Ok if any admins show here, can we make order finaly here??? Some shackles help a lot.

I post here much showed alts for broke valor side to go any dailly event and lose time and bufs in ass...:

1. http://dragoneternity.com/game/user.php?nick=Adrian%20G
not sure whos this alt.

2. http://dragoneternity.com/game/user.php?nick=OKWhatever

Its alt from tornus 1000% : http://dragoneternity.com/game/user.php?nick=-_Thornus_-
14:08 OKWhatever » vedmak1984: Dragon Shackles Lethal Bane dont have a dragon...and i will continue to fuck with you and your clan at every chance i get/

3. http://dragoneternity.com/game/user.php?nick=DG%20force
http://dragoneternity.com/game/event.php?id=5b71e340-31ff-0405-0a2c-060c0b3dbc1b ----fixed sb to make belegone neph quest.
This also not sure who owner....but he most active last days....

Dear admin, if u make ppls shackles to use alts and broke fun and time for hundreds others ppls. Maybe we finaly have our fair game and it let them stop think can do all what they want without punishment....?
dear ved , Developers on us anyway)))
http://dragoneternity.com/game/event.php?id=5ba94241-1042-0405-4a9d-3ec6221838a8 #

Dron_vedmak also ! I know some bunks at sadar side as well ! So alts not just in valour side
We are still in beginning stages so we cannot address investigation for alt issues yet. For now, all Council members are only tasked with locking & moving forum posts that are inappropriate and monitoring rule breakage in chat.

When all of us know a little bit more, we will look into rigged battles using alternate characters.
while i completely support banning all alts from fighting, gaining money, being in a clan, being on the other side from your main, and fighting, it has long been shown to not be against the rules to run an alt in sea or ruins so long as your main is not in the same battle (though we asked if ruins counted so long as you and your alt were not in the same fight). I also agree people should not have an army of alts that allows them to gather gold and reals from. Maybe instead of pointing out alts (which even if jailed, they will just spawn more), we should be finding a way to eliminate them from battles. Yes, people can spin them up under other e-mail addresses, but they cannot easily hide them from IP. but again, the alt thing is already way out of control.

Alts should certainly not be allowed to lead a clan (thus not be in one) or boat battles. Though yes, ved, I find it wildly ironic you now point to this as cheating given all you have gotten from alts. But then you only point to vaalor alts. You make no mention of any random sadar alt to show that yes, some vaalor people do this also.
The intent of alternative toon is to reroll/redo. Learning from your previous mistakes and make a stronger and more efficient toon. Nova has turn the alt thing to making gold and reals for their main. That was not the intent and it borderline cheating aka gray area. Dreidian or a concil should ask the administration to look over the rules of alts and redo the rules if they think they need too. P-S: it is circumventing paying money to the game which prevent the game from spending money to advertise and make the game more enjoyable.

as i suggested before, they could set alts to be like gathering professions, what to set one as your main, pay a small fee. Make it so you can not change who your main is more than once in say 24 hours. Simple fix.
Amherst, add here sadar alts form valor side also, maybe we can stop them with any way.
I always play with main account only and very tired see what ppls do with alts without punishment (trade reals, bc and confro fights( http://dragoneternity.com/forum/hraniteli_forum/12743.html ), etc), also true much who just simple use them.....and here i add only daylly event using them, because its spent not only they time without fun and disbalace teams so, what its most costly in our life. SRY FOR MY LANGUAGE, its was always hard for me explain what i think with basic sсholl))).
Bio-Hazard, ty for adding, he also much when destroy teams
I will ask Dreidan for some clarification on whether or not he sees the alt situation as cheating, cause as Amherst pointed out it is not illegal to use an alternate in battles. However, for vedmak, I do think there’s somewhat of a grey area if you for instance, have an alternate you know is much worse than your main, and putting it into a sea battle. It would be the equivalent of me putting Barry Kripke, instead of fully upgraded gear, all green gear and no belt, instead of Leane.

But, the game has made some changes I think that do encourage spending money over any uses of alt to veer away from it. If anyone ever successfully hopped on main with an orange gift, you’ll realize how much it makes a difference to have it on. A 200 gold hop that takes 2 hours, or 2 hours hopping on an alternate. Spending 20 gold on a sorcerer’s bracelet, wouldn’t even think of it cause it could be made back so easily. I think I hopped on my alternate once in the past 2 months cause the gold is so good on my main it feels like a waste of time unless I am really needing essences.
You maybe missing the point. The use of alts in sea and ruins is not to make money, it is to make them go so one side can win. And again, it was asked and answered as not against the rules. Now rules may change, but then how do you enforce it? Some one can simply say one player is weak. And while in ved's eyes that maybe true, but he has called me weak as well, so maybe not the best person to ask. But then again, he no longer goes, so not sure why he cares.
okay ... adding to this post because at least 4 alts in here ...
1 for definite did not buff ... and knows the outcome when not buffing as has been seen and done many many sb's.
I will not mention names. full stop.
I really would like to see mix faction sb's .. its killing the fun seeing so many alts here :(

Dreidan has noted to council members there is an investigation portion of our duties, so I believe we will be addressing some of these alternate toon in battlegrounds issues. But, I will wait for his clarification on if it is considered rule breakage. I am thinking it may be because if I have Leane, and I knowingly send in my Barry Kripke, knowing he does not measure up, it would for sure affect odds. Still a gray area, but I hope we can get answers soon. I know everyone already frustrated about no cap raise, hoping we can at least minimize other issues like this too.
Leane, I would like to counter that example. I have Katnip Kingpin, who from day 1 was my "2nd main" and is not just an alt. I would one day like to get Neph quests done. I will be unable to do that if we add a rule against 'alts' joining all battlegrounds.
I also would point out that Kitty Kat was a main on AER. At any time, why wouldn't I be allowed to work harder on her and fix the mistakes I made with her on AER? It would be a fun challenge to me to take such a broken toon and turn it into a 2ndary main. I also make more money against bots with Kitty due to: gear damage and buffs costing almost nothing, not having the "your loot has been reduced because your level is too high", less pots and food per round, much cheaper mount, always under 5 minute fights, and same amount of gold rewarded per 5 minutes.

