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07/07/2012 17:23

Same Sex Marriage

My current Player name is EGGanmerald & I want to marry the Woman that I'm in LOVE with who's name is The Take Over; I'm not trying to Champion a cause, I just want to marry the person that I Love; By the way, no one actually gets really married in the Game so I can't understand what the big deal is

08/07/2012 01:53
i second this. i don't see why its a big issue. I thought this game is about equality and this isn't equal. i don't believe that there should be an issue with 2 females or 2 males getting married on the game. Being married in game doesn't effect game play as is. To not allow something this simple is actually forcing others opinions unto us. PLEASE reconsider. We just want fairness in all ways possible.
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08/07/2012 02:09
Third I think its a great idea to allow anyone to marry any one else regardless of gender.
08/07/2012 02:20
i vote no to all marriage, but if you have to have it allow all marriage. So i agree with this
08/07/2012 02:45
i agree with this cuase i dont see a law saying no
08/07/2012 02:59
Here here. There is a person on the game that i would love to marry but i cannot because it cannot happe. Please make this a reality.
08/07/2012 03:29
to be married to to mean there is love and love is not just between a man and a woman its for man and man woman and woman or human and tree :P i accept it all
08/07/2012 03:56
I agree it's a game and you're allowed to marry different fractions why not allow any one to marry if they see fit to pay the money in for it then they should be allowed like anyone else their not hurting anyone with a make believe marriage and the game can make money off it just like any other marriage in the game that takes place. Loves Love no matter who you are!
09/07/2012 02:01
I agree. If we r in love with someone we should be able to marry them. It's a game, so we should have freedom.
09/07/2012 02:10
"To love someone deeply gives you strength. Being loved by someone deeply gives you courage." ~ Lao Tzu ~
If that person is someone you want to marry then I will support you wholeheartedly. But realistically, it's up to this game's aides if they would permit this act.
09/07/2012 02:17
09/07/2012 02:27
i dont agree with it at all. its adam &eve.not adam & steve.thats how i feel about it
09/07/2012 02:54
I do not see what the problems are with this kind of marriage, and it does not effect any other players in the game, thus support it. Love is a beautiful thing, and can happen between anyone, be it between two men, two women, or a man and a women. Players should be able to choose who they want to marry regardless of gender, and thus, the option of doing so should be enabled. Two thumbs up to this suggestion (if I had more thumbs, then I would put those up as well)!
09/07/2012 03:55
i agree with joker
09/07/2012 03:56
If marriage is going to be included in this game then it should be available to any player. It should be open to ANY two people regardless of the gender or fraction.
09/07/2012 03:56
It is an online game, you don't really know who is male or female anyway, any guy can have a female character and any girl can have a male character hypothetically, so what does it matter if 2 characters are both male or female? I support same sex marriage in the game >.>
09/07/2012 22:22
i agree with this totally
09/07/2012 22:25
yeah, you guys dropped the ball on this one... If you're gonna do the marriage thing, the gay/lesbian thing is going to be an issue... oh, wait... it wouldn't be, if you'd just have thought about it, and allowed same-sex marriage in the first place...
09/07/2012 23:42
i think same sex marriage shuld b fine in this game, afterall, its the palyers who get to enjoy the game, so they shuld be able to enjoy ingame marriage, despite their avatar's gender... for example my char iss male, but im female. what is i wanted to marry a male player with a male avatar? (not that i do by the way, id rather marry a avatar for personal reasons, but just making a point)
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10/07/2012 00:37
My wife also plays this game but she chose her character to be a guy but we wanted to get married in the game. she does not want to reroll and this would be ver)y helpful
10/07/2012 02:57
joker007 wrote:
i dont agree with it at all. its adam &eve.not adam & steve.thats how i feel about it

Yeah in one story book... read a different book once in a while, there are plenty with adam and steve in. Maybe you need to open your mind a little bit.
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10/07/2012 03:04
On another note, since Take Over is married to a guy in real life, personally this whole fake being in love thing is kind of a mockery. If you're gonna petition something important then do it for the right reasons not just to make a spectacle of yourselves. (Love ya Take but that's just the way I see it :))

That said, on the main point, I agree it should be allowed. Because like somebody has mentioned, people don't always choose a character that is their real gender. It's just the way it is. My real life husband re-rolled as a woman also. But there probably are gay people on here who have their real life boyfriend/girlfriend that play, they should be given the same options as the rest of us. What kind of world do we live in where people are still discriminating against gays? This is the 21st century people come on...
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15/07/2012 22:16
Thats gay
15/07/2012 22:19
Let em get married, if your in love then i dont see what the big deal is
17/07/2012 02:45
I honestly do not see anything wrong with it. we get to pick the genders of our avatar right from the start, so we should have the choice if we want to have same-sex marriages. I'm not saying everyone has to, but it will give us more freedom of whom one would want to marry here, for love can occur between anyone. in my opinion, I would be perfectly fine with it.
17/07/2012 16:29
I want to marry a Sinra warrior. When will that be allowed?
17/07/2012 16:55
ForFauxSake wrote:
I want to marry a Sinra warrior. When will that be allowed?

In the forest there are some bears, I wanna marry one of those.
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19/07/2012 20:08
ForFauxSake wrote:
I want to marry a Sinra warrior. When will that be allowed?

Yeah and Necromancer Ani-Dahlia is freaking hot!
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22/07/2012 23:19
I agree with ur whole post... Why they trying to marry eacher because there in "Love" when married IRL to the opposite Gender :P
28/07/2012 03:48
Personally regardless of personal feeling as some has this out to be I just like the option of marrying same sex. Weather I marry male or female I don't know but I would like the option to be made available.
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