Anniversary chest

So i hear alot of people received chests today... i have searched everywhere and no chest :( i feel robbed :( anyone else did not receive one ?
I got a second one lol
Yep, just got one.
people who where online yesterday ay 12:00 server time got the chest , today was given the 2nd one, so in total u could have 2 chests
Storm Kat,

Administration fix something so EVERYONE got a gift chest. Why can't people just be happy with that and let stupid stuff go. They can say eat shit and die and a link to pile of dung. As long as I get my red orbs and the likes for free, they can say anything they want in any language they want.
ThisNsihT, lol there's gifts and achievement to do now. And possibly the collection pieces are dropping? but no one has confirmed that yet. I just enjoy every aspect of the game and don't like missing out, especially when it's a timed event.
Does anyone know by chance what the anniversary celebration is? I can't copy paste it to google translate. I assume it was not only gift chest cause it lasts 6 days.
Leane, We have Ruthless Fury buff going in PVP. I am also hoping the collection pieces drop for: Eldior's Statue Collection, Velet's Statue Collection, Aeona's Statue Collection but haven't seen anyone get any yet. On Terra it's also No Gear Damage but I don't see any buff for that in PVP or PVE. Lots of maybes, but only thing for sure right now is Ruthless Fury going.
Storm Kat,
Ah ok thank you !
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