Anniversary chest

So i hear alot of people received chests today... i have searched everywhere and no chest :( i feel robbed :( anyone else did not receive one ?
Hey honey, I did receive on Leane, but none of my farm or fish alts received them so I was under the impression only mains received it. I am not sure why you did not get one, maybe report as a glitch? Sorry :(
were you online at the time the chests got given out ... seems ones who were not did not receive them :(
No see any chest also....
Yes, I logged my other alt at the same time, and they did not receive it. Only Leane did. I would perhaps report a bug.
didnt get chest either
missing mine too :( and I hear there's even cake! and where's my blunt smokin' emoji? Oh DE, another bad update?
Didnt get one, must of had to log in at a certain time, Im use to this game giving and taking away so no surprise to me
so really one person got one? that seems very odd. Did not even know this was a thing, but then news is a bit behind on info.
i got one
No chest here
me and all my alts got 1 :)
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my usual luck! Nothing for me
I’m not sure how people did not get one. When I tried to do a P.Q playing on phone it forced me to log out because it said the game was updated and if I continue to play without restarting, it could be unstable. So I logged and jumped back in, that’s when I got back in I had the chest. Not sure if this was a phone thing, but I think mamma plays only on pc and she received one.

Think they should fix it: the anniversary chest had 3 red balms, 3 dragon Phials, dragon ambrosia and red food. A little unfair some got and some did not.
i have ...contains ultimate elixirs, amulet of summoning cursed legionnaire, kandela etc
Congrads to all that got one :) enjoy!!
I think its fixed now
18:26 Heaven's Voice: In honor of the Anniversary, Adan's guardians have granted you the Gift Chest.


Event information is in russian in game and leads to a dead link. Anyone know what's happening with that?
Yay they fixed it! Storm Kat,
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