Complaints regarding Curses and other Guardian actions

If you think that a Curse was applied to your character without any particular reason, or Guardian was rude to you, left your inquiry unattended or was acting inappropriately, you can leave a complaint in this topic.

Complaint form

1.Your nickname
2.Nickname of Guardian
3.Description of complaint
4.Proof - link to screenshot or copy of a chatlog

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Your trades with player Asmodean - canvas belt and imperial belt basically for free.

Right, this I do remember... These were just loans, for the value of, since we're good friends' on the game, you just haven't given me time to pay it back... I'm well aware that you can't just give items. So, now we've cleared that up, you can release me & I will pay back asmodean, in due course.

Besides that, the mute was wrong, too... Can you go into that aswell? How can you ever mute someone belatedly? It was days, since I was last muted, how can you 24-hour mute me, for that???

I think when you look into certain things, on this game, many times, I've been unjustly handled... You want occasions? I'd love to go into them, in great detail... I just want you to let me free, now, thanks...

Every loan must be followed with condition - if there is none it's considered trade violation.
Every loan must be followed with condition - if there is none it's considered trade violation.

Okay, so even though the intent is the same, the actions were the same, but just because we neglected/forgot to put conditions in, you think you have the right to state our intentions, or the arrangement we made??

This shackling is WRONG... I loaned those items, you cannot ban me from the game, for this... Ask asmodean himself, or whatever his new account is, since I now see he's rerolled...

As mentioned, now I see he's made a new character, I obviously can't pay him back now, anyways. But if you want, you can remove the shield & any goods you choose, to the effect of the remaining sum...

Rental of Goods

• Lending goods free of charge is not allowed for a term exceeding 10 days.
• Conditions of the deal should specify the following: exact payment deadline and the total payment amount, requirements for the equipment condition (for example, repairs performed, or not), and penalties, if the conditions are not met. Penalties must not to exceed 5% of the total amount per day and the penalty accrual period must not exceed 5 days.
Wow, this is actually laughable... Rediculous, petty little by-laws, or some crap... Do you seriously think every person who starts your game reads all that trash? As far as I'm concerned, you've seen a bit of what you consider wrongdoing & you're giving me a fee you know I can meet, just to earn your game a bit more revenue...

Why can I not just return the goods?? This was a loan & you're living in a comedy show, if you think people actually read all the smallprint-type guff & follow these daft guidelines, everytime they loan a friend goods.

You say lending goods free is not permitted, for more than 10 days, yet you wait 30 days to address the situation, thereby increasing the penalty I owe... How very smart, of you.

You just look through all my dealings, regarding trade... I usually specify certain things in the box, because I'm aware how foolishly strict you people are, yet you won't even give me the benefit of the doubt...

Take some advice, perhaps from a longer life experience than yours. When you ask for a service, being in the wrong, insulting the other person only leads to more issues for you. Remember, this is a game, made by a private company and run by private rules. You agree to said rules when you join. There is no public right to play, it's a privilege. If you do not appreciate it, we cannot help you.
I haven't directly insulted anyone, so apologies, if anyone felt offended, but every point I've made is a valid one & I'm sure most people would get slightly annoyed, being in the same situation... I'm only "in the wrong", according to the small-print... I'm certain most people who see this will completely agree with me. You're right, it is a privilege & I enjoy playing the game, hence my mood, when I'm forced off it, by no real wrongdoing. I agreed to the rules, as I saw them & I did read them, in general & no disrespect, but I'm afraid to say, nobody ever reads every word in the rules, prior to beginning their game - nobody.

I recieved a 24hr mute, still unexplained & mystifying & you shackle me, for a very small mistake, forcing me to pay 50g lol I haven't knowingly broken any rule, scammed anyone, or affected anybody else's game adversely...

All I ask, is that you take into consideration, my past trades with people & give me a little le-way, with this matter... I will gladly let you take goods to the effect of the jail fee, but it's quite obvious to me, that I shouldn't be shackled, so I ask again, please unjail my character.

