Outpost [70+ lvl]

Outpost is an own fortress for players of 70 level and higher, which is giving some new interesting abilities.
After rebirth all your building progress and levels are saving, but you must complete all the following quests [//Except those, which require resources. They will auto-complete//] again, to get access to them.

To start the quest chain, talk with Commander Raidon Korette at the Harbor Front.

Full quest list:

*Have been translated from Russian list and I'm not sure, they will exactly match the in-game quest titles. Correct me in comments, if necessary.

Imperial outpost

At the Harbor Front find the quest Сorvette ship and start the sail.
You will meet pirates: Two battles [5 pirates 70 lvl, 7500 hp each]

Tasty morsel

Defeat pirates from the band of Fiend Jurr [70] at the coast of the Manhar island (Opportunist's Pier)
[4 pirates 70 lvl, 7500 hp]

Liberation of the island

Defeat remaining pirates with their leader Trasher Bondel [70] at the Manhar island.
Three battles with [3 pirates 70 lvl, 7500 hp]
And the final battle [2 pirates 70 lvl, 7500 hp + Bondel 70 lvl, 18 000 hp]

Dangerous weeds

Defeat 7 Flosars at the Manhar island.

Signal lights

Click and ignite a fire at the Opportunist's Pier.

Enemy Fleet

Deal 100,000 damage in boarding phase of sea battles.
It can be collected summary from the several Sea Battles. Archipelago boardings don't count.

Architect for work

Talk with Allur Rag-Veta about architect.

Freedom for Architect

Find architect Gemerald at the Moon City.
Defeat Ield-guards [One battle - 3 Ields 70 lvl, 8300 hp]

The lost Valise

Find the lost valise of Gemerald at the Valdian Forest.
It's really really small and will be placed or at the left side, in the roots of trees or under the truck.

Enemy fort

Talk with architect Gemerald at the Manhar island.

Fort building

Deliver resources to build the Fort:


Watchtower building

Deliver resources to build the Watchtower:


Searching for warriors

Talk with Master Davian at the Colosseum

Feats in the arena

Win three battles in Arena of Honor;
Kill there 3 witchers, 3 paladins, 3 berserks (only people).

Death bridges

In Ruins of ancient City: kill 3 witchers, 3 paladins, 3 berserks.
Each task can be auto-completed for 3.00.

Tournament performance

Deal 50,000 damage in Tournament of Honor.
Can be auto-completed for 10.00.

Reinforcement arrived

Talk with sergeant Vialon Vald at the Manhar island.

Battles for outpost

Liberate the Tower, Watchtower and Main camp // 3 battles, each with [5 monsters 70 lvl, 7500 hp]

Building repairs

Click on the watchtower and repair it for 1
Repair the Fort, 1.

Barraks building

Deliver resources to build Barraks:


Mechanoids in the service of the empire

Talk with Shtold Ventos at the Gates of Dagdor.
If he's not there, check your 52 lvl quests about mechanoid ring. He's getting lost there.

The lost pupil

Find the traces of Leodon Winsdor at the Bay of Broken Dreams (3 monsters 7500 hp).

Interrogation of a pirate

Talk with the pirate.

Mechanic in the captivity

Find Leodon Winsdor //
He's at the Wicked mine. Get to the board of any Ship at the Harbor Front and you will see the direction.

Battle with the guards

Defeat three squads [2 guards 70 lvl, 7500 hp]
If he's not there, check your 52 lvl quests about mechanoid ring. He's getting lost there.

Stock of living crystals

By eliminating Droids [70 lvl, 9000 hp], collect 5 crystals.

Return to outpost

Talk with sergeant Leodon Winsdor at the Manhar island.

Sydian Mine building

Deliver resources to build the Sydian Mine:


Mechanoid Workshop building

Deliver resources to build the Mechanoid Workshop:


Sentenced to death

Take any ship at the Harbor Front and sail to the Kariol Village

The rescue of sentenced

Defeat warriors of the chief Hamharo and save the sentenced shaman [3 monsters 70 lvl, 9000 hp].

House of Spirits building

Deliver resources to build the House of Spirits:


Shadow Circle building

Deliver resources to build the Shadow Circle:


Now the outpost is done and you can start level-up the buildings. But there are three additional quests, which will reward a chosen earring: Earring of Reckless Courage, Earring of Common Sense, Earring of Life-Saving Intuition. Bonus-mana chance from the earrings is about 20%. And I would recommend complete this quest before the Rebirth... because after each rebirth you get refreshed quests and two earrings will double the chance.