Whenever I am bored on my main, I have the option of my alts to play with as if they were stand-alone toons, this should continue to be allowed.

The alt rules are already very clear. Do Not join the SAME battleground or fight; Do Not get on the same ship; and follow all trade rules. I believe that sums them up very clearly.

I see no point changing rules that are already very hard to enforce, instead change the queues to mixed. Do we have any update on when that could happen?
sounds like the new guardians are going to carefully review the actual rules and enforce only them. I do not support the idea of each one making their own guidelines for what is allowed and what is not.

You sending barry is not against the rules so long as your main is not in the same battle. Now will your team mates hate it, yep, same with Kat running her alts. for her teammates, it will suck. She will likely get BC, hexed, etc. And why? because they will all know that it is an alt, and they should not be in if your main could help the team more.

And thus is why i make the suggestion to make them like gathering professions. Want to change, fine, pay a small fee, and help yourself. This may help Storm pick what she wants. Rather than having to need to control three clans, maybe she would find an actual home. Or at the least, would prevent her and others from getting free gold and reals that can be traded up to whatever the main of the month is.
We are going to look at guidelines and get a little more clarification on the grey areas. Since he hasn’t outright said it I won’t assume the alt usage in SB is against the rules.

My thoughts are some players have elected to have two different toons to work, and have placed money on both accounts, so they can hop on both toons and earn gold. I think if they put in 2 hours each, the gold is well deserved. Teacher has Angry, and he has spent on both, upgraded sydian on both, I don’t think it’s unreasonable for him to have the reals / gold he earns from spending the 4 hours. If Kat has worked her toons and hops on both, I don’t think it would necessarily be free gold.

But, now if everyone made 10 different accounts and 10 different toons on each one, definitely different ballpark in that regard because it does affect the benefits developers reap in terms of income. And, when people aren’t paid as much, they will tend to falter in their effort to try. I spend some here and there cause I still support the game, albeit at a much smaller capacity.

I wouldn’t like not having the alt option cause I spent a good amount of time working my little farmer and little fisher, but if it meant more game activity, I would give it up. More people, more chance for cap raise! Gotta get this lil baby alive again!
my suggestion is not that alts be eliminated, but restricted to gathering only. You point to Kat, yet she is one who has an army of alts (and three clans), so kind of proves my point. do people have more than one working alt, yep, should they get to hop, i am saying sure, but you would have to "promote one" and then they can hop on their alt.

But the more important part, is the rules need to be clearly defined if they are to be enforced. You don't get to pick what side of right or wrong for the grey area. If there is a grey area, it needs to be defined. Another example is taking a player out to an island to kill them over and over. While not against the rules, it is against the intent of the game. But that is my opinion, but not against the rules (so long as they did not agree to let one win). But then yes, if one is going to just let one kill the other over and over and over, then that seems to be more against the rules.

I would also like to clearly define what proof is needed. In this time where a simple allegation seems to be proof, i would rather feel like we have a higher standard for what is actual proof, and when it is shown, action is taken.
I see no grey areas with alts. As already stated: The alt rules are already very clear. Do Not join the SAME battleground or fight; Do Not get on the same ship; and follow all trade rules. I believe that sums them up very clearly.
Storm Kat,

there is lots of grey - using alts to build daily silver/reals then trading them to your main, using alts to do garuug to gain reals and item drops for main, bcing alts to gain rep and conf points, using alts to gain advantage in battle grounds, using alts to let you hit ships for heroism, the list of crap i have heard goes on and on. So, yes, there is a lot of grey area that needs to be addressed if the game is to ever be seen as fair.
Amherst, as long as the trades are within the legal rules, there is not a grey area. If you are bc'ing your own alts for confrontation, then that is illegal, not a grey area. If you are prearranging to win fights against another's alt, that is also illegal, not a grey area. As long as your main is not in the same ship battle as your alt, then it is not illegal and again not a grey area. Making up grey areas to prove your point does not mean they actually exist. Just because You don't like it, doesn't mean it's a grey area.
Storm Kat,

So you feel these are all ok? you should be allowed to spin up 100 alts to gather up silver, reals, and garuug drops? You should be allowed to use a friends alt to bc, ship fights, and setup battle grounds so you win? While you state they are against the rules, it happens daily because again, if a friend (who has an alt in a clan) uses their alt to sail, and i hit, and win, you feel that is allowed and is ok? Or they use their 100's of alts to gather up enough reals to buy collection pieces and gain rep without actually working for them? Or use again your friends alt to run bc stars and gain bc and conf points? I am not saying bc your own alt, yes, that is against the rules. But using a friend....

Wanting to allow people to keep using alts to gain funds cheaply, yes, i don't like it. But then, i don't have an army of alts like you do. i find it very interesting you call Katnip your 2nd main... a level 26, 1k rep toon with green gear, so yea, hope that one is not in battle grounds.
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