Who gives loans through auction house? Shield of Imperial Defender was transferred to Asmodean using AH , which makes "it was just a loan" excuse obsolete. Character shall not be released.
No, the AH item was a clear purchase & having read the rules clearer, I see that was breaking them... The rules allow people to sell spark of inception for 30s each, in great numbers, daily, & vastly over-price any number of different items, yet buying one item cheaply, results in that person being banned... Did asmodean also get shackled, on account of this, or was that an optional reroll?

Asmo got shackled with debtors of higher value than your own fine yes, his account was jailed after that because he requested it, so he can reroll, as he could not pay the fine.
Fluffy buny Kins
esta kinya

I believe the guardian is being petty via chat rules and silencing people for what is either modern everyday speak or over complicating the rules and doesnt seem to be able to tell when people are joking, and free speech is still the Law in most countries..

You still accept the game rules when joining, if you break them - you will be silenced.
I will pay my fine & expect that things will be seen fresh & I can start over, with a clean slate, with no further problems... Will this be the case, when I pay this 1 fine?

If you pay the fine you do start with clean state for violations you were jailed for.
So, how do I know you just won't impose a new fine, for anything else I may have done? Since I haven't put text in the box, every trade I've done & I've bought some good deals from AH... For all I know, once I've paid this fine, you may come up with a new one...

There were no other suspicious deals as far as i see, as long as you follow the rules from when fine is paid there shall not be any issues for you.
Send the screenshots of chat logs to , so far i see no unwarranted silences here.
Complaint form

1.Your nickname Zaek
2.Nickname of Guardian midnite98
3.Description of complaint I was in an AoH and some random person I dont know started cursing me out in german...I made a comment to the effect you know it's going to be an interesting day when some random guy starts bitching you out in German and midnite98 silenced me for 30 minutes? for using the word bitching? And wasnt the least bit interested in the fact I was being harassed by some other player
4.Proof - link to screenshot or copy of a chatlog : Heaven's Voice: A Curse of Silence has been placed on you. You are not allowed to write in chat for another 29 min. 9 sec.. Reason: 19:03 Zaek: you know its going to be an interesting day when some random dude starts bitching you out in german : 19:03 midnite98 » Zaek: watch the language please

Please send a message to one of German guards or Plitsch-Platsch once you've timestamped the message instead of English ones. We apologize for silence that was placed on you.
i was shackled by Irish just now for supposedly fight throwing as i had 2 server errors in bridges. Even after the first time this happened i pointed out what had happened to my team, which Irish was on. This was an unfair action and an abuse of power. I have now been given an ultimatum of not participating in combats or being shackled again.

Just because someone has internet issues they shouldn't have to be forced from the game! Ever heard of innocent until proven guilty?

And just to prove a point..

img24,imageshack,us/img24/8578/69178978,png replace commas with dots!

Twisting facts does not work in your favor. You were offered a deal of getting out of jail, for not joining valour instances until you could actually participate in battle. As an added detail you were once on the same team as Irish, and one time on the other team.
Twisting facts does not work in your favor. You were offered a deal of getting out of jail, for not joining valour instances until you could actually participate in battle. As an added detail you were once on the same team as Irish, and one time on the other team.

How have i twisted facts? I was shackled unfairly, without any proof of cheating, that is a given fact. I stated I was on Irish's team in 1 fight. There was no need to offer a deal as i did NOTHING WRONG in the first place. This is my sole point of complaint. Perhaps in future your 'game lords' or whatever they wish to be called can shackle those who are actually breaking rules, like themselves and not those who are just having internet difficulties!

Can you point out how the Head Guard broke the rules?
Frost Dragon

Hi i have been shackled for an unpaid loan i have repaid the loan back and still saying i owe a loan i think i have been shackled twice for the same loan will u be able to tell me why

Thank u

Punishment Removed.

Esta Kinya

Repetitive "Continuous Rulebreak" mutes...

She keeps pinning these lazy mutes on me, whenever she feels like it... I had one yesterday, on a different toon for 2hrs (when I'd broken no rule at all), since then I had 1 5 minute silence & then, I can get another "continuous rulebreaking" mute, for 3hrs, for mentioning "Skype"?

