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05/02/2016 02:34

Exchanger limits

I would like to see the addition of clan-configurable, per-person limits on the exchanger. This would keep the anonymity of the current system while also ensuring a more fair distribution of exchanges. I see the following to be specific: 1) A setting w...
31/01/2016 21:49

Special Event Healer and BC collection trading

Maybe consider a couple times a year to allow people to trade bc and healer collection pieces. Make it a special event - one day only or something. Those collection pieces are both ridiculous to get and would be nice to trade them once in awhile. Thi...
29/01/2016 18:59

AoH Matchmaking

Maybe if team A beats team B 10 times in a row, AoH can change the teams? Why has anyone decided that matching by level will be balanced is beyond me.
25/01/2016 00:55

dragon armor

add button for equip and unequip all dragon armor
 Storm Kat70 
25/01/2016 01:39

Undead Collections

{ITEM 78749} Shivari Weapons Collection, I would love to see caskets from these, similar to the {ITEM 78748} Staff of Power Collection and Sorcerer's Ark.
03/07/2015 10:39

Search Forums

Please add this feature...
20/01/2016 13:15

Being BC'ed while gathering traps and Fort

It should be fixed gathering from traps that the player should not be allowed to get BC'ed until they close the Combat screen. A few of my alts had lost a few dozen of carcasses because of this. I don't mind if they get bc'ed it is part of the game, but...
 Storm Kat70 
19/01/2016 06:02

Please add neph spells to the library Trying to make sure I have enough essences planned for my neph spells, but they are not listed on the website. Can you add them? And can you let me know here what amounts of essences and sparks are needed for each spel...
01/01/2016 01:51

Suspira statue

I would like to request a statue placed in coliseum in memory of Suspira She deserves it. Maybe a memorial board as well for all the players we have loved and lost. So that everyone will always remember them and all the good times had with them. I miss S...
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17/01/2016 01:00

Same Sex Marriage

Let me be queer.
 Storm Kat70 
18/01/2016 03:07

Clan Weekly Win announcements

I always thought this would show up as a Heaven's Voice message for everyone that logged in after 00:00 sunday. Today, I could not be here when the weekly awards was announced, and for the first time, I do not have a copy/paste of the announcement :( ...
24/12/2015 17:22

Recommendation on updates

I would love to see a list of possible updates each year or quarter or whatever where all the players can vote on their top change request. Each player votes once and the top change request gets implemented. , Alta excluded, so one vote per account regar...
05/01/2016 22:44

Turn Off and On Garuug's The Grabber

Hello there, It's very annoying while during farming, fishing or etc, can be quest come out every two days. I have no time waste my money to slay The Garuug's but everytime is 3 minutes for Garuug Souljorn. Please can allowed Turn Off that will disable G...
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03/01/2016 10:43

Relist option in auction house

When an auction ends without being sold it would be great if there was a resist button so we would not have to renter qtys and prices.
28/12/2015 22:02

Rage of elements

It's been a long time since this event was held, i know people complained about it a lot (I definitely complained), but it's been so long since i have seen it happen, I would like it to happen again, i'm also pretty sure others would like to see it again,...
 Storm Kat70 
23/12/2015 02:02

DE suggestions Christmas Wish List

Best suggestions you think we've seen this year? Quick list of mine 1) forum search 2) Belt loop III in our panels. 3) More Prospector mines (can you open more on the islands? Looks like some supposed to be at Watch Tower/Rad tree anyway) 4) Bigger fr...
 Storm Kat70 
14/12/2015 03:26

Please update the Clans - Clan Wars info

I keep looking there to confirm the time for wars, and the info is very very out dated. Please update it.
16/11/2015 03:51


3D mode for the oculus rift?
 Storm Kat70 
02/08/2015 22:36

Make the repair time on ship battles proportionate to how much you fight back

We're out, playing the game, getting quests done, having a great time, Spending Money....... Have an AWESOME! fight with pandor. Wonderful! All in a great mood! All ready to spe...
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07/12/2015 06:09

More lines in chat history

The chat screen doesn't go back very far. After being afk I like to check if I missed any messages. Adding more lines of history (much more fine with me) would be helpful. I can then clear chat before I leave then check what I missed while I was away. ...
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