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22:05 H E L C A R T » ant1985: ancient spectre? why u no take il back ?
22:06 ant1985 » H E L C A R T: been sold to 9th
22:07 ant1985 » H E L C A R T: but kat has said i can use this as my clan
I made the clan active again, was I punished to sell the clan?
best game , best guardians , best rules .... gl
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That’s really sad when they take away an active clan and give it to someone who just kills it. Especially when he won a clan vote to become leader.
What ever happened to growing this site and making it better?
I’ve lost almost all faith in this game except for in my clan and pandor.
goddessLinda, new guardians, new rules , all for "good" game )
goddessLinda, it was a bug that made James flint clan leader
H E L C A R T, u did make the clan active again yet u refused to give kat access to get her stuff back.. u should of just bought the clan like 9th did
laker, there was no error, there was a vote , began voting, 20 minutes before the end, the majority of players voted , This is a mistake of Dreidan, for which I am punished ... you can continue to listen to sweet words storm kat lol
laker, I agreed to return her things
H E L C A R T, but that's the thing bro.. based on her contract there shouldn't have been a vote in the first place.

I seen the pm thaT said u did agree.. yet weeks later nothing happen for whatever reason
laker, I saved up resources for her and she knew it and saw , I did not know about what agreement, I was made a victim ... and they made a very cruel punishment ...Is this not a manifestation of the incompetence of the administration of the game? on terra this will never be allowed!
H E L C A R T, You KNEW Immediately. I told you IMMEDIATELY not to get comfortable.
"23:27 Storm Kat » MOCKBA: you got the clan only because of a bug that stopped me from seeing what was going on and I truly hope Dreidan will fix it.

23:29 Storm Kat » Dreidan, Glean, Leane: time stamped everything that was said to me but still would much rather if i didn't have to deal with the errors of the game by myself. this is very wrong and needs to be corrected."

I have RETURNED THE CLAN TO LORD BEAR, the ONLY original IL person who has ever asked for it in all these years. Ant's timing for his return is, unfortunately, after I had already made a deal with Lord Bear. I even waited 2 additional weeks to make sure we had discussed with guards. I hope Bear can make IL active and there's a very real chance he can do that with Ant help, it will be none of my business what they do now. I kindly gave Mockba and his 2 friends back EVERYTHING he said was his, without any complaint, so why is there a post even starting on me again now? I could have kept it all, they way James tried to, and then shut it down completely. Would that have made people shut up?

laker, Mockba did not make the clan active with real players, he used alts. I could have been queueing IL for war with 3 people on alts this whole time too, that does not mean a clan is active. We can stop commenting on this situation, it's obvious Mockba now plans to join the "Kat Sucks" crew, and I'm purrfectly ok with adding him to my "kiss my furry butt" list.
Thunder Kat, when I was the head, there were real players ... unlike your clans, good luck to you, I hope it will be useful to you
H E L C A R T, You had (what I would call) an easy common-sense decision to make. You could either give the clan back because you knew it was wrong for James to get it in the first place, or you don't give it back and have to have admin investigate. Knowing how many times you've cheated in the game, it is obvious now that the correct choice would have been to return the clan. You are the only one to blame for ending up in jail on your main. What is your goal now by making this post?
goddessLinda, He did not win a legitimate clan vote. James used multiple alts (included Anna111 he gave the crown to) to (supposedly, we don't actually have confirmation a vote even happened) push a vote through when there was a bug stopping clan leader from seeing it, a contract signed by him stating he would never use alts to vote, and a supposed friendship that had lasted years. After stabbing me in the back, Anna sold it to Mockba. If you are now saying that Anna111 is Mockba alt instead, then that would completely prove that Mockba stole from me, and knew of the deal (as only the clan leader could delete the posts). What is your goal now by commenting lies on this post?
Here's a list of clans that you could complain about not signing up for wars. Want to explain to everyone why you keep choosing only to pick on me?

Bone Crushers
Die Jäger
Drachen Reiter
Dragon Castle
Eye of Horus
Free Hugs
Heroes of the Empire
Novus Natus
The Raiders
The Rebels of Sadar
Valor Serpents
MOCKBA acquired a clan that had been "stolen" from another player. The clan was returned to the rightful owner. MOCKBA should hold no ill-will toward Storm Kat, Guards/Council, nor Dreidan. If there is anyone MOCKBA should have been upset with, it's the person who transferred the clan to him without having legal ownership.
As I have stated before, the players should appreciate the fact that a legal binding contract was upheld rather than cry foul that one of the defrauded players can't keep what was stolen property.
I would ask those who are opposed to the outcome how they would feel if they were the original owners of the clan that was stolen. Would they be happy someone took it over and made it something different?
Would they be happy they were kicked out of the clan that was theirs?
I'm sure they would be seeking justice and restitution just like anyone else would.
So, if there is any animosity it should neither be placed at the feet of Storm Kat nor the people who upheld the rules.
It is unfortunate that MOCKBA was transferred a clan that the person transferring it was not entitled to do so. He and Kat were both victimized, but not by Driedan, he did what was required based on the facts.
Glean, agreed to that bro!
None of this matters, mockba made it active and was building it, bringing life to the server.
What’s the point of taking a clan from someone who was building it and bringing life to it, just to boot everyone and kill it.
Now it’s a dead clan. Again.
Makes no sense.
goddessLinda, dead clan according to who? Your assumptions are unnecessary and rude. Your continued support of cheaters says a lot about your method of playing. I hope you never log on to a missing crowd. Even the worst person in the game doesn’t deserve what James & Mockba did to me, and it would certainly be a very different story from you if it happened to anyone else. Shall we all hope that if it happens to you, admin will read this post and tell you “too bad”?
None of this matters?
So, having someone steal a clan doesn't matter as long as they, in your opinion, make it a better clan?
By that logic, if someone steals your car, sells it, then someone paints it a better color, you should be happy they have the car since it's a better color?
Of course not. And the same logic applies in this case. Both MOCKBA and Storm Kat were victimized and Dreidan did the right thing by returning the clan to it's rightful owner. What Storm Kat chooses to do with it now, that's up to her. (Seems she has already made her decision).
Personally, I enjoyed the time MOCKBA had IL, it was beneficial to me, but that is not the point, that doesn't matter. The facts and the rules matter.
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