My confrontation points freezed???

Hi, i have problem with freeze my confrontation points, got 156 after monday and tuesday, after it doing hop in aoh else 3 days in row and nothing...?
did you fight other players in those ved? bot fights do not count I thought!
Bots count
I hope this is the start of fixing the confrontation bug.

Might piss a few people off to miss the week, but after months of others missing out because of locked points it would be nice to see a full reset.
all count and bc fights and bots fights in aoh, but steel freezed 4th day
So 4 days now, and clan war, steal not works........any admins here?
Comon ppl, where any1 from admins for answer me?(5 days, this week soon end) If server shut down, can we change server to continue???
End week, no reward for me, and for clan (if add my 600 points maybe I and clan been 1st)
Still having issues with your confrontation rating this week?
Yes, points still not added 3days in this week, and in total 8 days
and today no lol, when it begin count and add my points? 9days
Ihit. Thanks for the giggle in to morning. You are seriously saying you cannot review the game rankings and see the issue that has been reported for months? Conf rankings are broken. Trongster has not been on and always shows points. Dude, review and fix bugs. We have been begging for fixes to the game.
Have to agree with Amherst it is beyond rediculous that this hasn't been addressed!!Amherst, Amherst,
steal not work, in tera this problem making in 1 day for fixing only(((
My confrontation points have stopped accumulating as well. Have received 0 this week.
Dragons Warrior, u have same problem now?
That's not fair sir when I do a lot of hard working to be in the first and you give vedmak 900 points in 1 week without wars, BC sphere or even doing much AOH. at least give me 800 points to be the 2nd!Ihit,
P H A N T O M,

So then third place will say give me 700 points to be in 3rd an so on and so forth?
Quit your whining. Put your words into action mate. Remember saying "I'm not a pally..I'm fucking phantom" ? It shouldn't be a problem beating a witcher now, right? ;)
lol, so, is this fixed? or just ihit messing around with stuff again?
maybe a better temp fix, give everyone a 1st place prize, suspend conf rankings, and go fix it.
Amherstmaybe a better temp fix, give everyone a 1st place prize, suspend conf rankings, and go fix it. +1
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