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So can we have a maze time discussion again. Currently it is setup for those that don't work, or basically N.A. players only.
Half the active players on the server are in Europe. So maze times for most European players are 1200 (most people at work, North America asleep or getting ready for work). 1800 Europe just getting home from work or on the way/having dinner North America at work. 00:00 Europe asleep, North America a good time for (unless on west coast).

Seriously many players need sydian now the islands sunk and the maze is at impossible times for most people. This servers most active players are not 12 year old kids. Pretty much all the high level players are all older folk (relative to most games) and have numerous responsibilities that come first.

I know you don't want to pay the separate dev fees Ihit, but you can't just copy paste the dev and times from Terra to here. Time to look at who your players and customers are and what works for them.

agreed. Time to review the Maze. \r +
\r +
I still appreciate the 00:00-02:00 time, but I am one of the lucky few that is in Central Standard Time and can play right after supper. And, that is the only option out of all the options that comes even close to working for me. Please reopen the discussion and review the options. I'm sure you have data regarding how many over 50s are on, and when they are most active. Consider working the maze times around the players that need it, not asking the players to work around the maze times.
sigh.....i will say this once and only once....but I do agree with RF on this matter.

I have argued and stated my case/pleas for 2 years now, how many of the events do not align US time zones for the working class people who work a standard 9a-5p type of job.

I couldn't bring up Adan rep because the big fights are during US working fixed it a bit by adding the conquerors of abyss events (thank you - it has helped a little).

I will never be able to do maze M-F because i do not log in until around 0200 server time. That leaves me with the weekend that is already filled with events, working hero rep, making game gold (now will need to do more than ever with no rachni) and clan war. So when am I supposed to go to the maze to work on my rep and gain sydian for my upgrades?????

Kindly add additional times or remove the maze restrictions all together so that everyone around the world can participate when it is convenient for them. Your goal is to make money - you are losing out because I am not spending it on working the maze and I wont be doing any neph upgrading once I finally get to 16k adan rep because well....i wont have enough sydian from maze. It's a viscous circle and one that I guess will save me money :)
Nurse Ratched
... remove the maze restrictions all together

Agree with that :)

Agreed, time needs to be open , you can still restrict number of times people can enter with the fact that only 2 keys are given daily but gives us a chance to get into maze after work

I think that is a great idea. Leave the times open so that everyone can join when they can - but like hop and reoccurring quests - can only be done once per day.

Ihit, can you let us know if this can be considered? Allowing open maze times may boost up participation
I agree here if they don't want to have an open maze all the time, then we need to discuss as a community what would work for the players more than the current times.
The maze time discussion is the same as the showing full gear damage discussion. It is close. The game developers do not want to be known as push over no more to players demands. They will not respond, ihit or any other hit. People can bump all they want butt if you do not have a big bodacious bump, then admin will not feel or respond to that bump.
BUMP - is that bodacious enough?
Nurse Ratched, Looks like a caffeinated bump to me!
ThisNsihT, In this case, I believe you might be wrong. Admin listened to us when opening maze and did change and move times for us already. I know there is a lot of stuff going on that needs fixing, but while they are working on that, I think it would be good for us to discuss the times we would like them to consider.

Myself, as previously posted, have been enjoying going for the 00:00 game time, though can usually only find partners for 01:00-02:00 times, so I'm doing ok. But, we don't really see many other people in there and I can find lots of other hours between 01:00-05:00 to go if it was open.

Ideally, no time restrictions would be best. But, if we must be restricted to 3 x 2 hour time frames per day, what would everyone want to see?
Storm Kat,

A start time of 0200 server time or 2000 CST would be maze time with only 2 keys per day would be more ideal.....a girl can always dream
Nurse Ratched,
I would love some night time maze times :) I don't get home til 6 central time, so I still have trouble making the ones at night. I sure as heck can't make the 6 am one
Today's 01:00-02:00 was ruined by the hero boss taking too long. As much as I love this time frame, later to help with the boss fights would be appreciated. Maybe even consider different hours on different days so people at least have the chance to go every 2nd day? discussion with ihit to add at least 1 more slot, maybe we should ask for 2. Please add to this thread if you want more maze slots, suggest times etc etc
Yes, want many more maze times to pick from. As many as they will give.
je we need time between 20:00 and 0:00 which is the prime time for europe
Would love if it was open all the time, could still have elites show at certain times though
Presently Maze has 3 times available for 2 hours consecutive with start times that are 6 hours apart, and not convenient as mentioned above. It would be great if Maze opened every 3 hours for 1 hour only.
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