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Latest Game Update

17/12/2014 14:00

Latest update includes the following changes:
–  All monsters summoned with red and black Idols now imbibe the Cursed Balm. Each attack against such monster drains 15% of the attacker's Health.
–  Members of Level 3 Clans can now get the Clan Banner blessing from the Altar of Kairon in their Clan Hall. Clan Banner doubles Clan Reputation gain for all Clan members:
        •  for winning a Clan War if the winners' level is equal or lower to that of the defeated side;
•  for completing the Hero of the Archipelago and Protector of the Archipelago Recurring Quests;
•  for winning a battle against Torling ships;
        •  for defeating the other crew in a Boarding.
–  The amount of Sydian gained from the Chests of Undead
now depends on your Undead Hunter Reputation: the higher it is, the more Crystals you receive. Starting at Recognition (1000 Reputation) and for every consecutive Reputation Level, Sydian gain will increase by 5%.
–  Maze of Eternity now has a
different schedule. This mysterious place will from this day forward open its doors at 12:00, 18:00 and 0:00 Server Time. Maximum time allowed in the Maze is 2 hours for each journey.

Christmas Adventures – Missing Christmas Decorations

17/12/2014 12:00

First stage of Christmas Adventures is coming!

Last night, the Durgs, servants of Trug the Ice Breath, left their home in the Chasm of Eternal Cold to attack the warehouses of Sadar and Vaalor and steal all the Christmas decorations kept there. Slay the Durgs that have scattered all over the continent and return the Christmas Tree Baubles, Sparkling Tinsel, and Crystal Garlands to save the holiday.


Warriors who perform exceptionally by gathering 1000 Decorations will receive a magnificent Ice Rod from Snowflake.


Please bear in mind that saving Christmas in no job for recruits and inexperienced newcomers. Only warriors of level 9 and higher will be allowed to participate. You can find out more about the Christmas Adventures here.

First stage of Christmas Adventures will begin December 17 at 12:00 Server Time and will end December 19.

Omnimach's Treasures

16/12/2014 08:40

Christmas and New Year's Eve are fast approaching, but this time, we decided to kick off the holiday fun a little earlier!

Warriors of level 9+! Welcome the mysterious warlock Omnimach who decided to put valuables from his private vaults up for sale! From December 16 12:00 Server Time through December 19 12:00 Server Time only! Come to the Winery Crossroads and purchase Omnimach's Treasures:

1. Cursed Chest;
2. Opportunist's and Treasure Hunter's Chests;
3. Elements of all Hunter's Collections (quality depends on your Reputation level);
4. Amphora of Oblivion;
5. Elements of the Legendary Hero of Empire Collection
6. Protectors Casket.

Day of Ruthless Fury

12/12/2014 13:00

The Day of Ruthless Fury has been proclaimed on Tartu!

Follow the instructions you receive in Master Davian's "Day of Ruthless Fury" Quest and use Bonecrusher Spheres while fighting in the Arena of Honor, Seven Bridges of Shadan, and Sea Battles. If you deal the required amount of damage to the enemies, Davian will reward you with the Casket of Furious Destroyer. Slay 15 enemies to receive the Casket of Ruthless Destroyer. Open the Сaskets to collect various Consumables, and - if you're lucky - an item of great value.  There is no limit to the number of times you can take the "Day of Ruthless Fury" Quest during this Event. 


On the Day of Ruthless Fury, you can't curse enemies with Bonecrusher Spheres in the Arena of Honor, Seven Bridges of Shadan, or Sea Battles, but you have an increased chance to earn Bonecrusher Reputation when you use the Spheres. You also have a higher than usual chance of obtaining the special transferable Bonecrusher Casket!

The Day of Ruthless Fury starts on December 13th 19:00 Server Time and ends on December 14th 19:00 Server Time.

Players of level 6 and higher are allowed to participate in this Event.

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