I'm jus trying to figure why you are even posting in the you know the rules? Explain to me what is wrong with the picture you have above? NOTHING.....He has gear on....he used pots.....

Why you always crying! I know why because you are crybaby!!

Wahh wahh wahh OTHIE wahh wahh wahh -_Thornus_-

GO to shackle damn cheaters!
vedmak1984, Vedhole biggest cheater here ever accusing people with no proof lol
Another idiot post for the should learn the rules of the game. You might not have been shackled so much with your alts....
vedmak1984, get some rest you might be so tired spend whole afternoon here with no good effort or eat a snickers
vedmak1984, -_Thornus_-,

Your not yourself when your hungry! LOL
vedmak1984, that’s only a proof of your foolishness
Lol ved get a life
Not illegal to use another set of armor especially when it’s purple and upgraded gear. If that was the case I’d have to shackle autum winter for switching to her pally set. It only becomes an issue when you clearly have purple gear and are using green. Just because the person winning or losing is someone you dislike, does not automatically make it illegal.
Leane, so why then i cant use other gear(zerk) and help my wife get gold for example? Rules need be same for all.
O Repeater O,

Because your an idiot and a DH......
O Repeater O,

I never said you cannot use a 2nd set of gear to fight her, as long as it is purple as well as your main set of Witcher. I see no problem with people who have grown tired of their current gear set, wanting a second set of gear that is of equal level to their current one. But, you just stated your intention is to help your wife get gold, implying that you will throw the fight so she wins to get gold. I would choose my words more wisely next time.

But using a second set of gear, as long as it is the same level (purple in relation to your current gear set) is acceptable. Or, if you are a non-cashing player, having blue set of zerk + blue set of witcher is acceptable. If I see you have a purple set, and instead you use green gear, I consider that an attempt to rig fighting.
Leane, i think u said all right, and u know what u mean. If i use zerk gear its be lose against same lvl witcher, like was with pally against zerk, but u think and sad its normal, what i think(maybe even sure) wrong...., hope i find time to talk with admin and explain all what u all do.

lol trying to cheat and you admit it to a guard.....idiot......
O Repeater OLeane, so why then i cant use other gear(zerk) and help my wife get gold for example? Rules need be same for all.
Explain away. I am happy to show him the post you made above where you say you will go ahead and cheat to help your in game wife earn gold. And once again, rigged fighting is using lesser gear. Purple zerk gear is no issue as you have purple witcher gear. But using green gear when you have purple is a pretty clear sign to me of attempts to rig.
But yes, its illegal. Not long ago (about a year) we asked you, Leane, if hubby can use different class gear, than his main gear, but same level, same quality and high magic level, and we were told no, because it was against rules, if he joins me with a gear class weak to my gear class. You also told its considered rigging, because he have choise to use same or even opposite class against me. So we accepted. You also laughted on us, why we would rig any fight if we report all rule breaking. And yes, we stopped ask, because you made it clear that its against rules.

What admin should see is the bias on certain guardian side when they choose to change the rules whenever they want. Because lets be sure, thornus - basically zerk - joined othie fights with pally gear, what could be the reason behind? Probably the fact that pally is weak to zerk have nothing to do with rigging.... Especially with not enough upgraded, markless and parcelless gear.... Or its enough to have a purple gear? No matter what level and upgrade?

But lets look behind. Lets suppose why they did this kind of fights. Can it happen that thornus joned as a pally to othie, so make the fights faster and push his confrontation points to 1st place? In the meanwhile linda stalled ved for hrs to not be able compete with the huge point amount that othie made with these "legal" fights? If the guardians think its normal, and they even change and invent new rules to fit that, so be it...

So nice that i screenshotted the talk between us where you said its against rules, so and why we never did it. Admin should have see that, so i send him attached with this post and let him decide what is against rules and what not. Also i see no other way than to report certain guardians who bend rules how the wind blows, without anouncing it before, moreover... Apply different rules to different people. Because its obvious, if ved does something (not wrong yet), you make new, previously unknown rules to finally shackle him, but if others, you just connive and change the rules as you please, or explain it other way to not shackle anyone. Guardians are the worse thing what happened to this server. I risk it made more destruction than the gold change itself. Guardians are here to make the game safe and legal.... I see nothing safe and legal here.... Respect to those guardians who do something and not bias, sadly they wont comment to this post.
Sydeste, Using purple gear is not a problem, but using green gear is when you have a purple set is. If he has purple sets of other classes, feel free to use them. And the rules have changed over time to better adapt to changes in game. If admin feels the guardians made the wrong call, I am okay to follow his word to go forward with the shackles.

Rules changing doesn't mean I am biased. It didn't use to be illegal to win confrontation caskets in multiple brackets, but now it has become that because of his actions towards other players creating a toxic environment. And, I didn't create that rule. Sensate did because he saw his behavior as unacceptable. And once again, just because it is a player that you don't like or are competing against, doesn't make what they have done illegal. Autum has a pally set, and could've joined that fight as well using it. Would that be considered, on purpose pushing? No, it's that it happened to be Thornus, who is someone you had an issue with. Which is in itself, bias.

Once again stalling is not illegal. It never has been. Just because you think it is, does not make it a rule.

You can send the admin whatever you like. We are all subject to what he decides and if you feel that we haven't done our job, then by all means. All Guardians investigate and discuss the reports we receive on violations. It is not just me who see this, but all 6 of us.
Ved invented stalling and stalls lng every chance he gets, but when it’s done to him, WAAAHHHHHHH. Crybaby cries.

Ved you really are a special kind of person, unfortunately not in a good way.

Syd you ramble on so much BS that I feel sorry for the guards that have to read your posts.

Who wrote to you? Just dont read it if you are not interested.


This is the first or most reason i not login much anymore. You say "A" then, if it not fits to your friends situation, you say "B".
You, yourself told to us, that joining with secondary, weak class gear is against rules and considered as violation. When it was changed and why??? With this "safety" here ppl cant be even sure if its rule following to login or what? Its such a joke how you play lord of flies. Today rule break, tomorrow allowed. Who can follow this? ... So be it...

You are just as dumb as Vedhole. Throwing fights is against the rules....and that is exactly what Ved is saying that he wants to help you make gold. He admitted it....

Thornus was in purple gear (Class doesn't matter) and used all his pots.(Even the color of pots doesn't matter.)

You just need to accept the fact that you and Ved are forever stupid.

The rules never changed you are just trying to get them to bend so for your own purposes. Shut the game or don't play the game no one cares what you think.
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