecrusher, Hero of the Empire, Conqueror Caskets and Corsair Caskets(only for reals);


• Potions: Flawless and Ultimate elixirs of mana, ultimate elixirs of life and endurance.

•  Ultimate glyphs:


• Countless artifacts: Dragon Ambrosia, Kandela of Elements. Artifacts for Clans.


• Phials: 


You can find Melvin on the Winery Crossroads. But please hurry, his stay on Tartu doesn't last longer than a couple of days! After that, he will load his unsold goods on the mighty Rambah and leave Tartu for other parts of the world.

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