Maze of Eternity.

Only players of 50 level or higher can access the Maze of Eternity.
In the Maze you can earn Undead Hunter reputation points. But level is not enough. Also, you have to complete the 50 lvl quests Dark Clouds in Khateram (+50 ) and Kaptor Khathu (+300 ), to get access.

The first quest is just about "Find someone and talk with him". The second is much harder. It requires passing an instance, where monsters are similar to Maze monsters. So, you can experience here before the Maze.

Instance Fang Cave located near the Ruins of Khateram. To pass it, you need at least three middle-strong players with mounts. It's a standard instance with three guard-fights and the boss.

Monsters always have 8000+ HP and don't adjust to the level of a party. But their damage is variable and depends from level of the player, who is standing against them. In the same battle, if you are 70 level, you will get 700-800 damage, but your 50 lvl partner will receive only 300-350. At the level 90 damage reaches to 1200-1300.

Damage of players is also variable and aims to the average standard for the 70 level. 50-60+ levels get damage bonus, but after 70 level damage starts to reduce.

Each monster in the location 'Contains' a group of monsters: you see only one, but in case of attack, you appear against the group of random monsters. In the cave there are five monsters in each battle, but only three monsters in the Maze battles. That's the only difference between monsters.

There are five types of monsters. When the battle starts, each of them randomly gets one of the two following buffs during the battle. Shivari is an exception: he has 4000 HP instead of 8000, but summons a Cadaver-bodyguard with 4000 HP. Shivary always gets 90% damage reduction, until the bodyguard is alive.


Shielded vervelak starts the battle with 2, and gets +2 shields after each round (max 8). Any damage to vervelak is taking off -1 shield. So, you need to be sure, that vervelak always has two or more damaging over time (dot) effects - to remove all appearing shields. Destruction is your best friend, help him with dot magic: Lightning, Landslide, etc. But only don't use the Fire Chain, cause it will reduce your own magic damage in case of reflection from the monster.

Yes, monsters have magic reflection. And it seems, percent is variable and depends from the monster type and your characteristics. Generally, just don't use the main spells. Counterpunch (and similar) + Deep Freeze / Celestial Mirror will do the best, if you are extremely careful with your health.

Especially due to the vervelaks, Lacerated Wound marks and Troll Axes are the best for Maze.

Sometimes monsters cast a Dejection. Use only elixirs.

• One Elixir of Endurance (you don't need to wait for the second - just kill everything with Courage);
• Three Glyphs of Destruction;
• Elixirs of Life;
• Few Mana Glyphs;
• One Dejection may help against the Sacrifice;
• Optional, one Ultimate Mana Elixir. In combination with Mana Phial will be useful against the vervelaks, or can help to use the Blaze before you drink the Endurance. Cause damage of destruction depends from your characteristics and the stance. Blaze gives x2 intuition and strength bonus - it already will increase the destruction damage for about twice. Plus 25% from attack stance.

Try with violet at first. Later you may switch to blue consum-s.

From the battle effects, you need a Mount, Gladiator balm, green food and some reflection (the last is necessary in the Maze but not in the Cave).

The final fight with Kaptor Khathu in the Cave is like previous three guard-fights. Only the fifth monster is replaced by the boss, which doesn't have any specials. Just 28,000 HP /// Plus four monsters [8000 HP] = 60,000 total.

Bug: Each attack to the boss creates a new battle. Choose someone, who will attack first. Others must join the battle from the battle list.

Fighting the guards will reward... DrRrRrRrR TSss: Nothing!)
The boss rewards 40 Cursed Coins + 1 Chest of the Undead +1 Staff of Power Collection element, which divide between the party members, depending from their damage.

Kaptor is slayed - access to the Maze is open.

• Maze of Eternity

Maze is accessible only at certain time: 12:00 — 14:00 /// 18:00 — 20:00 /// 00:00 — 02:00

Rune Key is required to enter the Maze. Entrance is available from the Scarlet Square (Sadar) and Square of Storms (Vaalor). Each key opens access for an hour and can be received from the daily quest 'Rune Key', which appears once you complete the Kaptor Khathu quest.

Daily quest has two points:
— Kill five specified monsters // Quest can be already completed, +1 Rune Key.
— Kill five players of your level or higher // Secondary task, +1 Rune Key.

*With the quest you get Yshen Carr's Palm effect. It lasts 30 days and counts player-kills. If you haven't completed kills for 30 days, they wouldn't count further: Complete the quest only with monster-kills and you will get a new quest later.

The new quest appears every day at 05:00 for free, but you can get additional quests for 3.00 at the Ruins of Khateram.

