Cheesy Jokes week

I believe we need to start August off on the right foot with a fun attitude.......
Since I will be gone for the weekend camping, I would like to declare that the week of July 30th - August 5th officially be called the week of the Cheesy Jokes! . And I would love to start collecting some fun ones to share here.

Bring your best cheesy jokes and spread some smiles server wide! Remember not everyone reads forum, so share the best of these with all your friends and make some new ones on main!

To start, the one I spread today in honour of all my UK friends:

What do sea monsters eat?

Fish and Ships!

Storm Kat, yea i might have gotten too into it lol
okay lets get back on track, who does a pharaoh talk to when he's sad
His giant pussy?
thelastpaladin, no, his mummy

O_O wat?!
Leane, this is why i dont take him anywhere with me
laker, you started it

Why couldn't the toilet paper cross the road?

Cuz it got stuck in a crack
Storm Kat, omg u went past my level lool
Why was the mermaid wearing seashells? because she grew out of her B-shells!
queen_bee89, For you:

Why do bees hum?

Because they've forgotten the words!
So thats why i hum lot talking to you two looks up cat jokes ... i will be back ....
Couldnt find cat jokes at the mo ... but ....... Whats Red and smells like Blue paint ??

Red paint ...duh
queen_bee89, found one and it's very true!

What is a cat's favorite color?

what hairstyle attracts flies? dookie braids
whats red and hairy and goes up and down.......................................................a strawberry in a lift
Zippy, hairy strawberries .
What's black and white and red all over?

Hmm, newspaper? No, umm, an embarrassed zebra, no, no, make that a road-kill skunk, wait, no, it's a sunburned penquin, wait,'s a communist nun.
What did the blind man say when he walked into the bar

-Miracle-, I will admit. I was expecting something not-so PG from you
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