In the heyday of the Republic, the port on the eastern shore of Tartu was extensively used by merchants and sailors alike. Trade with foreign lands was brisk, tradesmen and travelers being protected by the galleons of coastal guard. The lighthouse shone brightly, marking the way to the hospitable port while the signal towers on the shore line and nearby islands helped ships navigate through the dangerous reefs.

Division of the Empire and the devastating war that followed killed the trade in this area. On several occasions, Sadar's naval force landed its troops here, not to mention the pirates who enjoyed the freedom that reigned after the coastal guard had dissolved.

Signal towers were promptly rebuilt as combat fortifications, serving as defenses against enemy ships.

But Sadar, weakened by the raging war, soon stopped its attacks, and so did the pirates, realizing there was nothing left to pillage. Crews from the lighthouse and signal towers were reassigned to infantry regiments elsewhere. The port gradually fell into disrepair and ships seldom enter its waters now.

Rare travelers that make overnight stops in this area mention howling and cries that seem to come from the Lighthouse at night. But even the bravest mercenaries can't find a connvincing reason to look for the source of these cries. Also, light is sometimes seen in the signal towers, but the identity of their mysterious inhabitant remains unknown.