Crown of Comprehension I

Required level 4
Item type Effect

Item characteristics

Will 10
Intuition 10
Stamina 10
Vitality 10


Increases main Characteristics by 10, earned Experience and Valor by 5%.
Duration: 24 hours.

and for ONLY 3 reals you can enjoy this new feature!!!! That is after you've paid for both the altar and the banner.
wow... I agree with Jimmy's sarcasm. This is not good at all. 3 reals for a 5% buff? Granted it is for a 24 hour period, but that's a fairly small amount. I mean, I can squeeze out 1000 Valor in fights (depending), and for that to equal +50 valor? I would not recommend my clan members to invest in this at all. I would much rather you take out the skill buffs (will, int, etc) and add more % to the exp/valor... or... FIX the Davian Quests for goodness sakes!
Above normal in sheer uselessness. Guess what? No reals for you on this thing. Get them from someone else.
i agree with you on that one