Cheesy Jokes week

I believe we need to start August off on the right foot with a fun attitude.......
Since I will be gone for the weekend camping, I would like to declare that the week of July 30th - August 5th officially be called the week of the Cheesy Jokes! . And I would love to start collecting some fun ones to share here.

Bring your best cheesy jokes and spread some smiles server wide! Remember not everyone reads forum, so share the best of these with all your friends and make some new ones on main!

To start, the one I spread today in honour of all my UK friends:

What do sea monsters eat?

Fish and Ships!

Admin said lighthouse will be on mobile soon.... what a joke.
What is an upside down 9.... Its a 6
As far as war issues since RF reports and other clans reporting issue with not being able to get into war we're already looking into this ;)

4 days later, still nothing. what a joke.
This one is for Kat
Wht do you call a group of unorganized cats ??


What happens when you bring a dog into the picture ....

I was going to make a joke about laker too .... but seens a s he is the joke , why bother
Lool , love you both .
Have fun everyone!
What do you call bees that produce milk?? BOO-BEES

laker, Knock Knock
Storm Kat, who's there?
laker, Boo
Storm Kat, AAAAH traitor
Storm Kat, Knock Knock
laker, . Don't you know how knock knock jokes work?
Boo who
Storm Kat, mayybe, give me a min i gotta pm a friend for something
queen_bee89 boo queen the noob, wait shouldnt u be in arena doing hop? u cant blame me if u dont get no gold now lol
queen_bee89, don't cry, it's only a joke

Laker, who's there?
Storm Kat, little boy blue
laker, little boy blue who?
Storm Kat, michael jackson
laker, No! Bad nooblet! Take that back
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