Canvas Belt

Required level 16
Item type Belt
Cost 15

Item characteristics

Belt Capacity 20

Item condition

too expensive.
Is this belt's capacity in addition to the 85 of the standard belt?
nice belter
can equip at lvl 16 but not available in item shop, any1 know what drops this item?
i don't even have 10 G, lol
same here rockypanthergon
Check in beastiary to see what items are dropped by what mobs. Only thing is you have to check mob by mob, the search for items doesn't work.
i want 1 "> please sir can i have 1 ">
I got one from drop!!!!!!!!!
I got one from a Mercenary Kidnapper [10]
How can I get this animal">
you've got to fight for it">
Need ìt
They're so dead
Hehehe i got one at level 16 monsters
I need on so bad ppl