16/09/2014 08:33

Changes in the game

Dear Players, We do value your feedback and are always keen to hear your opinion on our game. Many of our player suggestions such as friend lists and tabs were successfully integrated in the game. However, changes can not be ...
 Storm Kat62 
16/01/2015 07:29

Can I have my Quartz buff back please

Can I please have Cover of Greatness I back? It really helped with barbarians and other fun things that I don't want to spend big buffs on.
16/01/2015 12:15

chat comands

i playd this game a long time ago and recently started again but then i noticd this. there is this feature that almost all multiplayer games have, chat comands. it's so enoying to play without them now, it may realy help. for example a comand /r that woul...
15/01/2015 15:22

Logos Clan Crest on gear

The name is pretty self-explanatory but I think that this would be a great add-on, being able to have personalised logos or clan crest on gear (for a SMALL fee of course) would be pretty amazing.
06/01/2015 02:47

Wish List

1st I want pants that cover my butt.. It is winter you know..2nd I want an eye patch men can have one why not the women? 3rd Shorter ship travel .. leave me at sea for a hour I will just go play another game ,, I would think you would want to keep me in t...
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13/12/2014 18:53

New Mark Idea

How about you make a mark that if attached to a piece of armor, makes it a little less likely to lose durability?
31/12/2014 18:02

Special items that are like special events?

How about items which give you an effect like day of martial valor/day of grand heroism and all that for one day? Each one for 6.5g/4r? Thanks :)
01/12/2014 18:55

These Barbarians are out of hand!

These barbarians are completely out of hand! Here I sit and there are 13(?) beginning level mines at Left Bank and all but two are either taken or taken over by barbarians. Isn't that a bit much? It's not as if there are anywhere near enough mines fo...
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25/12/2014 22:34


suggestion, often we send gifts to other players for some silver on up to 10 reals. I,would never waste 10 reals on a stupid give icon. But perhaps if the gift came with some other items such as red food, sydian, coins etc. to the,person the gift is g...
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17/12/2014 23:48


you should put timers on barbarian mines like you do with player mines, some players are just not strong enough to beat them to free the slots and it's rare that high lv players/miners will help to clear the lower lv mines as it's less profit then clearin...
16/12/2014 18:04

Double day?

A day where all items, currency, drops and EVERYTHING got is DOUBLED. (Except for items bought from ah and expenditure.) Now that would be AWESOME lol.
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14/12/2014 01:51


Some new ones would be lovely......a dragon one, a hug one................anyone else got ideas?
15/12/2014 03:37


I suggest it would be a good idea to change some things concerning sydian. I would suggest the 1000 for a site run for one fashion, then after depleted for the other fashion so it would never deplete just change from one to the other. This would help b...
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09/12/2014 16:42

Clan War for Control of Islands

I think they should make it kind of like capture the flag. So each level three clan with dockyard gets 1 islands. And they are the only ones that can mine those islands. To be able to mine then you need to war clan and win to take control of the island. C...
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07/12/2014 02:54

pvp event

a pvp event where you get equal amount of valor if you win or lose. meaning you lose youd get the amount of valor you would've got if you won. so kinda like dot fights. but in aoh.
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03/12/2014 06:41

Arena of Honor and Seven Bridges minimum number of participants.

It would be great if the minimum # of participants for these two arena events could be changed to 2. Why? Because at this tier (52-60 and probably every other tier close to this one), it is very difficult to find 4 people willing to participate for more t...
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15/11/2014 04:36

Silence Hex

Need a hex that silence like Heavens Voice.... I would spend many reals to own this Silence Hex
27/11/2014 23:27

Dragon Emote!

The title of this game is "Dragon Eternity". Enough said.
21/11/2014 23:45

Clan hall- suggestion

A phantom chest in the clan. where we can see the armor and other things with mark clan item. as when we put our valuables in the auction house. showing the name of the player who owns it. many times player take too much items from chest and not used. ...
21/11/2014 19:46

Invincible Warrior

make it happen during week-ends not enough people join inmost of the time + if it happens on a week-end higher chances of it happening every Day of steel
more about event