Pay By Mobile

it dont work, when I send messege I just get back one from fortumo...

Authentication error ....yet again!

here we go again....

Luckily I was 20 minutes into my hop so won't lose much g ffs

Authentication Error

Anyone else? Can't get back on with any of my toons on Nova.

ok - not as bad as could be, but I have an eye going and mana pots to use. I hope this is fixed quickly, every minute is costing me money and i'm trying to recover from the RoE losses....

I can't move

• Talk to nephilim Dailenkar who is waiting for you in colloseum

• Do 35'000 damage in Arena of Honor
• Complete 3 «Caster of Arrows» collections
• Increase your valor rank to Soldier of First Bloo...


Two ducks were waddling over the hill.
One of the ducks fell down and broke its bill.
The other one did jeer, and sneer, and said,
Haha, you silly, n00by, clumsy Fred!

The duck that broke its bill got really sad,
He thought his broken bill loo...

Of someone calling me a thief

kind sader is a cosing me of a theif and i am not plz
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