New Mentor-pupil stuff

hey Admin,

Thank you for your new feature, the mentorship,

but what you are doing is forcing people to make new alts,

because there are no new players ,

because you do not advertise the game and do not bring new players. So, fix that first
Well said Pearls this only bringing more alts to game not new players
agree totaly
and i ask how can be stop ppl make alts daily to get benefits from new quests? for exemple 1r=5r.... i see only alts, or rerolls, nothing new here
I'm not sure, that it will be more benefitial to create alt and play several hours there, than to farm essence or smth else on the main char...

Sydestefor exemple 1r=5r....

But your main doesn't get that 5 re )
eneter clan and trasfer to main? think some can enlight better how they can use it with other ways too....
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The idea is to encourage everyone to seek out new players that may join and possibly recruit someone for your own clan rather than make an alternate that will become useless at a time such as war, where you cannot be in same fight with an alternate. And, trying to fight on 2 screens is a nightmare.

Catching an actual new person to bring them up to tell them what reps to work and build is much more beneficial.

Instead of thinking of ways to circumvent the rules, could’ve just found somebody new. If you believe nobody new will come, then don’t become a mentor and you don’t have to participate at all. Make an alt that takes hours to make, and then get 40 minutes of buffs.

Realistically I’m sure some people will go out of their way to make alternates instead of looking for truly new people. But, you’re just shooting yourself in the foot. The real new people get no guidance, learn nothing, no growth in members here, cap raise never goes.

But your friend makes an alt, then it is ok. So the point being, you all better be watching for this. Adding funtion to the game that rewards alt making with buffs, reals, and gold seems to encourage cheating, not reduce it. It would be awesome if we had new players. How can we easily tell a new player from an alt?
eneter clan and trasfer to main? think some can enlight better how they can use it with other ways too....

This is forbidden in Terra... >_<
here too ^^

We encourage people to seek out new players, not circumvent rules. Me and Palasa will do our best to prevent cheating and punish cheaters as we have the investigation duty this week before it rotates to another council member. We have only had the time to work through 2 cases so far.
OPTIMUS PRlME, Keep exchanger empty. Put in reals with alt, put in gold with main. Legal done. :)

Leane, please pass on the concern that it does not tell the little to leave the group. I did this and left group and little did not get warned. Therefore all fights were "reduced" cuz the group is considered level 70.

Also, you can only do this once a month, so I really don't think there's any big deal about "friends" alts or real players. Advantage to real players that will cash.
Storm KatOPTIMUS PRlME, Keep exchanger empty. Put in reals with alt, put in gold with main. Legal done. :)

Investigators have magic buttons) They can see the exchanger logs...
OPTIMUS PRlME, But there's no rule against it, it's a legal trade. That was my understanding, as long as they are both in the clan for a couple weeks then there is no reason not to be able to buy the reals for gold.
lol, we have council asking not to cheat, and we have players pointing out what most would call cheating is "legal" This is a great game. no wonder no one wants to invest the time and effort into actually playing. Another day of little or no ruins. i wonder if everyone is now scared of being punished for not doing enough damage and being called an alt.

So tell me, should we all just build an army of alts to feed our mains silvers and gold and then let our friends mentor them to get bonus buffs? Is that really the way the game wishes to go?
People are actually creating alts so their main can get the buffs and caskets. Nothing has to do with friends and friends alts. DE nova is going in the direction of friends helping friends cheat a long time ago. I think the only way to change direction of the game is having ALL fights closed except for clan wars and special events. People have to understand that YOU and only YOU can make ur toon grow either by spending time on the game or spending money and that means going in battleground taking ur lumps with other more powerful people and powerfuller people will not be afraid to bonecrush weaker player and getting pvp kills because the weaker player will call their friends to join. Reply to offtopic of why no one is playing sea battle and ROAC. They do not want to lose that is why u saw big valor red hexing weaker valor and big sader red hexing weaker sader. It might be getting to expensive so they just do not queu no more.
Can we get mixed SB before more discussion of other rule changes?
Mentor was a fun update but is already broken, I have the quest but no item to click in my backpack. I understand it will start over on the 1st of the month, but still have a quest that I cannot cancel and cannot complete. That is super annoying.
Amherst, ThisNsihT,

He is correct. Most make alternates for the purpose of farming profession items.

Also, we are not banning alternate usage. Regardless of whoever accuses, any council member will be able to see the history of your character in every combat. Anyone can accuse someone of being an alt that is intentionally rigging fights and council will be able to dig in to find out.

And, we are not people without understanding. We have all been directed to request explanation prior to punishment aka: why did you use this one instead of this one? And they might have the explanation: I am trying to build second character (and can look at the character’s reps to see if it matches up with the explanation). If we are unsure, we will consult with other council members as we all are from different clans. We can weigh in as someone in clan will be more aware if there is a second character being built to fight. I was unaware until recently autum winter had an alternate built to fight.

The only instances we don’t request explanation is when we can clearly see in a log blatant cheating: example being: taking all items from one character and moving them to another with little to no payment or fights that last less than 1 minute over 20 times in a row.
It does not matter why people create alts. That toon should be a stand alone toon where everything goes. I remember more than a year ago I bonecrush a level 59 toon while I was level 58 using a simple necromercer orb trying to complete my simple virgiliant guard collection so I can advance in game. Ramp and Sir Grog came and help. That is fine, it is part of the game. The bullshit that ensue was not part of the game. Both Ramp and Sir Grog said they will bonecrush me out to game cause she is Leane alt and she will DO ANYTHING for Infoerno Elite. Does anything means cheating too? If I am bitter and mad, I would bring this issue up a long time ago. This is entertainment, I have more pressing issues in real life to deal with.

You bced Barry and they helped me because I help them in clan. I don’t agree they should bc anyone out of the game, I was not aware of that part.

As far as what is cheating, it would be what is detailed in the rules and punishments.

And if not detailed but you suspect cheating, feel free to report it. Me and Palasa and Dreidan have been working through multiple cases to punish those who cheat and try to get something for nothing. And next week, another guardian will be rotated in so there’s no unfounded accusations that all of us are biased.

If anyone has still not gone to read the Punishments: the most important one in my opinion is the one towards the bottom.

It clearly states:
Violation of game rules not mentioned above: At Administrator’s Discretion.
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