as you can see, this player has a buff,
which basically turns him invincible, atleast to anyone who isnt level 70. This guy's been using this buff in arena since (i think) he got it given to him for a tutorial quest at level 4, he is now level 17 and recruit of the third blood rank, with recruit armor and base weapon, he bagged himself a 3rd place confrontation rating, and is probably going to get another, as im currently second place, in the same bracket as him, you can imagine how annoying this is. please either take this buff off this guy or shackle him, this is definitely exploiting the game, this buff should not be allowed to use in arena, nor should it be unlimited time limit. FIX IT
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Well some of them are now jailed but also we lost our favourite mobs again. Come on DE, tell us wtf is going on before we all just quit. Thanks!
would be nice to see them all shackled, not just some of them
Admin, you missed some. Please have another look, it's really easy to see them in the confrontation tab. And while you are there, WHY are you leaving the bugged ones like there? Just shackle them already, make it free for them to leave jail if they ever return, and please, we are begging you, finally make confrontation worth promoting and encouraging to new folks.

Are there any left still abusing this bug? Also i don't see the buff on mentioned Alez by Storm
Ihit, I think Storm ws saying that Alez was bugged but not like the other people with the Heroe's Might, Alez is bugged because he hasnt been logged since 2013 and always starts and ends the confrontation week with 71 points...And it's the same thing with this guy in the 2nd bracket (버서크 옹레)... he's been afk since 2014...
Havent seen anyone using the buff in the past 3 to 4 days
Alez doesnt have the exploit but also has not logged in since 2013, but starts the beginning of every week with 71 confrontation points. Same for 버서크 옹레 in 2nd bracket.

All that i saw using the exploit were parked in the tunnel under vaalor academy, doing arenas from instance.
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