I am making this post to help our new admin get started on our server working right. We would like to start with first getting everything working in English, so DO NOT POST any bugs here.

bugs please write SUPPORT by hitting bug button.

one step at a time

thanks autum winter
08:50 Heaven's Voice: Битва Sea Battle начнется через {PERIOD 600}
In winery when you speak to Galter the Winemaker its not English so needs translation

Что, воитель, желаешь получить первое место в Противоборстве? Наверное, хочешь узнать, не обошли ли тебя соперники?

Ты пришел куда надо - мою таверну посещают все, от зеленых новобранцев до величайших полководцев. Я всегда в курсе самых свежих сплетен!

09:08 Heaven's Voice: Информация о вашем месте в рейтинге Противоборства обновилась
15:56 Torias Whitemantle » autum winter: what needs translating are all of those special offers for purchasing items with reals.

Heaven's Voice: Вы заснули за штурвалом. Очнувшись, вы обнаружили, что остров, рядом с которым вы бросили якорь, уже скрылся в
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the heaven's voice : half of them are shown in russian
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Amherstcrickets again i see.... i am shocked.

Geez I wonder why. Since I came back all that has been seen is negative, sarcastic post after another from players. People don't want to respond to that and I can't blame them. That old saying of the squeaky wheel gets the grease doesn't apply much anymore.

It is ok to be angry and frustrated with the game as it has been forgotten for awhile and one has spent money + time on - but it is clear that the guards and new admin are trying. This is better than the other alternative which would be....discontinuing the game altogether.

Maybe I picked up some hippie dippie vibes out in Oregon for that year - but negative energy doesn't always bring about a positive resolution. Everyone - try to have some fun in an old game that we should be amazed is still running

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Naw dear - most want ☮️ and

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23:50 Heaven's Voice: Битва Sea Battle начнется через {PERIOD 600}
The first big batch of translations went live. Please check for other texts in Russian if you may and report it here.
Thank you all in advance. You are doing a great help since it is quite time consuming blindly dig through tons of untranslated data which is mostly admin tech stuff.
I would check all expired red consumables, meaning orbs, elixirs, ambrosias, reputation stars as slme are not listed here but are still untranslated. For instance level 63 ambrosia is now in english but lvl 37 is not. Red ultimate orb of strength and all reputation stars that are expired are still in russian. All items I am talking about are expired.
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Amherst is still her charming self I see
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