Clarification of rules for payments of services

I originally posted this on tavern and got some harassment for it so will repost here. Leane had stated that she doesn't see a problem with the concept, but recommended I get a minimum & maximum payment amount.

Hello Council :) Can you please...


bezerk_prins beware is a theif took lots of resources, food pots and left clan beware of them

Same House

Hello guardians/admins.

Just wanted to let you know my wifey started playing (Reidrith).

Will be same IP as my account. Thanks for everything you guys do :)

Is the guardian forum really looked at?

If there are blatant rule violations? How do we report them? We don't even get responses to language issues any more. Is there a place to report problems like high level characters using both their level 70 alts in same battle? Enquiring minds wa...

This is getting ridiculous

Today only fallen signed up for war... just a few months ago ppl were begging for war to come back and yet now it comes to this.. ppl need to get their ass in gear or don't ask the game mods to get us new stuff and experiences if we're not playing wi...

Sadar use own alts in roa and sb


this guy "" Jasulan "" stole all of the clans 181 reals and all of the 1691 gold I would be very happy if you can get this guy and return our reals
and gold to our clan I checked to see if this guy was online and found out he left sader and went to...

Using salts to farm is punishable by jail now?

After RF quit he gave me his log on info to farm his alts and craft for myself and my clan.

Any fight he joined was himself logingin on his account. He occasionally helps for Shaab fights if we need him.

So if u want to jail us then u need t...

Stuck at sea

Dreidan and council , can you please help ?
I sailed from one island to harbor, and boat is stuck at 3:41 it says halted and I cannot do anything , no barrel, no torlings, nothing.

Player -_Joker_- robbed our clan chest
Please take action and return the goods

Cheating continues here.....

That one was naked not sure who the wraith is....

00:53 Heaven's Voice: You have struck Wraith wi...

Suspicion of Account use by another player RESOLVED

Bio-Hazard today Sunday 30.09:2018

some players believe it is P H A N T O M
and pls check the alts from P H A N...

Guards from the old Guardian Clan pls invite here

This Guys from the Guardian Clan want to join the new System. Pls invite it in the Forum. SirChrispy-Reborn needs rights too. Thanks


Doc Holliday

pushing in the arena of honor

20:26 Baroness » SirChrispy-Reborn: Baroness : link vanda naked in arena, with james flint benefitting. total cheaters. not sure why the link

pushing pls check this fight.dreidan thanks

bug by barbershop some images only cost in certain combi 250 reals instead of 500

I tried it out and certain combis cost 500 other only 250.

Is the palas ones they only cost 250 instead of 500

A player let me know while at gaurd duty at winery.

I have sent bug report have also snipp picture from it
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