Its only something important that need to be taken into consideration !! Please

Nowadays ,, we dont seems to have clan wars which is the way for the clanned people to earn heroism to keep heroism rank matching your level to stay tough as possible.

So this way , the low levels and the big levels will go and fill the sea battle queue !!
Ok we bored and we see it is unfair to keep following the small levels and hex and bc and bane them out of the sea battle queue !! Because its impossible a level 30s will kill a level 70 that have access to the nephiliam and buffs such as antimagic and special spells like maze spells also the gear difference and reputation !! Even elixer of supermacy will not help them to do a good job against level 70!. So my question is why do you mix them in queue with level 70s ? Why dont you kee a special bracket for them than the bigs ?!

At least if you dont want to do that or if you think it lead to a bad conseuquences ,, then why dont you bring the wars back so the small levels can do WARs and avoid joining sea battle and ruin the chance for the team to win ?
This is example for it and you can have a look . Although revenge and infinity has a good gear but they couldnt fight replcant piiip that has 37k orange antimagic
Why are you looking at life half empty??? The rules apply to BOTH sides. Just play the darn game, if you do not like the rules and regulations of the game, then leave and play another darn game. I hear excuses from, "I spent billions of my hard earn dollar on the game and if I leave then the money will be wasted" to "I have too many life long to die for friends here and they will commit suicide if I leave the game". Does anyone ever think WHY wars are not reinstated in NOVA??? Do you ever think clans cheats, make deals to cheat and offer their alts as sacrificial lambs to other clans so their main can cheat and gain ohh did I mention CHEAT???

Sorrry this is out of my topic im not talking about what you are trying to say . What im saying is clear enough and i want to convey a message that is really an issue . Ok i like this game and i want this game to become at better level than it is nowadays . I know ypu are right ! Yes i can leave the game and play another but do you think there will be another game that has the same criteria which DE has ? And my interests and what im looking for i find in it ? Its hard . So its my game why do you block me from trying to convey my message ? Im saying something Right at least
ThisNsihT, that’s why they took away wars? Cheating?

I am not an admin or are friends with admins but I do base my theories on factual information not fake news or opinions or animosity towards one or a group of people.
1) DE is a game with certain rules and procedures and the like etc.
2) TERRA and NOVA are 2 servers within DE which theoretically should be identical, only the live players are different.
3) TERRA has wars and NOVA do not.
Now all the opinions and the shithole comments on why. Why u think there is so many holes in NOVA now. Everyone wants to dig on for their own shit. I will not partake in the digging and try to out dig others for my own gratification and enjoyment. Shits have a bad odor and I personally do not enjoy that.

I have been in NOVA clans so I do know what happens. One clan leader pm another clan leader for four hours before war starts.
1) determine rules to drastically reduce Golds used during war.
2) see who needs valor, heroism to rank up so they can rank up and who have quest for kills.
3) forget about competiition, strategy and fun. If u do not do what is arranged, we will hex ur clan "u can do it all night long".

I know right . This is used to be a policy of strong clan against a poor clan actually even sb can be same sometimes
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