Shaab boss fight

Why were we told 1 hour before the fight it would be individual and not group.

My clan thought it was based on boss dmg like previous events but it was based on total dmg.

Why were we not informed at least a day before and why didn’t the message say total damage?

Really not understanding why u changed a traditional event and not just that but the last minute without telling us the details.

I request a makeup fight and the rules stated clearly so this can be won fairly.

I speak on behalf of my entire clan. A redo is in order.
no eltists its Linda :)
langolier, "I speak on behalf of my entire clan."
Yeah, sure it is just my imagination.
because you have to be a cry baby ninth to know the rules before hand that way you can win
this is the most one sided game I have ever saw
Oh, I see tons of double standards and injustice here. I mean the Drondulet guy's punishment.
An insult, by the way, is when someone is addressed directly. Any lawyer will tell you this. Otherwise it is just an unpersonalized remark (an abusive language can be technically not insultive if not personalized). Did he address anyone, except langolier? Can you be sure that he hasn't addressed himself?

Regarding the request from Linda. Do as she asks, and this server is doomed.
New topic or same lmao
wondering if they still want rematch... :D
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