Complaints regarding Curses and other Guardian actions

If you think that a Curse was applied to your character without any particular reason, or Guardian was rude to you, left your inquiry unattended or was acting inappropriately, you can leave a complaint in this topic.

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1.Your nickname
2.Nickname of Guardian
3.Description of complaint
4.Proof - link to screenshot or copy of a chatlog

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1.turtypursham idea

3.2 hour silence, FIRST OFFENSE EVER, for saying i smelt like a s whale (this is an animal)...the reason i was given for silence was discussing politics.....

4.dont have, but many players were on and discussing it.

seems like completely un-fair treatment....

Whether animal or not usage of this word is rather inappropriate for chats. Two hour silence was warranted.

Guardians are not biased towards anyone. If you see someone else breaking the chat rules simply click the time-stamp near the message that's breaking them to let Guardians know about it.
Krypterion: Voluntary Jail.

With exams around the corner around the time i filed for jail, i was under severe stress as the exams were a huge important part of my path in getting a good life as years drag by. With tensions high, and hoping to release some stress by playing this game, i come in, only to realize someone had to pick a bone with me, I leave my clan, then with more tension, pick a fight with someone else, then in a fit of rage, ask for jailing. A week later i take the test, and months later, I come back out of sheer boredom and here I am in jail. I wish to play again and have fun in this game, but no longer have the facility to pay the fine. I wish to be released.

Unfortunately once you have applied for voluntary jail only way to leave the dungeon is paying the fine.
This has gone too far in regards to Curses of Silence.

I typed BC ME, I DARE YOU!!!!!! and got silenced for an hour. Midnite 98 is obviously giving me harsher punishments than others, and I want it to stop. Please discipline Midnite98.

Some other player did the same thing, only worse, and they got silenced for 5 minutes.

Midnite has also silenced me for 3 hours for accidentally using caps lock. Accidents happen, and I clarified it before I was silenced. Midnite is being too mean to me.

How about checking what you type before hitting enter, it's not your first offense for similar violations therefor the time silence might be applied is higher.
Excuse me, It's a chatroom message, not an email. I type fast.

I joined very recently, and my first offense (which was pretty minor) was rewarded with a 1 hour silence.

I really want you to do something about this.

Let's not lie here. you have violated chat rules many times before, whole 12 times you've been gagged before that for swearing , insulting , misuse of channels as well as caps.
I'd like a redrafting of the chat rules.

Chat rules have been redrafted. They are the exact same as before.
I am willing to concede that my punishment for insulting was fair, but unfair in light of the scenario. I was being harassed by someone without provocation, he told me to "go away" because I was annoying. I just came on. Esta Kinya took no action but took action against me for using the word "a hole". I think THIS is unequivocally unfair.

P.S. Nice answer for my last post.

Whether someone insults you or not doesn't make it right for you to do the same thing. Also telling someone to "go away" isn't exactly an insult and something to be silenced for immediately while your text was.
You don't catch my drift. He was harassing me before and it's the mod's fault for not catching it. FYI i didn't even say the word that was conveyed by "ahole", i said "ahole".

Concealed swearing is still against the rules and you will be silenced for it.
Not knowing rules doesn't mean you can avoid responsibility, whether you just came back or not. You intentionally were selling items for overpriced amounts of money to your alt to buy collection pieces with them afterwards. And only reason your main is not in shackles because you decided to ask advice on it. And calling mere 15 gold shackles for benefits you gained with your miner alt harsh is completely ridiculous. Rules are same for everyone and i'll remind you again that only because you came with questions your main character is currently not under 100 gold debtors shackles. Also if you're gonna be posting conversation i suggest you post them whole instead of only bad parts. And yes you were whining and i see no "insults" you mention.
I have an answer to why it happened the way it did but you wont like it.. The answer is everyone is human and you like everyone else agree to read the rules and follow them and that they can be changed withut notice. If you or I had the job of repeatedly telling people to read the rules before playing and then punishing them when they dont we might be somewhat short with someone who complains when they are punished for breaking them the fact that you told him insted of him finding out another way he felt in my opinion that he was being lenient. I have delt with Ihit before for different things and while i was not satified it comes to the fact that the game is free and if they consider either of us a disadvantage to having as players on there game they have the right to stop our play. Taking up the time of the very few gaurdians and admin avalible could easily be seen as a detrement to the game invironment, while winning is a word so is complainging when you have allready been judged. Now you have found the proper complaint area insted of appealing a decision to ihit directly takeing up that time frame you are following proper channels for the administration to decide if a punishment was too harsh. personally from an objective point of view i see you have 8 other places to make an alt you where punished for not reading the rules when you came back from not playing while any punishment when you freely bring it to the attention of the admin yourself seems harsh it also works as a way for others to not fail in there agreement to read the rules. who am I No one Cpt Clown HasGame troll who tries to follow the rules

Try not double posting next time ;) And yes his punishment was not harsh in no way comparing to what it could have been in-case of random check of his accounts. He received 15 gold shackles on his alt while receiving two items back for troubles of self-reporting. If that would have been a random check it would be 20-30 gold shackles on his alt as well as 100 gold debtors on main as sender of overpriced items/money.
13:42 ktulu6 » Ihit: i didnt vare about the coal i was trnsfering items in ah at high prices so no one would buy them

Yet more than half that was in conversation is missing. Asking to lower your punishment , constantly asking why after you already received much lower punishment and answers to those questions is considered whining in my eyes and let's learn not to use all caps when writing sentences.

