Important suggestion for Gladiator reputation i hope you read that mr dreidan !

I have a suggestion which i believe its important for majority of the players here regarding GLADIATOR reputation !

We all know its way impossible to get 81k gladiator reputation without investing reals ! And the problem is the collection is impossible to get by crafting ( black smith ) as well as very rare and hard where you can get them from fights of Spear Striker Collection. Even making Helm of Spear Striker is very hard and will cost reals more if you will even buy it .

How about making Bracelet of Flesh Cleaver , Bracer of Flesh Cleaver and Cuirass of Flesh Cleaver available to make through black smith ? I believe many people will be happy about this thing to be done which will make it easier to progress to 81k or even 170k !

This will be a decent move if it can be done . Many people will be grateful !
Thanks for reading the suggestion i hope you agree with me
Here! Here! If the cap is to be lifted this is definitely needed so I hope it can be implemented. Having a gladiator fight for the completed collection Flesh Cleaver Collection would help too but Bios suggestion first if only one change can be made.
Hey I really like this idea too! I can stop doing a ton of those baby fights just to get 5 rep! +1 for this idea!
Why not just give us fights for the completed Flesh Cleaver Collection ??
autum winter,

In order to complete it , reals are needed . So priority to make the collection possible first then we can have discussions about making fights for this collection !
Agreed! I am cheap when it comes to games haha so less reals, I’d much rather convert my collections!
Bio-Hazard, I agree with you just saying both things would be good . All other sets we could do fights on .

Why not on the last sets or will we be able to do these after we hit lv 71 ???

Yep it should help tons . I have 2400 of each collection of first collection
It can be a good idea too using Oath of Gladiator to craft the elements needed to complete the next collections
Oh dear lord lol! That’s uh...... 2400 fights Um... bright side, if you did all of them it would probably take you 2 weeks and you get 12000 rep :D

And it will need many stars if i want to run them . That wont be a pleasing thing to do .
Bio-Hazard, I know the feeling. I want to convert too because I have done so many of those 5 rep fights or the 10 rep ones just to get the rep. I don’t mind buying the last 3 collection pieces for the 2 reals each for the Flesh Cleaver but the first pieces are hard to come by so being able to convert helps much more especially with all those 1k gladiator pieces. It’s a great idea in my opinion!

They might change it: I remember long ago they didn’t allow us to sacifice red profession items for the red temples, but then eventually change so we can sacrifice plums and breams.
jesus its will be a miracle bro hahahaha please make this rept easy this is not bc rept to be so expensive u.u

Hell you dont know that the most hard rep after adan is gladiator ? Then bc rep after them
Bio-Hazard, of course ik that was to sound like a stupid joke hahahahahahahaha

ofc we are not asking for free glad reps, we would still cash in it. not much is the possibility after 37k, what with transforming coll pcs would be a huge help.
i dont want do small 5 reps fights =(

Ikr I was sittin there with 15 destruction glyphs on my belt thinking:

Why you no die faster

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

^ me when I have to do the +5 rep fights
Sydeste, Leane, m
Yeah lol

yes true too. if cant transform to higher pieces, at least fight would take shorter but no....
with a star and buffed enough to kill mobs faster i need sit for 5-6 mins/fight watching small mobs hit each others with 50-60 damage.
maybe and they can fix these coll fights to last a bit shorter, no need 10 mobs for 5 reps.... even 7b ghosts not last this long and give 5-7 reps.
first coll for exemple should give acces to 1-2 mobs (with strenght according to attackers level) without summons on players side and maybe it would be acceptable.
Its supposed to be hard people thats why its worth it
lets make it all easy so everyone can max out with no effort
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