When fighting other players in the world of Adan, there are two special ways to harm them: Hexes and Banes.

Hexes are inflicted upon others outside battle while Banes can only be used in battle. Any given player can only be afflicted by 1 Hex and 1 Bane at the same time. If your target is already under the effect of a Hex or Bane, you won't be able to inflict him with another effect of the same type.

When you inflict Hexes and Banes on other players, you earn the same Reputation that was required to purchase the respective Scroll.

Hex and Bane Scrolls become available for purchase at level 16 from shaman Dakh-Fartul near Fort Giard if you meet the Reputation requirements. No more than 3 Scrolls of the same type can be purchased daily. Each Scroll takes up a separate Backpack slot. Hex and Bane Scrolls are non-transferable items.


Inflicting a Hex

To inflict a Hex on another player, you will first have to purchase a Hex Scroll from Dakh-Fartul. When you have the scroll, select a target from the location's player list, open the character interaction menu, select Hex and then use.


You can only inflict Hexes on players in the same location.


Inflicting A Bane

Bane Scrolls can be used from Quick-Access Slots in battle once per (with the exception of Tournament of Honor battles) 200 rounds.