Shaab boss fight

Why were we told 1 hour before the fight it would be individual and not group.

My clan thought it was based on boss dmg like previous events but it was based on total dmg.

Why were we not informed at least a day before and why didn’t the message say total damage?

Really not understanding why u changed a traditional event and not just that but the last minute without telling us the details.

I request a makeup fight and the rules stated clearly so this can be won fairly.

I speak on behalf of my entire clan. A redo is in order.
all players not know not only youre clan
this was anonced much times. and finaly^^ not only elitist get eyeTY!
Crying? No that’s what 9th does.

I request a make up fight since we had no clue about the damage.

This gives EVERYONE a chance to do it knowing the correct rules.
I agree the change was announced too late and too unspecific. However Ved won that eye fair and square knowing as much as you did. Everybody had the same info, and I do believe we would get the same results, or atleast something close to it.

I agree and I request a make up fight, if he wins it again then so be it.

My clan would have fought completely differently and perhaps one of us would have won.

as i see from the link, except a few ppl who might joined too late, all got the quest. boss wasnt bugged, and its hp also was ok. ty for fixing it :)

as about top damage, all had the same information, what was announced 1hr before th fight (every 10 mins and chat was spammed with it). it said group damage no longer counts for drop the eye only the individual damage. how and allways our clan also focused on boss - if that was counted, it would probably make the same solution. none had clue about the damage and EVERYONE had the same chance.
last time remach was needed as almost none got the quet done because of a bug (apart of that i never will understand why was necessary to hand out a 5th eye...). here i no see issue especially no see any reason to repeat fight. i hope we wont redo it only because some are not content about the results. and if the next retry also have the same drop? we will continue redo it until the "right ones" win the eyes? stop whinning. there are 2 more boss fight to get drop. but this is just my opinion.
I will ask in regards to request for another fight and inform when I receive response.

And plz find out if it defaulted to the new rules without his knowledge.

It’s highly doubtful he would not have informed the guardians.

My guess is it got messed up when he changed the crystal count.

We prep for these fights for a long time.

Thx for helping get this figured out so everyone knows what’s going on.

Now eye drops to player with top-damage exactly to boss or just top-1 in statistics ?
1 in stats

Has this happened on terra?

I think it was a mistake
Again, a change to an event that has been plagued with issues time after time. Why would we change this when it seems the event has already had issues (1st day event ended far sooner than it should have). I am not opposed to the idea of the change, but how about some notice?? Is that really too much to ask for? Or is this another one of those half baked "everyone" ask for it things?
goddessLindaHas this happened on terra?

How do you know hes not the first in damage with boss too? Is there any list we not know about?

AmherstOr is this another one of those half baked "everyone" ask for it things?
Here in this server only elitists demand from admins, blackmail them and want tell how they change the game.
and admins sadly do what they want i wont be surpised that this fight will happen again because of their tantrums. admins should keep in mind: not only elitists pay (no its not typo) this game.

again. fight was fair and equal. never ever i saw this high percentage getting the quest done. why so repeat it?

Then I’m sure it was a mistake and dreidan will correct it.

Update for everyone -

The reason for the change is because he wanted to give everyone the chance to win an eye and shake things up a bit. There are many players that are big spenders, but they do not get the chance to get an eye without a group of others behind them spending equally as much, even if they do lots of damage on their own. As a result, they do not bother trying.This is a way to open it up to someone else to win the eye and thereby allowing others to see they have a chance as well.

Today's fight will be Individual as well - but, it will be structured based on damage done to the boss. I will send a PM to clan leaders to inform them of this.

As for regalia and rep, it is a no unfortunately. He has already made note to increase the counter for next Shaab event.
Please note, only individual damage done to boss counts. Summons damage do not count.
Leane, wonderful answers. I, for one, have avoided the boss fights to allow more to attempt to get Adan rep, since we all knew only 1 of 2 groups would ever get the eye so wasn’t worth fighting for. Thank Dreidan for the update (but please remind him we have a news section and should get a post there announcing it).
Can you please also ask dreidan if this will be the same next event? Some of us need to change our work break times for these and need more notice than 1 hour before ;)
Storm Kat,

Changes will be relayed through guardians. The news postings are specifically reserved for multiple change items, not just 1 thing and the time constraints caused him to change method of communication. He felt it was better to have a serverwide notice. And he noted to me it was posted 2 hours before fight and with 30 minute updates in between.

However I discussed with him better method for changes like this and next event I or another guardian will provide any updates we receive.
Let's change the rules. No, not like that. No, our clan doesn't like it this way. We want it easier way. What do you mean there are other players? Are you sure they are not bots?

Insult. Forum-bubu.
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