Voluntary Imprisonment (Blocking the Character)

If you would like to put your character under the curse "Shackles of Prisoner", which is restricting particular character of all gaming activities with a possibility of withdrawal for 100 reals, please apply in current topic.

Please indicate:
1. your nickname
2. reason for imprisonment

Please read before applying:

1. Application should be submitted in person, requests for other characters will be rejected.

2. All applicants will be checked for compliance with the rules, should we find any violations (the most common violation is Illicit Money-Item transfer, to find out more please refer to the Trade Rules), all the characters involved will be punished.

3. Please think carefully, before applying. Once your application is approved, fine to get out of jail is 100 reals.

4. Imprisoned characters will not be removed from game database and you can not start the game again under the same nickname.

5. Getting your character imprisoned will not free space for extra character on your e-mail, they will still count as one of ten available to you characters
re-rolling starting fresh thx

Can you please jail this char as I wanna start allover again.



1. I need to have Soc the 2nd jailed
2. the password recovery doesn't work and nothing else has either.

1. your nickname: nrgia
2. reason for imprisonment: start over


Re-rolling.... AGAIN!

heavenlyangel14........................ rerolling for a reason

please shackle this account, as I no longer have time to play :( best of luck to you all! Farewell!

please close this account. i want to be a sadarian. the nickname is Eagon

I want to start over game.
Nick: GeneralLee.
Is there any possibility to free this e-mail adress so I can use it to make new account?
Bye. ">

Done, however you will have to use different e-mail to start over.
can you jail this character please, going to re-roll :)

can you jail this char no longer needed, thank you

1. your nickname: Alpha Hunter
2. reason for imprisonment: start over

please jail this caracter, i wish to start over

1. your nickname: -Combat Tactics-
2. reason for imprisonment: reroll

ich hatte glaube ich vor zig monaten mal einen acc
keine ahnung ob es ihn noch gibt
der nickt war Ventus glaube ich
falls es ihn noch gibt bitte löschen

As far as i see there are no other accounts on your network so there's nothing to worry about.
Could I have my character imprisoned please as I would like to start again. Want to change from Vaalor to Sadar & Paladin to Beserker. I will still be using same internet connection as AP93 though.

Please jail aurnia, i thought i was gonna start over but i dont want to......DO NOT JAIL THIS ACCOUNT......JAIL (AURNIA) Aurnia.

I no longer want to play I feel it is a waste of my time Please jail my account. thank you.

shackle me i done with the game i suck at it and i the type of person that likes to be good at every thing so shakle my bye for all eternity lol">">

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