Gold drop in PvP battles.

Hours of Prosperity allow you to get gold-drop from the battles with other players, where you can get from the 'battles' button. Clan-wars, Archipelago sea-battles don't count.

Gold-drop mechanism:

First of all, drop depends from the received valor, level of your enemy doesn't matter. And valor depends from the level of damaging player and from characteristics (+buffs) of the damaged target. I.e. for the same 1000 damage dealt to a noob, you get less valor, than for 1000 damage, dealt to strong player. If you already have reached the maximum valor for your level, will be accounted the valor, which you would get, if not the max-limit.

None of the honor bonuses influence to the gold drop.

Remember, that you don't get valor for the damage dealt to the dragons, skeletars, idols.

Secondly, exists a specific minimum standard of valor. Required damage for that standard nearly equals to HP of blue armored player (with all used elixirs). If you have reached that standard, gold drop depends from the valor linearly. I.e. for the 'X' valor you get 'Y' gold, for the '2X' valor you get '2Y' gold etc.

But if you don't reach the standard, drop decreases twice faster. At the 90 level you get  4 for that standard (without bonuses). I don't know, what about 70 level, but will show an example for 90 lvl. If I got only half of the required valor, I will get not half of the standard gold (2), but half from the half, 4 x 0.52 = 1gold. If I got the quarter from the standard, I will get the quarter from the quarter: 4 x 0.252 = 25s. This only means, that you must try to deal a good damage, but not fight with grey elixirs and without buffs))

Thirdly, when you lose Arena, received valor decreases by 70%, but gold drop - only by 50%. This also works in the Sea Battles and Seven Bridges. But in Tournaments, valor and gold decrements are equal in case of lose. At the Tournament of Honor - 10%, Invincible warrior - 30%.

Also can be used gold-drop bonuses (only one bag and one gift at the same time):
Bag of Large Spoils, Hefty Bag of Spoils.
Gift of the Knight Order, Gift of the Magi Chapter, Gift of the Elder Dragons

Their percents multiply. I.e. if you have 60% from the bag and 100% from the gift,
both of them will give not [base drop +100%] + [base +60%] = 160%, but [[Base +100%] +60%] = 220%

But in the Arena, all this magic works only if all participants are real players. Bots break everything. Level of bots also affects. Drop is decreasing, if your level is higher.

1. If you are alone with three bots, forget everything. In this case gold drop is constant and depends only from bot types in the battle. Your damage and valor doesn't matter. Important is only to win and deal any damage to both bots. Bot in your team affects too. If he is noob, and it's harder to win - you will get more gold, than with strong bot in the team and easy win.

2. If you are in arena with another player (who will always be against you) and two bots, the bot-drop is also fixed, but from the player you get drop by the valor-rule. So, in this case is beneficial to fight against the real player and deal enough damage to him for the valor-norm + get your fixed drop from the bot.

3. If there are many players and one bot - I don't know, how it works. But think, that each player against the bot gets fixed full drop from him, which even doesn't divide between the players.


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so, "In this case gold drop is constant and depends only from bot types in the battle" weirdo gives more than Tiggy, thus this shows that Pal really do get less for doing the same hop. Maybe Admin may want to look at balancing this out just a bit so that all classes can earn about the same amount vs bots. Many of us can testify that if you are facing weirdo and you have Tiggy on your side, you are doomed to fight both bots alone. Before we fought a classless mob for money, but since that was taken away, earning gold really benefits one or two classes more than the third.
Wow! I love the detail and breakdown. It is much more clear now, was quite a bit to read but helpful to know how our gold drops are calculated. I have been wondering this myself.

Love your guides and work btw :)
Amherst, our bracket good only for zerks (if count only fights with bots), oneway can any reflect them, but others its meat for them, cashback not reflect nothing with zerk spells and YES tigy really disbalance fights if have against wierdo (he kill him with 1 pot use)
AND can i ask why zerks and pallyes can use miror air spell on bots too in aoh fights???? Witchers cant use heal or defend on them....