As rules haven't been changed at all in last 8 months and you have not been punished for supposedly new rules - if 8 months ago you would give "free" money to another character and then he would buy items from you for that same money do you think character would not be jailed? Also about bolded part - that's your own fault you could have easy used normal trade to trade for fair prices. Also if you decide to continue to post please learn some proper punctuation as this is the last time I'll edit your post to make somewhat readable - next post in similar fashion as last two will simply be deleted. And it's called whining not winning, this is your second chance instead of all mighty banhammer on both your characters , pay the fine of 15 gold and continue to use your miner alt.

I am sorry,i copied and pasted,wasn't trying to hide anything and i respect the judgement,i just thought considering was 1st offense,was harsh,and no i didn't think that it applied to your own people,i was just helping them,i mean i thought they were considered all mine,just different versions,so no i didn't think that was wrong,i wasn't trying to cheat..honestly...Would not have came to you otherwise,and for the record i am only posted again because you said i was leaving things out.I wanted to put the whole conversation out there like you asked.I hope this post is better.


Yes this post is much better, however the punishment will still stand. It is relatively low for gained amount of valuables on your alt. Punishment was already decreased as courtesy of mine as well as you received two of your items back. If you wish to continue playing with your miner character simply pay the fine as punishment won't be any lower than it is currently.
May I please know what I said that was a rules violation

1. HasGame
2. No Idea as the gaurdian did not inform me as to whom they where that silenced me
3. no explination of in what way I had broken the rules
4. 04:03 Heaven's Voice: A Curse of Silence has been placed on you for 2 hrs. Reason: Forbidden topics (politics, racism, advertisements etc.)

Constant player harassment and breach of chat rules.
Complaint form

3.I use a word, that is a common name in the UK, plus is the name few films around the world. i.e "dick tracy" and "Dick" rated 12.
4. A Curse of Silence has been placed on you. You are not allowed to write in chat for another 4 hrs. 52 min.. Reason: 23:27 (Location channel) DBM_Bones(#) >> ant1985: I have said I'm PM you when he's not AFK, and it's not the member fault he's a dick

5 hours is a bit much for this.
i got silenced for posting in wrong channel for a whole day this aint fair it was the first time i ever did it
17:31 Heaven's Voice: A Curse of Silence has been placed on you for 2 hrs. Reason: continious rule breaking
17:31 Heaven's Voice: For violation of the chat rules, Marcus the Wise has been struck with the Spell of Silence for {PERIOD 7200}.

No reason for silence and I didn't see anything that might have broken the rules.

Guardian was Esta Kinya. Please look into it.

Also player never again taunted me after I was silenced and I can't timestamp it cause I'm silenced.

17:32 never again » Marcus the Wise: HAHAHAHAHAHAH GOOD

This is obviously unfair treatment and I would like a clarification,.

As a repeat offender your punishments are naturally higher. You have 9 silences this month alone, and 28 in the last 3 months. Quite a few accidents I should say.
AGain, I was silenced cause of caps lock for a whole hour. the whole message wasn't even in caps, and obviously it was an accident. there were no bad or inappropriate words, and I think a whole HOUR is too harsh for a minor accident. People get let off the hook for posting trade messages in main and saying my bad so I think I deserve similar treatment if it was a genuine accident.
And this is a taunt i received while silenced:

19:42 Squall Leonhart » Marcus the Wise: lololololol

Timestamping should be allowed even if you're silenced, otherwise people can just taunt you like this jerk right here.

Answered above. Also, lolololol in private is not breaking chat rules. Please use the ignore function if you do not wish to speak to players.
As an answer to the response I got from my first complaint, I'd like to know exactly WHAT I did to merit a 2 -hour silence. Continuous rule breaking isn't that clear.

9 silences this month is the answer. Break less chat rules and your silences will diminish.

Answer is here , avoid caps before your character receives a forum silence.
Oh my god...I don't even know what to say. a 1 year silence. I swear, I didn't do a THING!!!!!! I was at my friends house...I didn't swear in chat...Please tell me what I did wrong and how to redeem myself...jesus...what do I do?!

You've broken rules so many times, recently at least once a day, that we no longer trust you to use chat. However we can dispense a warning, if you agree to not break the rules anymore. Failuire to comply will make the 1 year break, permanent.
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