Magma generators

Defeat 8 drillers [70] at the Wicked mine // [get there with any ship from the Harbor Front]

Battle with «Titans»

Kill titans Optimus and Prime. One battle, two monsters 30 000 hp. The first is reflecting 30% phys-damage,
the second - 70% mag-damage. You have 8 previously defeated drillers [70] in your team.

Mechanoid factory

Kill Fiend Jurr [70]. Three battles aginst 10 monsters, which are adjusting to your level and the final fight against the boss. He's strong and you may need a mount, balm and other stuff, maybe phials. Also there are three Mechanoids at that instance, which can help you in the battles for 5. But if you found someone, who has the same quest, you can complete the quest together - battle is open.

You can start to level-up buildings only after completing the 33rd quest.
Rules of leveling up: The Main Fort must be upped firstly. Other buildings can't be upped to higher level, while the Fort is lower. You don't need to up all buildings evenly. Fort can be 4 lvl, some buildings 4 lvl, some others 1 lvl. All buildings have five levels.

So, we have 7 buildings. Short descriptions:
— Main Fort // Only opens access to level-up other buildings;
— Watchtower // Gives an own easy quest with reward +25 clan-rep [once per 3-7 days depending from lvl];
— Barraks // Currently are closed and do nothing;
— Sydian Mine // Allows to start sydian mining. For 1 → from 50 to 150 sydian per 24h;
— Mechanoid Workshop // Allows to buy from 1 green Mechanoid and up to 3 violet per day, depending from lvl;
— House of Spirits // 1 violet phial per day and up to 3 red phials;
— Shadow Circle // Isn't working at all, but level 3 allows to buy Rune Stone of Shadows for 40 reals (?) → Free teleport to Opportunist's Pier with 24h cooldown;

3 50
4 00
4 50

Click on each table-row to select it. You will see below the sum of all resources from the selected rows.

70273212143051366OrAllows to build
1 lvl buildings.
7343161918480215852Allows to build
2 lvl buildings.
7658453031758341082Allows to build
3 lvl buildings.
799236478911976157129Allows to build
4 lvl buildings.
8212768756618929728204Allows to build
5 lvl buildings.
7010127165304OrGives a quest, with
reward 25 clan-rep
Quest cooldown - 7 days.
73160432604809Quest cooldown - 6 days.
762166941164914Quest cooldown - 5 days.
7934294565102622Quest cooldown - 4 days.
82473149892141934Quest cooldown - 3 days.
7015185062024275OrCurrently does nothing.
Don't Up.
70304152535131Or50 sydian per day for 1
734802408462072665 sydian per day for 1
7664937913363274185 sydian per day for 1
791026599183551765115 sydian per day for 1
827099462899817102150 sydian per day for 1
7012652529206109Or1 green mechanoid per day.
7319983996325173432 green mechanoids per day.
7627065412514273682 green or blue mechanoids per day.
79427685517064311083 green or blue mechanoids per day.
8259111182211156811703 any mechanoids per day.
70512741294Or1 violet phial per day.
7380436546591 violet or orange phial per day.
7610869103734141 any phial per day.
79171941411006222 any phials per day.
822361492231589343 any phials per day.
70304647504131OrDoes nothing?
73480102279720726Shadow Stone for 10.00
766491411125932741Rune Stone of Shadows for 30.00
7910261939172451765Currently does nothing

*Mechanoid's description is coming soon in other topic) Now I can say this: 82 lvl Driller has 18,500 HP and 1200-1300 white damage + Cursed Balm. They have very specific summoning rules, but are really helpful in Clan-wars and Sea battles.*

After completing the 33rd quest, in average once per five days monsters will attack your outpost. In that case you get a quest with timer and have 12 hours to kill the monsters at the Manhar island. They are adjusting to your level and 90 lvl boss has 50,000+ hp with 2 guards 13,000 hp and damage ~1000. But you are not alone - can free five warriors by clicking on them (see pictures). If you protected the outpost in time, only one building will be broken. But if not - all 7 buildings will break. The repair cost of each is 1 x [building level]. So, don't level-up buildings, if they are not so necessary.

In case of successful protection, you will receive a guaranteed reward: One phial or one mechanoid. But as you can see, mechanoids are more expensive, so... Lifehack: if the phial-building was already destroyed before attack, after protection you will receive only mechanoinds. But if mechanoid's building was destroyed too - you will get nothing.



