Additions to multiple character rules

Even though anyone can have up to 10 characters now there are some actions that are Prohibited:
- Entering same fight with two or more of your characters including sailing on same ship in Archipelago.
- Loaning/Renting/Giving in credit items or money from one of your characters to another one
- Using secondary character to bypass silence placed on any of your other characters
- Using secondary character in Archipelago to acquire traumas from monsters to later heal them with your main account. This includes any sheningans with your friends using alts - so don't even think about it anymore.
- Transferring Sydian to your alt even if it is for market value in Archipelago to sail it to mainland and then selling it back to your main will be considered abuse and punished as you would be using your alt for storage.

However it is Allowed your characters to:
- Enter the same clan
- Transfer items and money not violating the trade rules. Balance of trades or items sold through Auction should not exceed the +-30% of items worth. You also cannot lower price more than 30% from what it is going for in Auction House.

Last updated on June 6th 2016

hate monger,

Pretty much yes that's correct. You are prohibited to enter same fights so they have not accumulated them through group therefor it's allowed to group simply due to convenience.
Ihit, is it okay to use middle men in DE? I have a bad computer, and I'm afraid that if I put in Ah, someone will buy at my 30% cut price. plz respond to me ASAP.

Why are you putting things in AH at a reduced price?
So if I understand, If you have 2 in same clan and in a clan war, you could only use 1 during war because you could have both pulled into same battle unintentionally.

My sister and I use same mail account for our characters, but mostly i use my desktop and she uses her laptop. However since I have dual monitors I will sometimes come home and she will be using my computer and I will just switch to hers so she doesn't have to log out. How best way to notify, so there is no misunderstanding if we should find ourselves in same battle.

If by any case you find yourself and her in same battle make sure you are not using the same computer to play with both as that would most certainly lead to shackles for both players.
is it ok to put it in auction house for triple the price and then buy it with other character?

old yelleris it ok to put it in auction house for triple the price and then buy it with other character?

wth. why would you do the top end of the 30 and not the bottom? if going to use ah for transferring to an alt why would you want to pay more than you have to?
Where do you report violations of these rules?
I dont understand all the rules, why not just code it so you cant trade at all between accounts on same ip so we wouldnt have to bother with knowing if it was legal or not, I will admit to having given potions and under 1 gold to my alt via trade but wasnt aware there was a rule even since I assumed there would be coding in to block it from being possible if it wasnt allowed. Its my time and my characters who have to work hard to obtain items especially equipment etc. Allot of items are already coded to not be transfered so I dont see why its anyones bussiness what I do with my time or anything I earn on my 2 characters as long as Im not seriously abusing the system by using say 10 accounts to feed 1.

Reverse the trade and you'll be fine. It's not coded in because in general as long as you don't give free stuff, but sell things to your alt's at fair prices there's nothing wrong with it.


Send me a private message in-game and I'll look into it.
AAlalen I dont understand why if Im working both my alts which requires me to be active, there is no way to bot or auto do anything that Im aware of so Im investing my time effort and money into my 2 characters, if I wanna trade between them items Ive earned I just dont understand why theres an issue, I can understand a need for rules like this when you have auto functions because people will run 9 alts gaining gold and items etc without doing any work, But thats not the case with this game so im a little confused as to the reason. Not trying to argue about the rules just wanna understand the reason behind them.
Well it looks like this company has decided to shackle me after I came to the forums openly asking about trades since the wording is very confusing on whats allowed to a new player. Ive played 1000s of games and I spend money on games, but never have I been asked to spend money to get my character back after breaking the rules inwhich are not clear and have been asked about several times. I have not done a transfer since the first time I posted here and Im beginning to feel like this game is trying to scam me out of more money. It is not a players job when there are several 100 rules/interpatations of the rules to maintain when he is breaking them or not and he certainly shouldnt be asked to pay real money to be released from shackles. If there is a problem with trading via same ip etc it is the coders of the games job to code it so players can't break the rules and then the good players like myself who bother to stop and play and spend hard earned money on the game will continue to do so because someone who works for the game cares about keeping good players who will spend money. thank you fix it soon or other actions will follow with my credit card company and we will do no further bussiness.
OK here i go. if i was in a clan like i am now and put say blue armor in chest and then an alt joined and used it what about that? as technically im giving to clan but hes using. not to sure on this and i just wanna check

Clan chest rules state that if you put ANYTHING in clan chest and let your alt use it, it's illegal.

Admins interpret transactions, and if they see something fishy like that, you'll be called out on it.

Don't try to use clan chest for item transferring between your toons, and you'll be fine.
Say if you have full Mc gear, and its all clanned when you got, would t be alright to leave clan on 1 of you toons rejoin on other and get the gear
The Wolf69,

If it already belonged to clan, then yes, said person could leave and rejoin with alt and use that gear.

If it belonged to said person and he put it in and soon after let his alt use it, that's illegal.
Just read the latest multiple characters rules - I can't seem to find it anywhere but I recall reading somewhere that Reals could be transferred between characters from same account. Is that true or not and if it is - how does one do it?

Only if the two toons are in a clan together. If they are, they just trade through the clan chest (remember to abide by the clan chest rules).
Wait, how come I have 11 characters???
Silencing on one account means you're silenced on all, Guards are enforcing it as a rule with nothing written here to back them up. Trolls will keep trolling until you add it somewhere they can actually see it. Seen alot of it lately, person getting silenced then 3 or 4 accounts he used right after.
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