Contest - I Love Dragons

Dear friends,

Dragons are beautiful, intelligent and powerful beings. There are few people who can overcome them, but there are a lot of people dreaming about such a victory.

Many movies, cartoons and pictures are dedicated to these fabulous creatures, as well as the books of different genres, sculptures and games. But what do these wonderful creatures mean to you? Are you ready to tell us your story about dragons and why do you like them so much?

The terms are as follows:

1. From July, 30th to August, 8th write a story about dragons and why do you like them.

2. Publish it in this thread.

3. The volume of the story should not exceed 1000 characters including punctuation marks.

After August, 8th we will evaluate the results of the competition and reward the winners with three golden prizes:

1st place - 30 gold coins;
2nd place - 20 gold coins;
3rd place - 10 gold coins.

All your stories are welcome!
As charlie walked through the woods he glanced through the letter he was going to deliver BAM! a flash of light and fire shooting through the forest made the letter fly from his hand. He looked down the path it came from and there it was a giant greenish yellow dragon staring him down the last thing he remembered that day as a blazeing tree fell on top of him.

I love dragons because of there elabrit features: scales, wings, and most of all FIRE.
In a land far, far away, over lands and clouds, further than the distant deep ocean, lay the land of Adan. The land had seen long battles, between the barbarian Sadar hordes and the the valiant Vaalor knights. But alas, after many years, the cruel Sadarians, destroyed the holy knights and lay siege to Vaalor City. The desperate king, Drolevil, not wanting to see his people perish, offered his beautiful daughter, priestess to the Goddes Hideki.Poor Irish, waited on the mountain-top, with her light sword for the Hordes. She cut them left and right, but they kept climbing. As her powers waned, Irish begged the goddess for reprieve. As she fell, the skies parted and the Dragon Host, led by Igor the Thunder Dragon, swooped down. The Dragons ripped through the Sadarians, and as a gift for the princess, Igor remained to guard the Vaalorian princess for eternity.
In a mystic land far away from earth was a world named Adan Valor and Sadar lived peacefully with each other than 2 seamstresses broke the peace by shouting at each other in one lead to another husbands coming together with knights it all lead to war the kings of Valor and Sadar did not like the treachery that was going on they tried stopping the fight but nothing would work 2 mighty dragons with the names of Eridan and Flalmildar flew in and stopped the whole thing with one might breath attack in shock everyone stopped the battle went down in history as the duel of truth. Alas peace was brought back to the world of Adan and so no more wars would go on the king made a new alliance of a clan called the guardians only trusted people were given this job. Head knight nathalia righty aiyshia and haead irish and many more to join and help them sustain the world of adan.
“Nooo!” you lowered your head after your scream of rage. You mate was dead. You were too late. The battle was clear. She was asleep when the raiding party entered. The strain of egg laying was too much for her. You knew something wrong when you noticed them closer than normal. How did they find you? The last of the dragons. It did not matter now. They took the eggs. The last. In complete sorrow you gave her the funeral of fire before you begin your quest. The quest to save the last of the dragons.

I believe 'IF' dragons were real at some point that either A: they were nothing more than animals left over from dinosaurs or B: they were vastly more intelligent than humans. Perhaps a bit of both. At one time they might have been so powerful compared to humans that an army could not stand up against a single one. Until the lance and cross bow were invented. Then they were hunted to extinction of fear and loathing for their great wealth. Of course dragons are only myths and legends but I would be honored to meet an actual dragon of the B category.

Added: wth you changed it from 500 to 1k... not fair to those who bide to the ORIGINAL rules
In the Land where life first started and technology grew quicker than ever, Master Davian the fiercest Fighter in the whole of Adan was given a quest by the king of the Sadar clan...To assassinate the king of the vaalor clan! Davian knew this was a suicide mission but he was loyal and would do anything to please his King,he made his way through The outskirts of Vaalor city,his hand on sword and mind focused. Something was strange,the floor was shaded but there were no trees to provide shade Davian's attention was turned towards the sky....Master Davian gawped at the sight, a majestic beast with scales covered around the body, its eyes piercing but the thing that entertained Davian the most...Was its scorching flames seeping through the Dagger like teeth, Davian retured knowing he could get nowhere near the king with the beast on lookout, so instead he retured with word of a new beast guarding the city of the vaalor.
The clan nightstalkers were on a mission to get to 1st place in the hunting tournament they killed many things valternas grohls drevals strakades tkisses but they wanted to hit the jackpot but they didnt know what to kill so they went to sleep that night wondering what they could kill setheil and ardikani heard a growl coming from the other end of the forest they ran to see what it was it was the might dragon of chaos setheil tried killing the mighty dragon to get triumph and show his strength to the world of adan so no one would be mean to him again ardikani stopped setheil from killing the dragon as it wouldnt show anything but setheil being a murderer so ardikani told him to tame it instead. after setheil tamed the mighty dragon it showed him to be a boy of true courage he went on many adventures with the chaos dragon and named him infernus they got rank 1 for killing the most things in a week. But one day his evil brother sattas couldnt take that he was beating him in the killing competition so he summoned his might dragon eathean into battle setheil panicked the chaos dragon gave it a nod to signal it was ready it was a fight that no one could stop at 1 point the 2 dragons breath attacks collided and wiped out valdirian forest thus sattas and setheil had been vanquished by there own dragons the dragons were afraid of what was going to happen with them in fear of hearing people of adan running over to the forest the dragons fled but what they didnt know was their little sister was watching them from behind the trees she told the people of adan that they had died against each other in battle setheil was awarded the name the man of courage and sattas was named the lord of dragons.
Her Master holds her head high and axe ready. She shifts her gaze towards the group of warriors and waits for her command. She will obey them till the last beat of her heart. Suddenly a roar echoes throughout the woods. The warriors are coming to attack. Raising their battles cries along with their swords and axes they all rush in as a last desperate attempt to grasp victory.. Master’s smile reaches her blue eyes. She knows that no one will defeat her as long as her beloved dragon stands by her side. With those blue eyes she receives the simplest command Attack. Without a second thought the Dragon known as Gaia attacks. Colors of emeralds and earth flash as Gaia beats her wings and lashes out with claws sharp enough to engrave marks on solid stone. Fire, colored as green as the grass in wild fields, light up and screams of agony quickly follows. As sudden as the attack begun it has ended. They have won. Master looks at her with love similar to that of a mother’s to her child. They are bonded deep within their souls. They both know they will never part from each other. They smirk as they collect their spoils and leave.
I adore dragons for the most part because they can take on any shape and form that the writer wishes them to be. That diversity makes them a truthfully a wonderful creature itself. Adding them to anything may it be games or stories is always a great thing.
Long ago in the land of Harry Potter, there was a half giant named Rubeus Hagrid and he won a stanger at a pub and won a dragon egg. The egg hatched and he named it Norbert. They had to send it away but 4 years later he was face to face with 4 other dragons in the Goblet of Fire. The Dragons tried roasting him with their fire. Harry also met one in Gringotts 3 years later.

