ATTENTION...ATTENTION! Intervention Required

This morning I realized we MUST all band together as a family!

An intervention is required for.......

Dragonblade and her constant need for cookies and sweets has gotten out of control. We must help save her!!

Dear Draggy - we love you so much and we want you to know we are here for you in your time of need. But this constant demand for sweets has got to come to an end. We will be here with you during your hard times as we all stop giving you those cookies you so vehemently request. Instead of a forum ban...I thought an intervention would be the best course of action. Love you

PS: If ANYONE thinks of touching my will lose a finger....maybe multiple!
SAVE HER NURSEY!!!!!!!!!!!!

If anyone can do it it's you!

All cookies turn into crumbs when the she's around

Conclusion is... dun dun dun... takes away Le cookies and Le tuck tucks. Muahahahahahahhaahahahahhhahahahhaahahahahhahaha
Jose M, Yes...we must save the world of DE from her cookie stealing little fingers. It will be hard work but we can do it!

Leane, Evil...but this time you ain't stealing my I am ok with that
pfft I got a cookie supply line
yes she does
Nurse Ratched,

We must band together til little DB behaves!
dragonblade, lady winter, hmmm seems you have deceived poor lady winter....but she will learn not to give you all those sweet yummy looking goodies. Your cookie thieving little fingers will give you away soon!

Leane, YES!! We must band together! got any more of those evil plans up your sleeve?

I is innocent
I will never pay you in cookie Tributes Dragonblade
Rellik2, you so good! Do not fall for it!

I is innocent

My response to that last statement......Pfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffft.
We gonna need to detox you soon from those sugary crumbly tasty goodies soon. Leane and I will devise a plan shortly. Be prepared little tree frog slash prepared
“Tree frog slash unicorn”
Storm Kat,

It was early morning...I only had 1 cup of coffee in me and I just didn't have the energy to type out her entire slogan.

I get wings when I'm in unicorn mode you know..... the wings are important. WARNING: detoxing will be met with violence....dont you know the signs and symptoms of detoxing dragons with cookies addiction? signs and symptoms will include: biting, licking, puppy dog eyes, copious amounts of mine, mine, mine or gimme gimme gimme, stealing coffee, stealing alcohol, bribing, blackmailing, sneaking into fallen cookie vault (which I already have the key to), picking on Jose M, etc etc
dragonblade, licking puppy dog eyes...... poor puppies. And I believe picking on Jose M is required of all female level 70s, that's what laker told me
theres a comma in there and Jose tried to keep me from my cookies and I can take him
Awwwww poor cute little draggy... BUUUUUUUUT I'm all up for detoxing you if it means I finally get to have some of those delicious cookies everyone is talking about I care and love you but you know cookies will always come first you have picked on me soo much its about time i get something out of it

Storm Kat
I gave you half a crumb! and you touch cookies you lose fingers!
dragonblade, Remember when you stabbed me for that half a crumb later on???
Storm Kat, smh know we dont listen to anything nooblet says

Jose M, I got your back Tequila! (because I'll stand behind you while she detoxes) Go get her!!!!

dragonblade, sigh...draggy you sooooooooooooooooooooo dramatic. You will be fine. We will just lock you up in the dungeon and hide the key for a month. Then Tequila and I will go eat all the cookies so when we let you out....DE will be cookie free
I knew you wanted to kill me.....

I'm just gonna cry in the corner now....
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