When you enter the Maze, one key automatically withdraws and you get a Twilight Portal effect for an hour. Effect disappears, when you get out from the Maze.

General rules for the monsters: If you attack (let's say) vervelak, it means, at least one monster of three - will be a vervelak. As you have noticed earlier, vervelaks and shivary are not desirable, cause take more time to be killed. Try to avoid attacking them. Second rule - there can't be more then two monsters of the same type in the battle.

A party with two players is optimal for the Maze.

So, you have keys and entering the Maze.
Besides the Twilight Portal, you get Stalking Horror effect, which lasts five minutes.

Horror of Maze is a scary monster, that must be avoided. He has 30,000 HP, about 15% magic reflection, chance to deal x2 damage and variable damage. I don't know, how it works, but at the start he has less damage than at the end of the time. Maybe it depends from amount of your chests of the undead.

When the five-min effect expires, it just refreshes, if you are out of the combat. But if you are in, Horror may [not every time] capture you and try to kill. You need to finish your fight before the timer expires and wait for effect to refresh, to start a new fight. Horror never will catch you, if you are out of the combat. Also, there is a rare Horror of the Maze effect, which usually lasts 20-30 seconds and sometimes can appear with every new 5-min effect. So, be careful and don't hurry to attack the monster right after the 5-min effect refreshes. Ensure, that you don't have a 20-sec effect.

Each combat with monsters rewards ≈13 Undead Hunter points and +1 Chest of the Undead (90-95% chance). This will be divided between the members of combat, if you are not alone. If you kill them with Horror, it gives additional Cursed Coins (8 pcs) and Sydian (5 pcs). Rarely +1 chest. Not so good for such powerful monster.

The main problem is, that in case of death, you lose 50% of all collected Chests of undead and get teleported to your main square (Twilight Portal doesn't disappear in this case). So, you need not only avoid the Horror, but be sure, that you don't have any chests, before entering the Maze. And if you have - just create an auction lot with chests and set too high price, to be sure, that no one will buy them.

Chests don't waste, if you die after the Twilight Portal ends. If you met Horror and few minutes remaining before the effect ends, don't hurry to die.

Open the map of Maze in the game. Locations are changing each hour, but there are a few general things.

• Monsters respawn faster in the "red" locations. Left-right-bottom red locations are the best for farming. Top location contains shivari.

• Two locations marked with 'chest' icon may contain a Sorcerer's Ark - a special container, which can be opened, if you have a Staff of Power Collection.
Each collection opens one Ark and disappears.

Ark contains Chest of the Undead (2-5 pcs), Claws of Lament (2-5 pcs).

Arks don't generate automatically. They appear only if someone in the Maze dies and loses chests.

To open the ark, you just need to click on it. But after ~30% of clicks you won't get a reward instantly but only after defeating the Risen One, who is exactly like Horror, but has 30% defense from magic, instead of reflection. Due to the Risen, if you noticed an Ark, wait for the 5-min effect to refresh, and then try to open it. In this case you have enough time to kill the Risen, before Horror gets you.

Also, there are Elite monsters, which spawn exactly at 12:20 // 13:20 /- -/ 18:20 // 19:20 /- -/ 00:20 // 01:20
in the random location [special mark appeares in the map]. All elite monsters have a magic reflection and sometimes deal mass damage, which hits 3 targets. If you are alone - you will get all damage.

Each elite monster contains:
500 Sydian /// 1-3 Sorcerer's Bracelets /// 5-6 +/- Chests of undead /// 200 +/- Cursed Coins

Elite Vervelak Minion [56 712 HP] // Gets six Fragile Shields each round (max 24), summons +one cadaver [8000 HP] against each player. Summoned cadaver has 99% reduction from any damage. Reduction disappears, when you kill the boss. So, mana stance + Orbs of Retribution and maximum dot damage to the vervelak. Don't forget Glyphs of Destruction.

Elite Shivari Steward [40 000 HP] // From the beginning of battle has four Mighty Defenses and summons four common cadaver-bodyguards [4000 HP]. You need to kill them at first, to break the defense of Shivari. At the 20 000 HP shivari gets another four defenses and summons new group of cadavers.

Elite Cadaver Minion [56 217 HP] // Summons four, and later another four Cadavers [8000 HP] with Sacrifice effect. Highly recommended Flawless Glyph of Dejection.

Elite Skeletar Minion Elite Demimort Minion
Both of them have [56 217 HP] and Mana Devour, summon 2-3 random Maze-monsters during the battle // Skeletar has Ability Drain and Demimort - Elemental Immunity.

