Rules Clarification - Regarding Clans of Alternates

Due to recent issues, post with some clarification is needed regarding alt clans.

1. Clans consisting of mostly/mainly all alternate characters are not allowed to participate in wars against a clan that consists of all the alternate characters' mains. For example, I cannot fill a clan with all of IE alternates or use Barry, in turn, I do not use Leane so I can feed my own clan a bunch of heroism.

2. If one person move to the alternate clan to war against their own clanmates and then jumps back over after war, this is considered a rules violation and rigged combating to feed heroism akin to leaping over to the alt clan to grab all the reals and then leaving to go back to main clan.

3. In cases where the main and alt are relatively equal in power, you may select one to use in that war. For example, pretend Glean is still an Elitist and his character is my alternate. The war of IE vs Elitists, I can select either toon and that is fine.

4. In cases where the main and alt have extreme disparities in power difference, you may only use the main character who is the strongest. Pretend Barry Kripke, my alternate is a Ninth Legion member, I cannot log into him and use him to feed IE heroism in a 9th vs IE war. I must use Leane.

If there are any violations beyond this message and I see it, there will be no warning.

It will be 200 reals instantly for your account.
So im just using Kat as an example... not meant to be insulting or anything.

For example this means that if Storm Kat was in fallen, and fallen got dragonborn, and she used Kitty Kat to fight against fallen, this would be illeagal?

It is not allowed per my post. Needs clarification since it was not defined before unlike being a thief /makes a bunch of alts to break rules continuously with bad trades/illegal fights. That’s already spelled out in rules and why some are already sitting in jail and some are not. :)
So im just clearing this up. Basically what you are saying is dragonborn isnt allowed to queue up for wars on the same day as fallen becuase theres a chance they will get matched together and it would be an instant rule violation
Bones420, no i think she means it would only be a rule violation if kat fought on a weaker alt against fallen
I am still reading and reviewing and questioning a few things on this, but I get the general purpose of it and will (as always) follow the rules.

This post does make me sad though, a completely false and biased complaint caused this (that DB was used to push Fallen to 1st in confrontation, now proven untrue since Fallen is getting 1st this week again, without any DB war).
Guards, for future, please feel free to talk to me calmly, if you think someone from my clans are doing something close to abusive with the power given to them by the permissions options. Before threatening a massive fine and creating new rules we could have worked this out much easier. I had believed other clans would queue with an easy-DB-war carrot dangling weekly, and that we were careful to follow the rules by not rigging any battles or ever discussing any outcomes. The goals were truly to get smaller clans comfortable enough to queue, and to prove that all you need is 2 good-attitude-players to get the 1M; do not believe all the negative hype around the complaint, no harm was meant to any players involved and only good intentions were the motive for queueing.

My first thoughts though, and allow me to use Armalite as an example, not meant to be insulting or anything.... But let us say Arma is his best alt and is in Fallen, but his main from IE is in jail for whatever reason.
Please clarify
- Since the main is jailed, does the 'next best alt' (Armalite) become the new 'main'?
- If yes, can Armalite as a 'new main' play against IE and any other clan he has alts in?
- If the main can't war at all, due to jail, or it is clanless, would his clanned alts be allowed to war whoever they want?

Thanks for the quick response and for this post, and especially for protecting the leaders from potentially getting jailed by 'spies' who lie to us about mains. I appreciate the work you guards did to get these rules written and hope I don't annoy anyone too much with my questions while I process all the new information. In order to protect my clan mates from accidentally breaking the rules before they have read forum, I have removed Diplomacy from all alts until this is cleared up. I recommend all leaders do the same.
Thank you to autum winter, who has kindly taken the time to clear lots of things up. I am posting this now to make sure I fully understand everything before I queue DB or AS for wars. To the jailed/unclanned questions she has made it clear that your main clan is still your main clan, no matter where your characters are in the game. (So those running alts while their mains are in jail, or currently unclanned or visiting somewhere, you might want to check with a guard as to what your 'main clan' would be before entering wars).

Also, an extra big Thank You to glean for letting me bounce multiple scenarios towards you. Your calmness and straight forward answers are always appreciated.

In these scenarios, Storm Kat is in The Fallen (Main Clan); Kitty Kat is in Ancient Specters (AS); and Katnip Kingpin is in DragonBorn (DB). Kitty (11891 reputation) and Katnip (10752 reputation) are close 2ndary characters.

Scenario 1 - Having a visitor:
- dich (a main - not mine), is allowed to visit AS. While in AS, he can war:
If against Fallen, Storm Kat is my playable, Kitty Kat is not.
If against DB, Kitty Kat and Katnip Kingpin are both playable (but not in the same fights against each other, obviously).
If against Drachengard, dich cannot fight, but Kitty Kat can.
All other clans are ok for both dich & Kitty Kat to fight.
- dich can go back to drachengard any time and war there against any clan.

Scenario 2 - My toons personally:
- Storm Kat can war in any clan, any time, except against Fallen. This remains true even if I visited a non-alternate clan such as IE or VI.
- Kitty & Katnip can war against any clan, except Fallen, as long as they are not in the same war as Storm Kat. If Storm Kat is available in the war, I must use Storm Kat account.
- All the other alts can only be played if Kat, Katnip and Kitty are not in any of the clans involved in that war.
- Never is any character of mine allowed to fight in wars against Fallen (main clan), unless something extremely sad happens and I am forced out permanently, which I would be best to discuss with a guard before hand.

If I follow the scenarios (once confirmed by a guard), I will avoid jail time and the 200 reals fine?

And for those that feel judgemental about my toons & clans, keep in mind, I have had over 2000 days playing to accomplish these things.
no need scenarios when play with only 1 character^^ without any toon, gl all:)
vedmak1984, sadly, with this rule the way I read it, there is a potential for trouble even for you. If I read this correctly, you could no longer pop over to 7th (for example) and war against 9th. I hope I am wrong but will wait and see what guard response before I make any moves.
Idc about all that... all I know is the game went from 1 war on Tuesday to none....

I went from at least 3h on DE to 30mins today and only because I'm handing out clan rewards... once again DE delivers..
Would it be ok to bring alt to clan and sell reals at the fair price?
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