This is not to say Tiggy is weakest because Tiggy is a Paladin class bot. Tiggy is weakest because that's the intent. The top bracket bots are ranked weakest to strongest like this:
Femme Fatale
Mad Axe
The buffs are stronger as you move up on that list. It isn't because of the class that Weirdo is the most powerful, it's because of the health and buffs. In the prior bracket, the Paladin is the strongest of the bots (Smiling Slaughter I think is the name of that one).

My guess you are an alt, so there is that, but you made my point, admin can balance the bots so they are worth the same gold. I have won against two witchers and gotten less gold than losing to two weirdos. All i am asking for is they be ballanced. I am not even asking that when the fight starts, they alternate more. Really annoying when i face weirdo while the bot on my side is a witcher.

Joril is my alt. I researched the strength of the bots for each of the opponents you will find in arenas. There is a detail listing of all the buffs, starting health, maximum health, pots, etc... for each of the bots for each of the brackets posted on the Russian server, and with all the work Optimus Prime has been doing here, I would not be surprised to see it here after it's translated.

My goal was to help you understand it was a game design that Weirdo was going to be the strongest bot in the top bracket (our server) not that it was an intent to make an imbalance bias against Paladins.

The next bracket up (71-80) has the bots ranked from weakest to strongest as:

The top bracket on Russian server is 81-90 with weakest to strongest as:

So where 70's are seemingly biased toward helping witchers with pallys being weak and the strongest class is zerk, the 90's will benefit zerks.

Bots usually drink elixirs at 50% HP... but they use the first elixir only when their HP reaches to some minimal mark... at the 90 lvl it's 2000 HP, at 70 it should be lower. With some skill, all of them can be insta-killed with neph-zerk and no problem))

Without mount... Strong Infusion of Fury (2-3), Ultimate Mana Elixir (1) and Simple Phial of Mana Surge (1) will help to collect 100% Fury before the min-HP of the bot is reached...

Now bot has min-hp and it's your turn. You must calculate your HP, to have less than 50% here. Use a life glyph + Might of Earth IX (or similar) + Neph, after which - Fatal Arrow of Exhausted Spirit + Fading Aura IX + breath of the Neph with Ultimate Orb of Fearlessness.

You will say, that zerks have an advantage, but they can't use Deep Freeze IX

P.s. magic penetration required...

vedmak1984AND can i ask why zerks and pallyes can use miror air spell on bots too in aoh fights???? Witchers cant use heal or defend on them....

Witchers also can use Confused Mind IX )

Whoa okay, that is really cool! I think I want to try this out without mount. It’s a different approach I have not considered when fighting bots. I do agree that with some skill and proper buffs , kill with nephilim is definitely possible.

I now know why everyone loves your guides : teach us to play ^^

And just btw the Confused Mind thing is horrible. I really was unable to neph when it was full forced out on me every round, but then I did the same thing back so nobody nephed. 😂 Call me petty.

so yes, my question is why the imbalance? Basically I am saying, I am tired of a year + of getting screwed out of money while witchers and zerks have had it better. i wish i could tell you how many times i have faced two weirdos and i get tiggy on my team. Why not just make them all about equal, so there is less of an imbalance, thus all could get about equal gold from hop?
Thanks for the info OPTIMUS PRlME

Thanks for all the time and effort you put into helping us here.
OPTIMUS PRlME, ty for explain and yuors awesome work here really, but i can use Confused Mind IX against bots? u sure? even if so, maybe its better then conter puch of air spell with dmg?....and i no need usePhenomenal Extract of Antimagic, its not big help with it, but extra dmg i want very^^.
autum winter, vedmak1984,

vedmak1984, Damage of Mirror is too overvalued by players... In terra too) People don't account, that it doesn't work each time. Mirror can't be reflected, but we have a theory, that if the enemy has an air reflection - mirror works rarely.

We can compare...

Celestial Mirror IX; requires 168 mana /// damage - 503-612 (average = 557.5) x [working 3 times] = 1672
Seal of Wounding IX; requires 147 mana /// damage - 22-30 x 9 = 198-270 (average = 234)

168 / 147 mana = 1.14 => chaos damage must be multiplied by this. 234 x 1.14 = 267.5

1672 / 267.5 = 6.25

Mirror must work more often, than 1 per 6.25 hits, to be better, than chaos. I'm not sure, that it works)

Definitely agree. I use mirror a lot but it doesn’t really work all that often whereas Dot works most of the time albeit with lower damage. I have found I only get a little lucky once in a while for it reflect and actually kill another player.

