The Council: final steps

We've read the topic, counted your votes and took you opinions into account. Right now our investigators from Terra are checking the candidates to make sure they didn't break any rules of the game. In light of the recent case of hacking I feel that we need active moderators now more than ever.

For now I feel that I should elaborate on the actual structure of the Council and its responsibilities. Basically, it'll be a modified Guardians order.
- All Council members and their assistants are expected to follow the rules for Guardians listed here:
- All internal matters (shifts, reports, preferred apps for communication, division of responsibilities etc) will be handled by Council members. They will also have access to separate forum branch for work discussions.
- All Council members will receive moderator privileges and will be able to check complaints about improper chat messages and silence offenders.
- The functions of Investigators (checking player logs, sending a player into prison etc) won't be availiable to the Council right off the bat. We'll check this new system first to make sure that it actually works.
- Each Council member will be able to recruit 3-5 assistants. Each assistant will be granted the same powers as his/her superior.

Now, about possible abuse of power: there're three things that will help us keep this new organization in check.
1. Our investigators from Terra will sometimes check Council members and their assistants to assure that they're not using their priveleges for their own gain.
2. There'll be a topic with complains, as there was one about Guardians. We'll check these complaints regularly.
3. Each Council member will be personally responsible for assistants he brought to the team. If an assitant abuses his powers - it will reflect negatively on the Council member that invited him.

So, here's the most important question for the top candidates: Glean, Autum winter, Rhatmes, Leane and Palasa.
Please, read this topic and tell me: do you want to be a part of this organization? I still didn't ask you personally, and something might've changed since your comments on the previous Counsil topic.

///Upd: here's the link to the Council branch.
I would love to do it if I qualify for it, pass the check. I am online a good amount as most of the time I’m logged in I just sit at winery since I’m in my office 13:00 game time to 23:00 game time.

Also, thanks for clarifying. I had suspected it was more to monitor the rule breakage rather than influence what happens to the game in terms of development.

Yes! Please consider me :) I’d love to do it if I qualify!
Well, I expect that Council members will function as a "voice of the people", just because they'll be in position to contact many players, collect their thoughts/complaints and share them with us. So to answer you - of course we'll heed their opinions, but that won't give them any special leverage.

Okay, I understand. Thanks for clarifying and quick response, I think some may have been under the impression whoever is on council would get special treatment for their opinions. But, it’s more for us to tell you what we as a whole want in terms of changes, or any bug/ game related issues as well as help with rule breakage.
I find it an honor to be recommended and considered for a position on the Council, and if asked, I would be willing to serve. I believe that all who have been mentioned would serve the community to the best of their ability so the list of potential Council members should represent our server well.
Thanks Dreidan.
Just FYI Autum is away overseas on holiday for next few days (or maybe even a week I cant quite remember) so she wont reply until she is back.
Thanks for the post and yes please consider me I have read it and it seems to be as I imagined it would be.
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I'm still ready to take this post. My times vary from early, midday or evening. I work in shifts.

But i don't think it should cause problems. Because I can do my council work at any time. Since I as an Ex guard/moderator also have proficiency runs like a Shift. And also knows how to start/stop it and how to enter it. Could I create again Shifts for (Academy newcomers) and (Winery player) for all members of the Guardians.
hello, Im back from vacation.

Yes, of course I would like to help make game a better place to enjoy our fun time.

I am on daily under the week for either 3 to 4 hours in morning or afternoon, evening, depending on my shift from work.

Weekends is my main playing time there mostly online 10 hours or more saturday and sunday.
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autum winter,

Welcome back!! Hoping any of us get a spot so we can have a little but more quick responses. I know most are really wanting that even if our server is considered a bit low on player population so there’s might be less of a push cheers to new changes! Oh and thank you for the lovely vacation photos! I am so jealous
Dreidan, you have all the replies. Can we get an update soon please ?
After some deliberation, we've decided to give each of you a position in the Council - after all, right now the forum and the game itself need all the help they can get
In the header you'll find a link to a different forum branch, where we'll continue the discussion about organization, division of responsibilities and so on.
For now, you've been given moderator rights, feel free to use them if you encounter a case of abuse or toxic behavior.
Congratulations, and welcome to the team!
Thanks alot will try my best to help game to make de a great place to be.
Grats to all new council, thank you for volunteering for the tasks!
glad my suggestion of giving them all a position was opted for

Lol we need replicant of you out here in our server lol you help alot tho lol
so glad your here, and i noticed your starting your game guides.

this is wonderful as ive used your guides from terra server for so long
what is happening to us guardians now? I have pmed Dreidan in game a few times but have had no replies. I, am still active but can not do my guardian duties as there is no one to report to.
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