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Am I the only one not being able to complete quest 5? game doesn't point me where to set fires.
TheOnlyOne, Pointing is wrong... it's showing the Manhar island, but must lead to the Pier
OPTIMUS PRlME, tyvm, can u post or update our link about progress with exp and valor (all items when can use), we have only until 70 lvl(
Also where yuors post about bots 70-90, now we need it^^?
Thanks for the post!
Thx for this
Big thank you! :)
#6 is Enemy Fleet (not Fort)
Removed by user
35Battle with «Titans»
Kill titans Optimus and Prime. One battle, two monsters 30 000 hp. The first is reflecting 30% phys-damage,
the second - 70% mag-damage. You have 8 previously defeated drillers [70] in you team.

lol nice names
not related to this topic but... are there any other lvl 71+ quests?

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Adding on just a little bit more , OPTIMUS explained all of it , these are some sidenotes and tips.

Please note - the quest for AoH kills - it seems to have been changed to 1 of each. For me - it was only 1 witcher, 1 pally and 1 zerk kill.

For those that complete all the buildings - the attacks are relatively easy, just time consuming.
6 fights in total right before the boss fight.
3 fights with 5 mobs each (I mounted and just used 2 end pots + glyphs) , 1 fight with 4 mobs, and 2 fights with 3 mobs each .
The boss fight for lvl 70s will be around 45k health plus the 2 mobs that are 9k each. I found it semi difficult with just mount, balm, food and reflection temple buff (no prisoners were let out when I tried it.) Same setup of 2 end pots and the rest were glyphs.

For the last couple of quests regarding the mechanoids-
Just mount, balm and food is more than enough. I found that the mobs really don't hit that hard and the very last quest with mechanoids, can be soloed pretty easily. A lot of mobs show up but they were not heavy hitters. Only balm food and mount on with 2 end pots + 15 glyphs.

Be wary that some of the mechanoids will reflect magic back on you. I was able to get away with just straight up courage orb the whole time. I don't think paying the 5 gold is necessary for any of the mechanoids ( there are 3 in there that you can pay 5 gold to repair each one so you end up with 3 mechanoids on your side in each battles). Group or solo I think is pretty doable without the mechanoids, but this is based on where my character is at now. If anyone has questions, please feel free to post here or PM me. Hope everyone finds something helpful in my writings.

* Sidenote -
The clan quest that I received was one guy who randomly attacks your ship (can happen at anytime) appearing to be a torling- with around 40k health for 25 rep. I was able to beat him with mount balm and food/ 2 end pots plus 16 glyphs. This is for level 70 with 16k clan rep.

Great way to get clan rep and the fight was relatively easy.

The time left until the next clan quest can be seen when you click on the watchtower, there will be an option to check the time. It shows up in your chat window.

For those planning to power level - after the first fort is completed, all the upgrades to the forts can be bought with reals instead of having to farm all the resources. Good addition for those willing to spend and they all have level requirements before you can upgrade the Forts to Level 2, 3, 4, and 5.

So you get a feel for the pricing - Fort 2 is 52 reals and the Sydian Mine 2 is 26 reals, so the pricing ranges if you do not want to farm anymore resources. Those cracked claws are freaking back breaking.

For anyone rushing to build the sydian mine... it’s not all that great.

So after 24 hours of mining, I still have to retrieve it and when I try to- I have to kill torling mobs, like 3 sets (2 in each about 13k health each) . They’re not difficult, just annoying. 2 ends and entire belt of glyphs. I believe 81k miners get more sydian than that from regular mining.

The best thing I can think of to come from outpost is the mechanoids and the daily phials- neither of these expire and can be used at anytime of your choosing.
Leane, Today will start making resource tables and description) 5 lvl sydian mine gives +150 per day for 1 gold. Quest after 24 hours has three versions - torlings, weaker mobs and no-guards (click and take).

vedmak1984can u post or update our link about progress with exp and valor (all items when can use), we have only until 70 lvl(

70+ tables are nearly ready. Check there today-tomorrow - - http://dragoneternity.com/library/development/
Leane, Thanks hun!!! And my eyes really appreciate the nice blue text you've chosen Great information.

OPTIMUS PRlME, Table looks great, nice update!
Storm Kat, That's not all, valor and heroism tables are ready, I'm waiting for Dreidan to upload)

P.s. added lvl-up resources here.
Pokemon. Another nice touch.

OPTIMUS PRlME, on Terra, do you also suffer with only 1 log location for all miners to fight for?
Storm Kat, Yes) But latest huge fight was more than 2 years ago... when everyone understood, who is who, divided all locations into 'Mining-times' for each clan by their power and stopped to fight.
OPTIMUS PRlME, will never work out a schedule here. Thanks for confirming, I was truly hoping there would eventually be another spot. I'll stick with hunting for now
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