Short Story Contest - My Clan is the Best One

Dear friends,

There are huge number of clans in our great game, and it’s normal that each clan considers itself to be a cut above all the others. Tell us why do you think your clan is the best one and win a nice prize!

Terms and conditions:

1. From August, 2nd to August, 8th write a short story about your clan. You can tell us about the reasons why your clan is the best one, about the famous warriors in your clan, about some epic battle came down in the game history - generally speaking, give us a sound proof that your clan is the best one indeed!

2. The short story volume should not exceed 3,000 characters including punctuation marks.

3. Publish your works in this thread only.

4. The short stories should be published by the clan leaders using their own accounts.

5. One clan is allowed to publish only one short story.


1st place - Crown of Comprehension to all the clan for a whole day, 5 Conqueror Caskets, Gladiator Caskets & Bonecrusher Caskets + 3 stars of each type;
2nd place - 5 Conqueror Caskets, Gladiator Caskets & Bonecrusher Caskets + 3 stars of each type;
3rd place - 3 Conqueror Caskets, Gladiator Caskets & Bonecrusher Caskets + 1 star of each type.

Good luck!

I am the current leader of the dajjan.

I may not be the founding leader of the dajjan but I am the first to join it. Sense that day each has been a journey. Of making friends to allies I am honored to being called brothers in arms. There is many terms of strength. of fighting ability or will. but the dajjan holds a strength of friendship and loyalty I believe is unmatched in any other clan. One of such causes for this is my loyalty to it's members. From organizing events for the clan , to talking to them when able, to aiding them with loans or aiding them with trouble being in jail I do all I can for the members of the clan who are loyal. If ever a time in need and I can aid I will. This example has in turn made the other members more loyal and giving to each other. No, the dajjan are not the strongest in terms of fighting but there are no others I would prefer over them to have at my side if ever worse comes to wear.
Leader of Inferno Legacy
as leader of inferno legacy I would not say we are the best clan as every clan has strengths and weakness, Its how we pull together as a team that makes us as a clan.We are friends we get on well with each other and we have fun as that is what this game is all about, are we the best probably not but are we enjoying the game, and the people we have meet, and the friendships we have made that is worth more than being the best.
most of vaalorian clans are the best clans also we have renagades , we all help eachother in daily tasks from quests,elites,raids,forts and caves , we also fight togheter on any intuders in BC battles it is fun and great way to learn unity and been organised 9th 8th 7th legions , seawolves war wolves fire wolves and renegades we always like a bee hives rolling together in groups keeping adan safe and rich , they all deserve 1st place , we also sometimes help sadar clans in their own battles against enemies of adan iam grouped with two sadar members one 9th legion member and me of the great seawolves clan , the seawolves clan was created by kokamaru the alpha , a wise and very unique leader , we acomplished many successes since its birth and we came to be the fastest clan to achive level 2 rank in adan world we hunt in packs , share our loots , protect our clan and all vaalorian clans from any enemies , we are here ready to defend all vaalorians and protect adan from any enemies of vaalors and sadars alike to the end . howling "I have to give credit to Anunnaki1 for representing our clan so well, thx pal"
There are many good clans in Adan, but the one which I consider the best is Ninth Legion. Some of the reasons I support this go all the way to when I was just starting to play the game. As every player knows the start of any game is always slow, and the time we spend figuring out how things work always makes us lag behind a bit. This is were members of Ninth gave me advice to speed up this learning process. At the time I still had no idea of how to join a clan, but after being bonecrushed more than once a day River-Diss invited me to the clan. Later on I realized that being in a clan prevents most of the random attacks. After becoming a member of Ninth all the members helped me with dungeons and elite hunts. I learned about the alliances with other clans and how we must follow some rules to keep the conflicts to a minimum. Every Tournament and achievement earned is a beer and flower party in clan chat. One of the most interesting things in Ninth Legion is that due to the members being Russian one of the key tools is google translator.. which not always is accurate and sometimes some really wild and nonsense conversations take place, which always finishes with both russian and english speaking players laughing. Personally I have started to learn some Russian words from Bo-Bo , Raona and Waka... who I would like to think are really patient people always answering questions.
We also have the living translators such as Trotila, if you dont understand something he is the guy to call. There are also players like SherHan which never talks, but if he is needed he will help with all he has. Waka is the clan leader and I admire her a lot, because she is able to handle all the members of the clan and she guides us when we are confused. Regardless of language or culture Ninth is a very united and welcoming clan. These are some of the reasons which make me believe Ninth is the best clan! © IronSkull ">
Phoenix Rising is a name that is respected by allies and opposition alike. We were the original Sadarian clan, and since the beginning we have been a family, strong and unified under the symbol of the mythical bird, like which we continue to rise even if knocked down. We have been through great highs, such as forming our sister clan, achieving level 2 and topping rankings, but also lows, such as losing dear friends and valued members. However, throughout everything our values have remained true and we have worked together to remain a force to be reckoned with. A true family, we are willing to fight and die for each other no matter the odds, and have done time after time. With members ranging from legendary players that saw this game grow from the start, to rising stars that allow it to continue growing; we have a variety of personalities, and players of all shapes and sizes, something which allows us to excel in all areas. We have me, the leader and captain of our unique ship, themamma, who nurtures and guides us all, and isn’t afraid to dish out a spanking if needed, an excellent council who help make sure the clan is forever improving and offer words of wisdom on the issues we face, no matter how complex. We are also blessed, although some may say cursed, with a clan of like-minded pervs and womanisers who are forever providing us with smut and laughter. Luckily our strong women are able to keep them in line, when they aren’t providing the smut themselves that is. Make no mistake though, whilst we enjoy a laugh and a good time in clan chat, our weapons are never far from our side, and when the situation requires it we wield them with a united strength that would make even a mighty dragon turn and flee in fear.
I know, some think Sadar is better, some think Vaalor is better.but I find Sadar to be much more pleasing than Vaalor. I have played multiple times on both, being I have two accounts. We have united strength, making us a very powerful empire. Sadar consists of many important warriors and warriors-in-training. We also have many vital weapons, and armor. Battling is one of our many training sources. I have a few suggestions: if you are going battle-training, my suggestions go from one, being easy, to three, being hard. 1. Seared Warg 2. Deydri Outlaw 3. Rusty Grohl.
I would love to post our clan's story, since it is MENTIONNED that we can have up to 3000 words. Sadly, As soon as I try to post it, it gives me a white screen and nothing happens.

