DE Admins are trying

I have actually been talking to live DE Admins over the last couple days. I wrote them when the Anniversary event did not launch. They are trying to get it all running for us. Everyone should have their gift chest now. The Anniversary banner is showing up and I am talking about the pieces that we aren't seeing now. No promises but the good news is someone seems to care about it. Please don't flood them with issues quite yet. But we have been talking about the Teleport bug and some other possible fixes. But it has been nice to have a good discussion about the issues with a real person vice the automated responses.

This has also been suggested to Admin, that changing the rewards for confrontation to gold or having reduced rewards. I suspect things implemented like this would also be implemented on the Russian server, but that's simply a guess and I have no basis on that guess other than the time it would take to implement a change of this magnitude. It would make sense to have updates to both servers which make the same adjustments.
My hope is for higher money drops in arenas and mob hops, but as has been stated previously, I have no control over programming, nor does any of the others on Council.
It has been good to see the level of interest by our new Admin, asking questions, discussing issues, it is refreshing and encouraging to see the involvement. There have been some changes already, and I hope to see more soon.
If I become aware of changes or other news for the server, me and/or the others in Council will surely make this known as soon as we can, if Admin doesn't make a news page announcement first.
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Posting what was discussed with Sensate over conference-
Sensate forgot to log out today prior to joining with Council members but this is the list we went through for a couple hours and what we discussed. He will return next week to answer questions as well when in Winery.

1/ Battle Bug - Stuck in battle after fight, to get out of battle - in progress
2/ Island lighthouses all shown taken even if open or free - in progress
3/ 81k recipes- will happen in future, postponed for other matters at this time
5/ the arrows resetting for each battlegrounds - in progress
6/ android DE does not work - in progress
7/ unable to enter battlegrounds while in another - in progress

Admin is aware and looking into how to fix the above issues. As his time is split between us and Terra please be patient with him.

1/ Merchant for Rare Recipes (profession) - postponed
2/ maze times changed - Addressed
3/ rage of elements - can be brought back if players desire
4/ bit more silver on drops on monster - awaiting approval if allowed to increase
5/ arena hop fights more of a balance on the gold drops - awaiting approval if allowed to increase
6/ no gear damage on valor days in arena ,no gear damage on ruins on ruins event same in sb on sb days and in war fights - currently no changes to how gear damage is done. he is looking into reducing the cost to repair gear by 1/2, but needs approval to make this kind of change
7/ players move to terra - No
8/ posting in news frist side of game more events or things going on so game looks active and old players come back - Addressed
9/ special offers(summer and winter bonus) when paying in with parcels and marks but one in right lvs- No
10/ weekly confi maybe change to gold instead of reals as prize - No
The new rule is that one player, including all alternate accounts , may compete in only 1 bracket for a confrontation prize. If you use an alternate to try and win confrontation in multiple brackets you will be jailed. This is to prevent well seasoned players from ladder blocking new players in attempt to secure reals for themselves. Sensate will make a post to this note as well. Just an update here.
11/ new events would be nice- currently working on a new one
12/ admin make a new account or use ihit account dont matter and stand at winery or somewhere central a few hours once a week to show persence and answer question if players have ones - Addressed
13/ lottery possibility - currently no
14/ council should be disbanded because nobody actively plays and do not know what goes on in game - No
15/ halo of permanence also stops xp gained from gifts of dragons (from the purchased reals chest) - in progress
16/ lower the cost of reals because Russian players pay less and they use rubles - No
17/ Fix the hunting knife on Android because it breaks when you catch 2 prey and you can't fix it. Can only be fixed when playing on PC - In progress
18/ Sell items back to game for same price and not 1/10 of price shown in Shop - No
19 / Request for charms of durability to work on Mobs and PvE instead of Event Days - No
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Yesterday i had nice experience with admin. :) He do really care about us, we just need be very patient. The plans he already shared with us, cant be done in 1 day.
I had high hopes for new admin and honestly a lot of trust after communicating back-and-forth with him. He seemed trustworthy and generally concerned about this server. However after 3 months of being announced a new admin (only on Terra, we only got a newspost about new admin after two months), I can honestly say I am majorly disappointed.
So what has been done thus far?
- We got more maze time slots. --> Fine but nobody really does maze anymore as I recall, I can only think of a handful of people. This certainly won't save the server.
- Admin comes online every Wednesday. --> Fine, but again, it will not save the server.
- HoP is now an item that can be activated while in battle (only useful for mobile devices as it was already possible on PC) --> Fine, but again, how will this save the server?

