Having joined a Clan, you will not only have faithful allies to rely upon but will also enjoy new opportunities: participation in Clan progression and leveling up and Clan Quests.


Clan Level

After accumulating the required amount of Clan Experience, a Clan receives the Great Quest. Clan Experience is a sum of all Experience, Reputation points and Valor received by Clan members during the period of their membership. Its current value can be viewed in the Character Profile's Clan section by opening the Information tab. 

When a Clan acquires enough Experience and its Leader reaches level 20, Elder Priest of the Clan's native Empire will summon the Clan Leader to reveal to him the grandiose mission that the Clan is entrusted with. Other Clan members must be of level 18 or higher to take part and contribute to the completion of the Great Quest. Having successfully completed this difficult mission, the Clan will achieve level 2 .

Level 2 Clan Property 

When a Clan reaches level 2, its members are granted access to the Clan Hall, luxurious quarters where warriors can hide from attacks and rest between battles. Clan Hall can be reached from your Empire's main square: the Scarlet Square or the Square of Storms.

Inside every Clan Hall there is a Clan Shop. It is accessible by the Clan Leader and players with the permission to accept new members into the Clan. Clan Shop allows to purchase additional Clan Property:


Clan Treasury (Clan Chest)
A container for money and Items of your Clan. Any Clan member can put money and Items into the Chest but only players with the respective permission are allowed to withdraw from it.     

In addition to that, Contributions for lost Clan Wars are transferred into the Clan Chest. You can find out more on rules for using the Clan Chest here.

Resource Storage
Any Clan member is allowed to put Professional Items and Production as well as Recipes into the Storage but only players with the respective permission are allowed to take Items from it.

Capacity of the Resource Storage for level 2 Clans is 50 slots.

Altar of Kairon
Installed in honor of general Kairon Madilar, hero of the Second Great War. Leaving an offering to the spirit of the great warrior, a Clan member will receive the   Crown of Comprehension Spell that temporarily increases main Characteristics as well as Experience and Valor.

Council Table
A round table for meetings of the Clan Council, a symbol of Clan's maturity that increases the maximum allowed number of members.

Statue of Beron
Installed in the Clan Hall, statue of Beron allows to receive the Lucky Mining Spell at the Altar of Kairon. This Spell increased the amount of gathered Resources and received Mastery when using Gathering Professions. 

Statue of Dalidar
Installed in the Clan Hall, this statue allows to receive the following Spells at the Altar of Kairon: Gift of Jeweler, Gift of Alchemist, Gift of Inscriptor and Gift of Cook. These Spells increase the amount of produced Items and received Mastery when using Crafting Professions.

Level 3 Clan Property

When a Clan reaches level 3, new items and Spells become available:


Council Table II increases the maximum number of Clan members by 10, to 50 warrioirs.

Clan Treasury III adds another 50 slots to the storage space.

Crown of Comprehension II is more powerful than the lower-level version of the Spell, providing higher bonuses to Characteristics, earned Experience, Valor, and Heroism.

War Code is an artifact that allows the use of a Clan Standard to attack a Clan that is at war with your ally.

Resource Storage II has increased capacity of 75 slots.

Resource Storage III offers your Clan a whole 100 slots for storing items. Please note that it is available for Clans that possess Resource Storage II and Clan Chest III.

Clan Reputation

Clan Reputation reflects the Clan's performance in Clan Wars and conquering the Roaming Archipelago. Earn Clan Reputation to unlock Ship upgrades, better Ship Gear and unique Consumables:
• Insignia of Clan Defense (available in the Clan Shop);
• Spell of Fair Wind (available to Ship's Captain in the Ship management menu);
• Fenir's Flame (available to Ship's Captain in the Ship management menu);
• Sphere of Fog (available to Ship's Captain in the Ship management menu).

Clan Reputation is a cumulative Characteristic of a Clan, not separate players.

There are several ways to earn Clan reputation:
1. Clan Wars. Winners of a Clan War receive Clan Reputation if their level doesn't exceed that of the defeated Clan. Total amount of earned Reputation depends on the performance of all Clan members during the War.
2. Recurring Hero of the Archipelago (+5 Reputation) and Protector of the Archipelago (+2 Reputation) Quests. They can be taken daily from commander Raidon Korette in the Harbor Front.
3. Defeating Torling Ships (+5 or +10 Reputation depending on the Ship's class). Torlings are pirates from the north who come to the Archipelago to attack and rob passing vessels.
4. Winning a Boarding against an enemy Ship (Amount of earned Reputation depends on the performance of Clan members during the Boarding).

1000 3000 7000 16000 37000 81000
Smoke Screen  
Extended Cargo Hold
Fair Wind
Fenir's Flame 

 Sphere of Fog
Glyph of Clan Defense