IL history

22:05 H E L C A R T » ant1985: ancient spectre? why u no take il back ?
22:06 ant1985 » H E L C A R T: been sold to 9th
22:07 ant1985 » H E L C A R T: but kat has said i can use this as my clan
I made the clan active again, was I punished to sell the clan?
best game , best guardians , best rules .... gl
Glean, and, lets not forget, I allowed Mockba to siphon all the gas out of the repainted car, so he truly lost nothing. More than most would have done in my position, but alas, ungrateful people are the loudest complainers. Thanks for making the comment that will remind people to think clearer about the situation and hopefully prevent others from attempting the same stunt to someone else.
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