Chests contain average 8 Cursed Coins, sydian and, sometimes, 1-2 elements from the Staff of Power Collection or Shivari Weapons Collection (only first three).
Amount of Sydian depends from your reputation. Each color of the Medal gives +5%.
From 100 chests you get for average 1140 sydian with no rep and 1430 with 37,000 medal, etc.

Claws of Lament can be received only from the Ark, and Sorcerer's Bracelet only from Elite Monsters or Undead Vanquisher's Casket [Crossroad, Melvin, 28th day of the month, 1.00, chance 10%+]

P.s. 1) You can be attacked by other players in the Maze [even by your own clan mates // be careful, not to click accidentally]. Attacking mechanism works like in the Ruins of Shadan. Here can help only the Simple Wraith Sphere. When you kill someone in the Maze, you get 50% of his chests. Level doesn't matter.

P.s. 2) When you move between different segments of the Maze, there is a low chance of violet Hexes or Banes being inflicted upon you. Move only if necessary. Also you can get vio Curses after the battle with monsters. Even if you win.

{item 77726}

{item 77705}

{item 77702}

{item 78835}

{item 78818}

{item 78984}

{item 78817}

{item 78834}

{item 77708}

{item 77707}

{item 78728}

{item 78874}

{item 78875}

{item 77726}, {item 77705}, {item 77702}, {item 78835}, {item 78818}, {item 78984}, {item 78817}, {item 78834}, {item 77708}, {item 77707}


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I've translated and modified russian guide and it became better by the structure, than russian one... now it must be translated to russian again )))

I'll add a note some may not know - "you can be attacked by other players in the Maze" - You can be attacked by your own clan mates! It's one of the few places you can accomplish that without using a wraith sphere.

Also, please correct me if i'm wrong, I used a wraith sphere in Maze and instead of getting a curse/bane, it removed the wraith. Expensive way to avoid the curses but seems to have worked. Blessing and Mirror protections Do Not work.

"Arks don't generate automatically. They appear only if someone in the Maze dies and loses chests." = There must be arks randomly as well? We have been in maze solo, with no deaths, and have seen arks. Or was someone else in that died and we didn't know? Very interesting piece of new information
Storm KatI used a wraith sphere in Maze and instead of getting a curse/bane, it removed the wraith. Expensive way to avoid the curses but seems to have worked.

O_o don't know... in Terra it's not 'comme il faut' to attack players in the Maze... People mostly walk without the wraith
OPTIMUS PRlME, also very normal here for people not to attack or wraith in maze.... unless you're me and like challenging your clan mates and friends to battles.
Wow thanks alot lol well done ( cheers )

Im maze expert i use exactly what you said while battle . And this tactic ( use blaze + deatruction glyph ) every round will be crit . People didnt belive me but i found out that 1 year ago . Blaze + destruction glyphs + attack stance . It deals 200 crit for all 12 rounds !
My belt in arena is 5 mana 2 endurnace 12 purple life glyphs + 4 purple destruction glyph . I finish every arena under 5 minutes with this tactic
By the way i also have very decent tactic in maze . I do 2 fights in under 5 minutes ! I use dragon to help me . But there is tactic i use but nobody knows it lol

But i dont recommend my tactic for somone has slow interenet or lag . It also need high attention and concentration
thank you prime for your work
elite fights in maze can be locked,
not sure if this is intentional or a bug but it happens,
to block others joining , therefore restricting players rep
does having hex protect help against the random purple hexes ? and injury protect...
Bio-Hazard, Me too. The main tactics... Become a berserk))) I think, with full Lacerated Wound 72% you may sometimes do 3 fights))