Not impressed at all.

Up to 3000 characters - words plus punctuation marks.
In the winter of 2009 Lord BlackRose went looking for a new home for his Silent Knights. He was never heard from again. Those he left behind tried to carry on, but were unable to get through some locks to supplies that were desperately needed. On May 19, 2009 Plazmius and Sir Truckula led the surviving knights to a new home and the Dragon Dogs were born. The brave leaders led their family thru many worlds looking for a permanent home, gaining new members and losing some as the years go by, but always keeping to the core values of “family first.” The DD family has suffered losses and even treachery by those who were greedy. Thru t all DD has held its collective head high and carried on.
Currently, the DD family resides in the world of Adan. We will most likely never be the strongest clan here in Adan, but, we will endure and survive because we are a family.
We are a FAMILY with strong core values. We are moms, dads, brothers, sisters, grandparents, grandchildren, husbands and wives. If you are looking for the clan that will always be on the leader board, then look elsewhere. If you are looking for a family, that will bbe there to talk about your day, whether its venting about some idiot you had to deal with or celebrating your latest accomplishments on or off the game then you have found us.
Our family here in the world of Adan, continues to follow the traditions we started with, we will not give you the things you want, or even need. What we will do is give you the tools to obtain those things yourself. We believe that the best victories are the ones you earned yourself, while your family cheers you on.
That is what makes the Dragon Dogs the best clan that we will always be there for you, cheering you on, helping you learn how to accomplish what you need to do to succeed. You will be able to spot us pretty easily, we will be wearing our official Dragon Dogs T-shirts.
Why is HellFire the best clan?? Although newly hatched, we have made an impact on the world of Adan. From our crafters, who trade and do business with nearly EVERY clan, to our fighters, who have fought with nearly EVERY clan, we are a well-rounded group who are tough and are not willing to take crap from anyone. There is no bond stronger than the one that has formed in HellFire. Through thick and thin, we have remained bound to each other in a way words cannot describe. From losing our home and making a new one, to helping each other deal with varying degrees of real life personal matters, we believe the HellFire family is closer knit than any other in Adan. Our founding family-We have me..( apparently im the sometimes ill-tempered leader lol). Dont annoy me too much, I am liable to bite your head off. We have Lngsling, who WILL bite your head off if you mess with his wife (me) Novi who says it straighter than anyone i know, u want an honest opinion ask her. some of the best rants that have made me cry laughing have come from this lovely lady. Grim-quiet, but can kill you quicker than a snakebite. hate monger-well, the name says it all. Valdeiron- our knight in shining armour. H1N1-our lost soul, God bless him. Rocco- our very own local perv. Give him a topic we’re sure he’l find a way to twist it. Zeus- the god with the biggest ego on the game(waiting for the admins to give us a pin to deflate his head lol ). Shagthor- the FUNNIEST guy in the clan. No matter his mood or yours, he WILL get you to smile. And all our other members who have joined our family, whether it be new or old friends, have each found their place quickly and bring their own unique qualities to compliment every other member. There is never a dull moment in HellFire. You call for backup, you have the clan there within 30sec. In short, there is noone I would rather laugh with, cry with, or fight with, than the almighty HellFire family, and I am proud and privileged to be playing the game with them all.
To me, Clan Inferno Elite represents the equivalent of an online family. We are all united by a common goal: to play Dragon Eternity. The clan for me represents a necessary element in an online gaming universe. Players band together to help each other out and make the game more fun. Elite is a manifestation of this and it has been since its creation. Together with JimmyJamm, Caly, ravenski and a few other players since departed, we have strived to make Elite a clan that people want to join because other players have said that Inferno Elite is a FUN clan to be in. My primary objective is to make sure our members have fun while playing. Elite is a place to come and play the game, learn from each other's gaming experience and benefit from a family-like mentality. The clan chat is rarely silent and all it takes is for one player to say 1-2 words and it comes back to life. We laugh, we joke around, poke fun at each other, share gaming tips and real life experiences together. This molds us into a unit, a clan...a family. Players are generous with their time and experience, sharing freely among each other to benefit all the members, be it the veterans or the new ones just joining in. It is a pleasure to come to the game and simply share in each other's online presence. To all that read this...this is a GAME. Games are to have FUN. I'm done now and going back to my clan and the have fun naturally!

