16/09/2014 08:33

Changes in the game

Dear Players, We do value your feedback and are always keen to hear your opinion on our game. Many of our player suggestions such as friend lists and tabs were successfully integrated in the game. However, changes can not be ...
17/09/2014 03:41


Once again I am suggesting that you allow us to be able to pick the time for our wars. Don't need nothing complicated, just add a timer slot, they fight or surrender no difference. You have to many time zones in play now, to many are forced to miss wars...
 Storm Kat53 
08/09/2014 06:26

Need more clan chest space, and more clan mates

Is there anything in the works to increase clan chest storage size? 175 seems like enough until you get all the gear and pots and schemes and everything else in there. I would love to buy more space. And, what about more clan mates? We could certainly...
17/09/2014 11:08

PvP outside Battlegrounds

There should be a maximum level difference and/or penalty for attacking lower level characters. No fun in getting one-hit by characters that are 40+ levels higher. They actually get rewarded, while the low level gets injured and/or hexed. That also preven...
16/09/2014 13:55


Why can't trading of elements of collections be allowed between clan members?
 Lance Corpus37 
14/09/2014 18:33

Crafting for Black Spots and Insignia of Resilience

I think we should be able to craft Corsair rep items. Maybe this could be done in a similar manner to crafting 7-Bridge rep spheres, where 1k crafting = 1k orbs. 1k crafting could maybe make 1k corsair rep items, 3k crafting for 3k items, etc. Obviousl...
 Storm Kat54 
15/09/2014 07:26

Why can't I turn the ship around?

How many of us have left harbor.... just to realize we forgot to cash in for the hop quest In real life, I could turn my ship around, can you please make it possible to turn back?
12/09/2014 11:21

Game Rules

With the game rules changing and new updates the original game rules page is outdated and trying to keep up with forum for new rules would be a full time job. The question is can the rule page be updated and new rules added there?
 Zalex Jr46 
26/07/2014 20:45

tiering sb

I am sure this is a favorite wanted thread for vaalors but I think sea battle does need to be broken into the 51+ and 50- groups so a lvl 61 with insanes amount of uber grade summons does not just rip a reasonable low level team apart. (not saying such th...
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 Storm Kat53 
05/09/2014 05:31

Damage to gear from PvP

Kat Smash, Kat Die, Kat Pay..... many many golds for repairs when on arena runs, which I need to do to keep catching up on my valor ranks.. Can you either bring back the gold merchant for Charms of Durability OR lower the amount of damage to my gear that...
02/09/2014 21:27

Two ideas Hunter Rep and Auction House

Hunter First idea is regarding Hunter reputation. I think it would be a good idea to rename this reputation to Tracker. The purpose for this change is to remove confusion between the reputation and the profession of the same name. The name Tracker w...
29/08/2014 22:07


I realised how much of a stupid idea this was lol
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04/05/2014 20:38

Forum Search

It would really be helpful to be able to run a search of forum topics. Reduce the number of re-visited topics. A search of the topic line would be sufficient.
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 Storm Kat37 
20/04/2014 04:16

Clan News - comments should bump post to top

Why don't comments bump the post to the top in clan news? Is there a setting we need to pick? If this is not already an option, please make it one. Thank you!
15/08/2014 15:51


I'm asking this again because they rarely go... make Seabattle always mixed so sadar and vaalor don't have to fight eachother anymore (no insults anymore either!) + more seabattle's= more red buffs used and also melvin will be more used to get buffs, this...
07/04/2014 15:53

Ability to add comment when addingtaking goldreals from clan chest

For example, I'd like to be able to state: "Borrowing 5g for repairs during war" as I take 5g from the clan chest. Then later: "Repaying gold borrowed for repairs during war" while I add my 5g to the clan chest.
 Storm Kat52 
26/08/2014 04:55

Please make Clan News more like the forum.

Can't find my old suggestion on this topic, so making a new one. 1 - please have the post 'bump' to the top when there is a comment. Trying to update policies and get opinions, and the post is buried too far down. 2 - please have heaven's voice announce...
07/08/2014 13:46

Battleground Q Drop

Iam sure many of you hate when players join pvp q and drop at last seconds. This is done on a daily basis and many players do this just to mess around. its very ANNOYING, MANY of us take the time to get ready to earn valor just to have sum dummy to mess u...
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08/08/2014 12:47

Suggestion - Orb of Recurring Courage (3x Amount of damage - More chance of criticals)

My Idea was that there is this new type of orb called Orb of Recurring Courage. Description: What happens is that you use the orb and there is a wait of 10 rounds before using again. You activate the orb and what happens is that with physical attacks you...
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 Storm Kat52 
25/08/2014 03:38

Quest reset time

would you please consider adding the Clan Quests to the same reset time as Hours of Prosperity and professions quest? This makes planning so much easier when we all have the same reset time. THANK YOU!
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