Bugs megathread

Let's collect all the bugs that've been plaguing the Nova server. Can't promise that we'll fix them all, but we'll try.
Any chance of adding a quit quest to the battlemaster quest system, I have been stuck on 4 lethal blows for months and due to the times I can get on, there is never anyone else to fight. If you could quit each task on a daily basis like with the Master Devian it would at least give people the chance to progess.
am unable to use bank while playing on face book as this is my main platform could u please help thanku
Lady Raya., cannot get clan quest to work right just takes me to an occupied island so I thought maybe I'm expected to take island but just lose beacon and I sail around and around and cannot find un taken island
also stuck mentor and cant get rid
Quest level 4, “first steps in new world” not updating. I completed Bandit Lair and Dark Bog but quest does not complete.
look at important quest for lvl 21 to get pauldrons I have tried three times and i have not found the piece i need to complete the quest
I've made a real purchase but didn't receive it can you fix it
teleport makes game lock up only way to stop the circles is to refresh .. and battle don't end when they are done same thing here .... thanks for the upgrades DE
I did all what was needed to finish the quest for the guardian's shield at lvl6/7 but quest not finished and i not got the shield like it worked for the hammer before. Any who can help me here?
lngslng4u, same here, battles won't end, only way to finish a fight is if someone enters or leaves the room or turn an orb on auto use then back off after fight. bug is doing same thing in windows7 and windows10 both running most current versions of firefox and flash if this helps to nail it down.
DEAD MINE needs a fix

just did my dead mine quest got reward for it :
13:36 Heaven's Voice: You received: Sydian (40 pcs), Lesser Orb of Strength (5 pcs)

item 60812 is 40 sydian !!!!
but to my surprise it is impossible to take it from the island!!!

People go there with a small ship cause nobody is told you a big ship to transport sydian. So a small ship can not carry the amount of sydian.

Then there is no chest in hide out either so i can not put in chest and get a bigger ship to transport sydian home.

Then try to auction it on AH, Impossible cause you can not make an auction lot when you are on archipalago.

So please DE explain to me why even reward sydian if the only possible option is to sell it to game
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I can’t leave combats. Where the button should be there isn’t any so I’ve had to refresh after every single combat.
Teleportation does not stop and battles do not end
I just returned to the game to find Dot has been removed and I have the old nephlim quest that needs to be finished or changed please and thank you
If a player of level 4 doesnt get a mentor by the time they finish the bandits mission it freezes all future mentor missions ruining the point of the quest lines stopping them from completing them and changing the writing to half Russian
In arena and 7bs in the 30-34 bracket one of the main bots uses the holy hammer palidan spell while wearing all witcher gear breaking the game and every bot is buffed beyond what a normal player can receive ruining the game and pushing away everyone
My achievements were never given to me I have finished the 7bs first eye of shades they grey bc collection ECT and it has never given the achievements please fix
When are doing jeweler quest when the button is selected (activated) the jeweler menu goes blank.

When task is complete and the game gives new jeweler rep. it does not remove the items that were made.
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