New Mentor-pupil stuff

hey Admin,

Thank you for your new feature, the mentorship,

but what you are doing is forcing people to make new alts,

because there are no new players ,

because you do not advertise the game and do not bring new players. So, fix that first
I want to tell everyone to read the rules of the game again. To avoid later misunderstandings. I know for a long time nothing has been done and for many it has become normal. Some big and strong players here also know it no different perhaps.

But were trying to make it all back fairer here in the game. to prevent rule violations or sneaking of benefits. who has broken rules knows it himself. you don't need to discuss why and why.

Everyone can be controlled. and every report on suspicion is checked.

As far as the alt´s are concerned. Everyone who created one to make Quest. Must expect to be caught. Rule quote:

Power leveling and rigged combats are forbidden:
- using secondary Characters to gain combat benefits;
- developing Bonecrusher Reputation through rigged combats;
- acquiring Valor through rigged combats.
- joining combats of friendly characters on the side of the enemy and killing the friendly characters, thus allowing them to avoid being cursed by a Bonecrusher Sphere.
A combat is considered rigged when its outcome is preconditioned (decided beforehand) by its participants. The outcome of the combat is either victory or defeat. One side deliberately loses. Possible benefits include earning Valor and Reputations, Quests completion bypassing the obstacles etc.
I have two questions/ statements:

1) So can we get a yes/no answer on this question: would it be illegal to mentor an alt of yourself?
--> reason I ask this, is because I'm curious what benefits the mentor gets for each goal the pupil achieves. Maybe it would be good to take up a section of the library about this new mentorship stuff as it could encourage us more than just the vague promise to get good buffs. I wouldn't have the time to grow my own alt to lvl 50, would just like to see the benefits.

2) ...joining combats of friendly characters on the side of the enemy and killing the friendly characters, thus allowing them to avoid being cursed by a Bonecrusher Sphere.
--> This is bad as I think if you don't want this to happen to someone you BC, you should just close the fight. That's what those closing spheres are for.

1) I can tell you, from experience, that you have to group and join a fight with your pupil, so therefore cannot use the alt to get a casket. I am not sure about the 2ndary part of the quest as I didn't get it, hopefully on the 1st of November we can try again. It would be good to get an official reply but thought I could save you the trouble of building an alt just to find you can't legally complete the first quest.

2) The wording on that is a little confusing. This is how it was explained to me previously: Theo, if you BC me with a Black curse; someone, for example Laker, isn't allowed to join ON YOUR SIDE to kill me with a grey sphere (and save me from your black). The logic to that would be that Laker & I would technically be rigging the fight as I would be for sure dying to him and it is predetermined at that point who the winner would be. Therefore, is illegal.
Storm Kat,
2) It is not confusing at at. It is illegal but the server do not have paper trail to prove that is happening so it is NOT SHACKABLE. The server will create a log on who is fighter who with the IP Address of each person fighting. No one has prove how many pots and glyph that person has on his belt. Their is a very strong possibility that a friend fighting on the other side with a weaker bonecrushing spear using a black spot is there to save that friend from a heavier curse. Very strong possibility is NOT evidence. That is why making ALL bonecrushing fights closed make so much sense.
ThisNsihT, I would hate not to have my friends and clan mates able to join against attackers. I am glad the locks cost reals
My mentor quest now not work .... damm
so, now that we have had this for a while, and we now see smalls being jailed, i hope the council and admin are reviewing them and:
1) removing any reward from the mentor
2) reviewing the small for any items bought from a loan, and sold and removing any gain from those items
3) warning anyone that gained from the small and if it occurs again, jail them.

Many think this is a great system to get new people, i see it as a way to cheat the system, and abandon the small. Maybe we should be posting how many net new players we see....
Any answer on dedicating a section of library to this topic?
would love to hear some answers from the Admin.

It hasn’t been brought up yet, I can work on it when I’ve gathered more information on it. I am currently still working on revising the nephilim quest chain portion in library as it’s taking more research than anticipated. I have limited free time so once done with that portion I’ll be happy to work on it.
has the admin left us again?
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