The cheating is getting out of hand.

probably an alt versus a main....but these two were in multiple fights together.

sb and roac

Why not creat brackets for sea battles and ruins?? What chances do i have to fight against a lvl 50+?? Please think on this and make brackets like arena it would be more fair to everyone . We littles need some help too

Upgrading belts, dragon gear and jewelry

Please can you introduce a way to upgrade belts, dragon gear and jewelry too? Using dust, reals and gold like we do for armour

Bring back D.O.T and Clan Wars

Hello I love the game and all but the one thing you guys messed up on is taking out clan wars a dual of truths. if you guys were to bring those back and advertise the game more not just on Facebook but other sites then a lot more people would play I ...

Please my leader ihit i talk in order to all people iam sure master game ihit

Your game is hard we need you to help us. Make updates i trust in you and good luck thank you master game ihit

Another suggestion

More people have problems in this game i renew my suggetion can you delete valor and sadar make them 1 empire only not 2 empires and add brackets from 22 to 70 in sea, ruins and all battle grounds.

I have suggestions can i talk about them ?

For changing empire to empire (valor sadar) we must pay real. Please ihit can you chang it to gold instead of real?

New traveling buddy and reason have relics from skrags

I know we have dragons and skellies and mounts but what if you guys threw in a monster that we can capture to fight with us? I mean make it were at a certain level we can have a monster of our choice fight along side us for good? Like a skrag or a ba...

BC chests from Melvin

i would like to the option to buy red bc chests. since they gave red bc sphere, red dragon food, a chance for a BC piece. Black BC chests, give you red dragon food (same level) and sometimes a black bc sphere (less than half gave in my last purcha...

New emojis for dragon eternity - ideas

I know you guys probably working on more important things (or I hope so), but there are definitely a bunch of emojis missing in this game.
And no, I won't pay 50 reals for ONE new emoji. Oh wait... 100 reals.
I had lots of thoughts about it and so...

Dragon armor .

i still want a button to equip and unequip dragon armor.

Special Regalia Idea for Game!

Regalia of Forsaken Blight(I am thinking they can add this into the adan reputation or a special item brought from merchant.)
Lv. 22 (50-60 reals) grey
Stamina- 20
Intuition- 20
Will- 20
• FOR ALL LEVELS: Allows ...

communal sydan mine

as it says... a communal mine for sydan on opportune pier. a low yield mine (maybe 35) that is a personally mine that can not be attacked.

stealling a whole clan

dragonborn was stolen from me n i was kicked out my own clan wow didnt know thats how this game goes rellik took my clan from me

Gah! Evil waste of buffs noob fees

22:20 Heaven's Voice: Cover of Greatness VII has been granted to you by Amelsis. Sacrificed to the goddess: Bream (500 pcs).
22:20 Heaven's Voice: Cover of Greatness VII has been granted to you by Amelsis. Sacrificed to the goddess: Bream (500...
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