Bio-HazardBut there is tactic i use but nobody knows it lol

16 Lvl skeletars

pearls, No + No. If you see two similar hexes on someone - this is the maze

-O D I N-, There is an achievement - kill each maze-elite monster by yourself, rewards +5% damage to monsters everywere. It's impossibl to do without locking... and more impossible, because vervelak) I've tried with Cover of Reflection IX + Exceptional Balm of Fury + Great Orb of Retribution + Max Hp with red elixirs and resurrection + Replicant + Omni with 70,000 hp + Charmed Flosar Idol with 24,000 + Dead Water XI. Vervelak has 6000+ hp left, when killed everything)) There is another way - ask friends to join against you with glad-balm and covers, and make a phantom + send Prime Steamdroid against them. But it's forbidden) Even with mana-hammer you don't have enough dots to remove the shields. Wound marks may help, but I don't want to change the marks for 200 re just for vervelak...
Thank you Optimus!
All right, but not sure what its work-----Amount of Sydian depends from your reputation. Each color of the Medal gives +5%.
DE its always random, with my 170k even can be 6 syd + 6 coins in row in 3 cascets
01:31 Heaven's Voice: You opened the Chest of the Undead and found: Sydian (9 pcs), Cursed Coin (6 pcs). Removed: 50
01:31 Heaven's Voice: You opened the Chest of the Undead and found: Sydian (8 pcs), Cursed Coin (7 pcs). Removed: 50
01:31 Heaven's Voice: You opened the Chest of the Undead and found: Sydian (10 pcs), Cursed Coin (9 pcs). Removed: 50
others not so small, but 3 in row litle why?....
Thank you so much for this guide, it’s extremely detailed and helpful! I know it’s quite difficult to have to translate and have it still make sense.

Hope everyone gets a chance to read through it, it’s excellent for new 50s to get a handle on all the difference maze buffs when dealing with 3 mobs at a time.
pearlsdoes having hex protect help against the random purple hexes ? and injury protect... no it does not.

Also adding my personal advice here:

#1 - read your Horror Timer. You have 5 minutes per timer. You are best off to wait until the timer resets and give a few extra seconds. If at 4 Min 55 Sec you are still safe, start your attack. If you get the Horror warning, you must wait for it to end (30 secs). You have that remaining time to kill the mobs. If you are still in the fight when your timer hits 0, you can have a Horror join the battle. In order to finish the fight in under 5 minutes, target your mobs carefully, bring destruction glyphs, and lock targets that are easiest to kill first.

#2 - read mob buffs. Watch especially for the Shield on Vervelaks or a Bomb on any mob.
Shield will go away if hit with a mount strike, arrow, dot spell, or destruction glyph (exact details on glyph are a little more complicated, but yes it helps)
Bombs will go off when hit if it stacks to 4. To get rid of a bomb buff, hit it with a mount strike or arrow.

#3 - Elites need groups, usually. There have been a few times where I have accomplished killing an elite with just 1 other person but I do not recommend this at first. Group of 4 is recommended for almost all elites. Group of 6+ for vervelak.

#4 - Also with elites aim your timer for when the maze resets (1 hour after it opens, and when it closes after the 2nd hour). If you are in a fight when the time resets you will no longer have a Horror. This is why we usually start the elites between 00:56-00:59 or between 01:56-01:59. If no one killed the elite in the first hour, it will be in the exact same place the 2nd hour for the first 20 minutes. BUT that place may not exist if the map is changed enough. Still, if you are going for 2nd hour, not a bad idea to open map during first to see if you can find the elite.

and ty for post. very helpfull :)))

I use axes yes lacerated wound . Nope not level 16 skelly.

I use my dragon and use him buffs + (( insgina of warden )) this is nobody tried belive me lol
OPTIMUS PRlME, i tried to think someone join against me and lock omnimach so he can hit vervalek . But i think it will screw if the vervalek spotted omni .

Lacerated wounds + mana hammer + destruction glyphs + level 1 spell ( no need ) + injury mount strike ! This is the only way to kill vervalek
For myself and others that like to copy/paste:
Fragile Shield, Boiling Fury, Elemental Immunity, Mana Devour, Magic Shield, Astral Poison, Ability Drain, Sacrifice, Mighty Defense, Cadaver Bodyguard
Menua - best!
Thunder Kat, Added copy-buttons

You opened the Chest of the Undead and found: Sydian (9 pcs), Cursed Coin (6 pcs). Removed: 50
You opened the Chest of the Undead and found: Sydian (8 pcs), Cursed Coin (7 pcs). Removed: 50
You opened the Chest of the Undead and found: Sydian (10 pcs), Cursed Coin (9 pcs). Removed: 50
others not so small, but 3 in row litle why?....

Row 9 - 8 - 10 pcs of Sydian isn't less likely, than 8 - 15 - 24 or 18 - 18 - 18... or anything else. Numbers are dropping out randomly.

You said, that others were not so small... well, when you have row of numbers 25 - 8 - 16 - 17 - 9 - 8 - 10 - 25 - 20 - 7 - 15 - 15 - 21 = you don't have to choose exactly 9 - 8 - 10 )) Take 16 - 17 - 9 and 8 - 10 - 25, an it's already not "In row", like you said ) The main thing is, that from, let's say, 10 chests - in theory you can get 8-8-8-8-8-8-8-8-8-8 or 25-25-25-25-25-25-25-25-25-25 rows, but 10 pcs - aren't enough for statistics. If you start to open by 100 chests, the average number already will say something)
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