Every now and then a strange-looking vagabond with a bag over his shoulders appears on Tartu. Locals have nicknamed him Garuug the Grabber. Warriors of level 9 and higher may encounter him after purchasing a special Garuug's Compass in the Shop's "Artifacts" section. The Compass is tuned on the aura of this unusual creature.


When the Compass comes to life, showing you Garuug's location, hurry there to run down and fight him. If you are victorious, you will receive Garuug's Bag as a reward.

You can open the Bag to receive its contents or try your luck again and continue the chase. Up to five battles with Garrug can be fought per event.


After each successfull combat, trophy Bag of higher quality that contains more valuable items will be rewarded to the player. But beware: Garuug becomes stronger and angrier with each lost combat.

Inside Garrug's Bags, Flawless Elixirs, Orbs and Glyphs can be found. Adittionally, Bags of violet and orange quality might contain:

- a Canvas Belt;
- Marks of Spoils and Income that increase the money drops from killed monsters;
- 0,5 to 3.

After opening any Garuug's Bag, you character will be bestowed with a special effect, the Spell of Spoils. The higher the quality of the bag, the more powerful the Spell.


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