Scroll of Elemental Weakness V Bane

Required level 44
Item type Bane
Cost 160


Imposes on the target the effect Elemental Weakness Heavy Bane, increasing damage, received from Fire magic schools, {Earth sys, 0x516231}, Order, {Air sys, 0x4e7871}, {Water sys, 0x285162} and {Chaos sys, 0x724a76}, {18% sys, 0x800000}.
Action time: from 2 h. 20 min. up to 4 hours 40 minutes
You can use {sys} only in combat.
You can buy no more than 3 scrolls of one type of curse per day from Dach-Fartul shop at Fort Giard if you have 37000 reputation "Conqueror of Seven Bridges".
When used, you will receive 5 reputation "Conqueror of the Seven Bridges".