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I have actually been talking to live DE Admins over the last couple days. I wrote them when the Anniversary event did not launch. They are trying to get it all running for us. Everyone should have their gift chest now. The Anniversary banner is showing up and I am talking about the pieces that we aren't seeing now. No promises but the good news is someone seems to care about it. Please don't flood them with issues quite yet. But we have been talking about the Teleport bug and some other possible fixes. But it has been nice to have a good discussion about the issues with a real person vice the automated responses.

Thank you, Ursa
I did not receive a gift chest.
Chests were only good for two days. If you did not notice it it may have expired
Teleport bug fixed,for many. Let de know,if you,still havemissues
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So....where is this admin at? I heard rumors that they could be coming. Does the admin have any ideas on how to "revive" the game?

We have access to an admin dedicated to us. All of Council did a video conference with him. We have communicated some issues and he is in the process of working on a few things. A news post is to follow. Because of early stages, we do not have more details at this time.
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Well something is better than nothing - especially with the state the game is in right now. I'll take this as a positive and roll with it :) Thank you for the update. Looking forward to some upcoming changes
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Does it "feel" like he is sincere on reviving the game or just putting band-aids on stuff to keep a few players here? I think we can all agree it's a good game but band-aids can only stop the bleeding for a little while.

Alright then, perfect

Nurse Ratched,

He will spend some time each week at winery to address questions and is happy to help players. He will work on fixing some bugs / going through any suggestions made.


I don’t know the intent but he is dedicating his time to help us as best he can. He let Council know he is already working on one of the requests: to make maze more frequent (better times). He does have a character here and will be online to answer questions as well.
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This is the list council has piled together based on player and our requests to improve the game. If you wish to present your own list you can message him privately in game. As I just mentioned above, and will repeat again, he will be logging in every week to answer questions. If you feel this is inadequate, then you can email Game Insight.

And, autum already requested to have higher gold earnings, whether that has been approved by his boss has not been communicated to us. Since you don’t play the game daily, then you can message him when time allows.

1/ Battle Bug - Stuck in battle after fight, to get out of battle needs to type a (.) or anything in chat.
2/ Island lighthouses all shown taken even if open or free
3/ 81k recipes do they even drop and where ??
4/names of inactive players need to be removed from brackets 1,2, and 5
5/ mentor program does not work

1/ Merchant for Rare Recipes (profession)
2/ maze times changed to every 3 hours starting like 9.00,12 noon,15,00,18,00,21,00, midnight,3.00,5.00
3/ rage of elements
4/ bit more silver on drops on monster
5/ arena hop fights more of a balance on gold earnings whether bot or regular player
6/ no gear damage on valor days in arena ,no gear damage on ruins on ruins event same in sb on sb days and in war fights
7/ players who desire to move to Terra, not server merge- this is presumed no because Sensate explained they have to manually copy each player file and input all data in order to do this. This is not feasible on their end for now.
8/ posting in news front site of game more events or things going on so game looks active and old players come back
9/ special offers(summer and winter bonus) when paying in with parcels and marks but one in right lvls
10/ weekly confi maybe change to gold instead of reals as prize for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place (wouldnt be always same people trying for the reals)
11/ new events would be nice too
12/ admin make a new account or use ihit account dont matter and stand at winery or somewhere central a few hours once a week to show persence and answer question if players have ones - already done as Sensate
13/ lottery possibility

Full list is not displayed as some issues involve accounts that have been hacked. We are in the process of helping those players recover all their items.
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The list is random and not ranked in importance. Reason being that he has authority to do some of these and some are decided by the person above him. As we do not know which ones are which, it is presented to him with updates given to us as they come.
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I will add your bugs to the list. The list is compiled by all of Council . As I do not use Android, I do not know of this. And yes, with 9 years here and daily updates council members share with each other, you are absolutely correct.

As I had previously stated, if you feel the list needs additions, you can send them directly to the admin as well if you are not satisfied with Council. And of course, take your time, I will await an answer at your earliest convenience.
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I’m sorry you feel that way. I’ll be happy to pass on your idea to disband the Council.
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