Thanks for taking the time to read this.
Lady Sin, 1/3 Clan Leader of Inferno Elite

Fire Wolves is the best to me. made with love, care and friendship in mind. we are a family a pack of wolves. to be in Fire wolves mean to love, have fun, play, form friendships to last eons. our bonds are made even stronger by having our cousins the Sea Wolves and WarWolves. all of my clan are important and a joy to be around got to love our family. we fight it all arena of honor, 7 bridges, sea battle, tournament of honor. fight to live and live to fight with honor. we level up and rank up, trade with others in all clans, play with others. to run free and howl in joy is our goal, to be loyal to friends and clan is our life. here is some of our clan: LarryJ65 is sweet and wise my second in command, militaryvet is ever vigilant and fair my third in command, Ace004 the loving and ever faithful. I may be the Dragolupis (leader) but i am nothing without all the wolves in my clan from alpha to pup, without them there is no clan. Fire Wolves is the best clan because to not have them is a giant loss to all. now to go back to them i must soar on dragon wings to be with the ones that keep me playing. HOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWLLLLLLLLL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thank you for this chance to show our Family of Wolves
Once upon a time, in a land far away, there was a warrior named Podeth. She had a family, a happy family, but she decided that it was time to venture out and start one of her own. With her faithful sidekick Benny to help her along, she created a home for new people to come and be a part of. It started out slow, but soon enough the new home was full of laughter and good times. It was not an easy mission, but with the right people coming in, they helped to build the family even bigger and better.
Whilst this home was not full of the strongest warriors, it became full of warriors with a will to succeed, to fight, to be the best they could be (or at least, the best that their wallets allowed them to be ;)). They helped each other out in times of need, laughed together, cried together, and the majority of the time was spent doing other things together *wink wink nudge nudge*.
Every warrior in this new family was loyal, helpful, and most of all brave. No day in this family was simple, every day bought new adventures and challenges.
They did clan quests, each warrior taking part in making this home even greater. They killed elites, and for the final one, all the warriors banded together to do what one warrior could have done alone, and it was overkill to the max, but those that didn’t even get a chance to hit the elite were there, being part of this great victory and a closing blow for that part of the quest. ‘Cause, lets be honest, they got some serious style ;)
These warriors were crazy, they talked such insane but memorable moments that meant it was never a dull time. They were great allies, and the best friends, and even if they knew they faced certain death, they were there, dying together, and then laughing about which curse they had.

We’re Asylum, because this IS the Asylum, (we even got a special room with padded walls for certain clannies when we can’t contain their craziness (Isabo you know I mean you :P)).
I could never do this alone, each clan member makes it what it is. Whilst I'm clan leader, and there are council members, nothing is ever done without everyone being involved, and each member plays their part. Whether it's Panthyra popping up with crazy remarks, Lazarus telling everyone to get their you-know-whats out, or simply those that say a "congrats" when somebody levels, every single one plays their part in this amazing clan. & from the bottom of my heart I thank them for making every day wonderful, if not completely perverted ;)
We may not be the strongest in terms of level and gear, but we have the strongest bonds of friendship that nobody, no matter how tough they think they are, will ever break. This is the reason why we’re the best, because we fight together, die together, and laugh together every single day.

[And to my surprise, this is less than 3000 characters. I could have rambled more but I’m sure you don’t have all day :P]
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