Glean read a lot of your guides and I like the suggestion he found about how to counter Witchers. Really appreciate you coming to our server and giving us some new tips and tricks. :) much smaller population but still, learning something new for the game, I’m all for it.
Oops, I missed, that mirror has a chance to duplicate... So, it could be a bit better, than usual DOT,
but at least, it's not an Imba-super-killer-ultimate magic))

I have no idea why they chose the current top bracket to have the makeup it currently has. If you feel it is unfair to have the bracket set the way it is, that you are at an unfair advantage, the only other alternative I can think of is to switch to a witcher for the most advantageous class match up for the current top bracket. Some players have already made multiple sets of gear, it's expensive, but it is an alternative.

I can't see the game admin reconstructing the bots for each bracket to try to balance it to prevent one class from having an advantage over the other. And as you can see, each bracket seems to rotate who gets the biggest advantage and disadvantage.

I hope being armed with this knowledge will help you decide what is best for you in the future.

And as a zerk, having to face two Weirdo's and having Tiggy on my side is not any fun for me either.

I would like for the game Admin to think about evening these out a bit. I have no desire to pay to buy, upgrade, and get marks for a set of gear to allow me a fair chance of making gold. Again, if the intent of the council is to help make the game more enjoyable for new players, it would help if all were able to earn about the same amount of gold. It does not have be completely equal, but close would be nice. Again, we have put up with this for years, it seems time to level the game a bit. Over the past year, reps have become way easier to get, people were allowed to cheat to get ahead, and now we are trying to save the game.

So, can the council please ask the Admin to look into this please. Thank you.
Amherst, Paladins would make less gold even if all arena bots became witchers...
Your class is not about damaging and farming

i would disagree. If the Admin made the top three and bottom three equal in gold earnings and buff, then it would be way better for all. The game should not match a level 70 with a level 63, against two level 70.

Why should Pal make less in arena than a zerk or a witcher? Why do Order Dot spells cause the caster to take more damage? Name one other spell that does that? Does that seem fair?

My point is, the game should not be balanced for one class over another. The game needs to be blind to what class you are. So do arena bots.
The bots were not designed for hop, and with every bracket also working with this design you're asking them to remake nearly every bot. I am not disagree with you, but I'm not expecting change when there are more pressing matters that are still waiting for action, such as mixed SB.

Order DoTs deal the highest damage of them all, giving it a good niche in boss battles when you outnumber the adversaries by a good margin (although in most PvE cases where this would be interesting the boss have a protection against dots so it's not a very useful niche). Meanwhile what does Earth dot have? Compared to Chaos dot, its weaker and gives no side effects, while being slightly cheaper.

the game should not be balanced for one class over another.
Its very hard to keep Zerks in line with other classes in cases where dealing more damage in a shorter interval is an advantage. Its a good principle but impractical to do in practice.


I haven't earned any money while doing 7 bridges with hop, is this a bug?

arena was setup to be where people did hop so they could earn money (right as they took away the old islands). to do that, they put in bots so people could get arena to go even if no one else was there and took away bc sphere curses and just granted bc rep for using one. So they really did design the bots for hop. So again, why design a space where you are pushing people to earn gold, yet balance it so one class is always going to be weaker? Why not create it so it is equal for all classes? When we did hop against mobs, it was pretty equal, yes zerks hit harder, but a Pal could kill a mob pretty quick also.

So while you are right about the greater damage 31-42 vs 14-21 for fire and 21-28 for earth and 22-30 for chaos I see great benefit from fire dot (poisoning spells and striking spells are weakened) and even chaos gets an increase damage of 5% none weaken the actual caster of the spell. So again, i would say, why should Pal's main spell cause themselves damage? Fire is zerk main spell, and earth is witcher's main. So while yes, earth maybe weaker (tho not by much), it does not weaken you by 8% per spell cast from ALL attacks.
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