How about today... I switch toons to this one, then proceed to question her about this bs & she gives me another "continuous rulebreaking" silence... Yet I aint been on this toon in ages, so how could I have broken any rules?

I believe this is bias, if not laziness, since I offended a little friend of hers, last week... Before that, I would never get these mutes...

Believe me, this needs to be looked at - a guard of any level shouldn't have the capacity to just silence people on a whim, when no rule has been broken... If you need a screenshot, I'll provide one that may be of use, when I can gain access to PhotoBucket

We have solved the situation for you. Now all your jailed characters have been silenced so you are no longer tempted to harass people with them. Varro can very well speak. We will unsilence them if you get them out of the dungeon and respect chat rules.
Haha! You speak as though you've done me a favor... How can you justify muting alternate characters for 1 year? It's outrageous, since your "harrass" comment was me trying to get answers from Esta on why I was silenced repeatedly...

I was actually going to remove that post & since I didn't, you punish me further, for daring to speak about crap that's happening to me... I respect chat rules & broke none, in this situatiuon - a guard cannot ignore somebody asking questions that are game-related & you can hardly silence me for a year for breaking no chat rule...

Having spoken to Esta about this, it's clear now this wasn't the reason for this strange double mute... Could you explain to me what was & what cause you have for silencing my alt toon for a year?

I haven't behaved in any way, nor said anything that would justify this, so I'd really be interested to know the reasoning behind it

Continuous chat rule breaking leads to higher and higher punishments. We know you log onto other characters to avoid game restrictions, such as silenced. That is in violation of the multiple character rule. And yes, we are doing you a favor, and are being lenient instead of jailing all characters we have left you one t play with. As an added note, yes, guardians are allowed to ignore you, and when 'just asking' try not to swear.
I broke rules, got punished... Fair enough & thaks, I guess ">

Just to get this down as fact... Once I free one of the shackled & silenced toons, all 3 toons will be unsilenced & no past mutes from any of the 3 will be logged on my account/used in the future against me in any way, providing I break no chat rule in 1 month of that toons release... Is this right?

Both of your characters that are in jail won't be unsilenced.
Time 18:58
Want to know why
Hes my brother in case your wondering why im interested

He can ask himself if he's in doubt. Please stop spamming this thread.
Hello, I got shackled for Suspected in hacking.. don't know why I was offline at the time I got shackled so don't what happened.. I also would like to file a report on the guardians or guardian who put in jail..I would love an explanation on why I got shackled..

PS There should a guardian at all times regarding to shackles
PSS I don't how to hack at all.Plus Its suspected.. you didn't catch me like I said I will file a report against the gaurdian(s)

File a report where? Disregarding that, who are the other 17 characters on your computer,several of them with swear names and breaking chat rules?
What you talking about I am on a library computer, thank you very much so there are others who wanna play this game, so thanks for time

Punishment slightly adjusted however character shall not be released until fine is paid for illicit trades.
Squeaky left me cursed, I asked in chat if anyone could remove squeaky said her other character could but no. after being told that i did not ask i made a formal request to squeaky and midnite98 where midnite98 politely said she could not and squeaky got what i feel was rude.

I have screen shots but do not know how to link them and will be more then happy to e-mail them to who ever would like to see them.

If a guard has more then one toon, and does not wish to use the other toon to assist then they should not be making clear the other toons names and as well they should not be useing their other toons to bash a player or defend them selves in chat.

The curse was removed by "Heaven's Voice: Curse Heavy Burden Tangible Curse has been successfully removed by ArcanePaladin." And i did thank them for doing so.

If a guard has other toons and cant remove curses they should not say they can but wont to taunt someone.

since then i have been hexed a couple times back to back. if i had to guess i say its squeaky. or one of her alt toons.

If i am wrong and a guardian is not supposed to help with injury i will forget it, but i am posting because in the description of this thread it says if a guard left our injury un attended.

Guards are there to help with game advice not help with every possible step in-game like healing you. Whether the answer from Guard could have been more appropriate - yes, but as mentioned they are in no way supposed to heal you if you have an injury.
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