Well I am certainly not impressed as I don't see any additions/fixes that will be able to fix this server. This problem is not limited to Nova. I have been reading Terra forum and they are all also very disappointed, unbelieving that the game will exist for much longer.
I don't mean to be a jackass, but I think we can all realistically agree that currently the situation will not be changed by any of this stuff. Please note I had great expectations and patience, but ultimately nothing will ever change as to the second-place nature of Nova server. Anyways the golden days of DragonEternity is sadly gone.
Thank you Leane for posting this information. Hopefully it will allow all players to see the efforts put into addressing issues brought by multiple players. From a personal point of view, I am happy to have an active Admin who listens to not only the Guards/Council, but has publicized an email address for individual players to reach out to express their concerns. To me this is a huge improvement and a step in the right direction.
I'm glad that Sensate has committed to helping our server improve. There seems to be some game mechanics that have to be developed and implemented to get some of the changes completed, but at least it's being worked on. These are time consuming issues, but things are being done.
To me,. one of the biggest issues is the cost of the game play, and Sensate suggested looking into reducing the costs of gear repairs as a fix. If this is possible, I think it will help tremendously, not only high level players, but low level players too. I'm certain there will be objections saying it's not enough, but it is a big step in the right direction.
These fixes and adjustments won't be instantaneous nor complete to everyone's satisfaction, but at least there is a concerted effort to address the issues.

Thank you so much for the update and communication. Having these types of discussions allow players to voice their concerns that may not be communicated to admin or council - so this is appreciated :)

With game declining and no admin for so long - I am not expecting miracles. I have no clue what it takes to make these game changes and seriously have made the IT guys at work as you can see, my game developing knowledge is quite limited However, please stress to admin the importance of getting some important changes done to keep what players we have and maybe bring some older ones back.

Many above have so nicely stressed main points of concern. The one thing that I keep hearing from my clan and game friends is the lack of coin. Decreased player base = less money to make in AH. Increased gear cost & little coin from bots = AOH not worth doing. So how does a toon thrive? We cannot expect everyone to be rich and drop all kinds of real money here daily. It is unrealistic.

People will not keep dropping money continuously in game to keep going. (Also the point of Terra having reals for less is nothing new - Bubbagorn announced this years ago in forum when I was in HF - it did not change then and I didnt expect it to change now). We should not get everything for free - but there needs to be a better balance. I drop a little money here/there - but neither of my toons can keep up with the in-game costs.

I've said before - you have to give a little to get a little. Better gold and drops in general.... people will play more and then maybe spend more money. So many new players lost because this game is stuck in the old ways and they can't get past level 20. Things have changed over the years and so have the way people want to play games.

Game still must be making money, otherwise it would be shut down. Instead of patching things with duct tape...try to make game thrive again. It would be a win-win for all. Game makes more money and players are happy and maybe spending more money. Developers won't know unless they try.

Thank you for doing what all you council members do - I most certainly do not want your job as I already have a full-time job+. So enjoy your little bit of freebies for the hassle & harassment you all go through. I personally don't think some of you get paid enough as it is only game things and nothing that translate into real life.

PS: I still want rachni back so I will make a chant. Bring Back Rachni

Have a great day!
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Nurse Ratched,

Sorry we did ask about Rachnis, and they will not be brought back. We are looking into increasing gold drops, hope to get that squared away soon.
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awww I know hun....was told the sad news they have no plans to bring them back

but I can still chant for their return. Just like the old rock get pleasantly surprised when they pop back on stage. One never knows

Bring Back Rachni
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