I like dagons because they breathe fire, have scales that are resistant pretty much anything. Their claws are like daggers and their teeth will strip meat off anything. I also like them because they can fly. Last of all i like them because they can do like 500 damage when biting an enemy. Their breath does 3-5 lots of damage a time.
As he walked down the path he sensed something moving behind him. Phillip stared at the bush where he thought he had heard the rustling. All seemed quiet. Phillip continued on his way down the wooded path. His quarry had not shown itself since the attack and he had been searching for weeks.Ever since his village had been attacked and his brother killed by the beast, he had sought revenge on the beast whose hide sparkled with a black brilliance the likes of which had not been seen for almost a hundred years. As Philip continued down the path something stabbed through his shoe and went into his foot. He yelped and fell to the ground. As he stared at his foot he saw a black shiny rock sticking from the bottom of his shoe, droplets of blood were slowly collecting on the bottom. As he pulled it out he felt it slide out of his flesh, tears streamed from his eyes. Once he had bandaged his foot he took another look at the rock. It was the strangest rock he had ever seen. It seemed to sparkle with a brilliance that he had never seen in any rock before. Suddenly a deep rumbling noise came from behind him. Phillip jumped up and standing behind him was a massive black dragon, scales black as night that sparkled like diamonds. The dragon stood taller then the tallest house in his village. Large fangs protruded from its mouth. Its head appeared almost serpentine on its long and winding neck.It stared down it him, its eyes the color of ice. As Phillip reached for his sword, the dragon opened its mouth and roared a thundering roar that could be heard from miles around. Phillip fell to the ground, to terrified to move. The dragon slowly approached him. When it was standing only a few feet away, Phillip closed his eyes and prepared for the end. Then from out of nowhere came a voice that carried great power and authority, the likes of which Phillip had never heard before. He looked up and the Dragon who was clearly female, asked “Why have you been following me? What do you want?” Phillip sat up, mystified by what had just transpired. He looked into the dragons eyes and said “I have come to avenge my brother who you murdered when you attacked my village.” The dragon blinked her huge crystal blue eyes and said “I never attacked a village. I hunt in the woods and leave your people alone. Why would I want to attack your people anyway. There is no need for me to eat your people nor would I want to. All humans do is cause chaos in my forest” Phillip looked at the dragon awestruck. “But if you didn’t attack my village who did?” The dragon looked at him curiously but then a roar so loud it shook the very ground, came from above and a large black shadow descended on them both.
Zhie stands on the walls of Vaalor Academy overseeing the training of the young Vaalor warriors. The sound of a battle horn indicates an attack from Sadar again.So assembeling the Vaalor warriors to the rally point General Irish gave a short assuring speech that Vaalor would win again. The Vaalor forces went out meet the Sadar forces lead by General Brutus the battle once again raged. Sadar was geting the upper hand and the young recruits were no match for the veteran Brutus and his forces. It was sure that this time Sadar was going to finally take Vaalor. Irish shouting her famous words Never Forgive Never Forget in a last attempt to hold back the Sadar army ready to give the enemy a last charge from above flying creatures came from the heavens so it seemed. One called her self Manaria The High Born spoke with voice of a goddess and said "Fear not Vaalor for we have herd your plea and have come to answer the call of Vaalor!" With a growl and mighty roar the dragon forces swooped down and in a fiery blaze the Dragons burned the Sadar forces and cutting them down with the fire of a thousand suns A brilliant show of might and strength the scales shining in splendor as the sun sets over the battle field. Manaris steps forth from the smoke and fire and says to Irish "Mighty warrior your display of valor has moved me and my fellow dragons. From now on we will protect and defend Vaalor along side you now and forever more. Shortly after that Irish took the elite soldiers and dragons and formed the Guardians.
In a world scorched and burned by dragons of chaos, the little resistance given by the dragons of the elements was futile.... in a last attempt, the dragon chieftains combined their powers, (sacrificing themselves in the process) , to send out a power surge that would renew the powers of their allies, and kill their enemies, unfortunately, it failed, when all hope was lost, a young warrior by the name of Bane of Galbatorix , found the egg of a chaos dragon, seeing the possibility and opportunity offered by raising a friendly chaos dragon, he trained it and then server as a negotiator between the chaos dragon, after much consideration, the chaos dragons agreed to leave the continent of Tartu for other lands, many years later, the dragons of the elements rebuilt the continent and certain chaos dragon returned - friendly of course - and Bane and his dragon formed the dragon knights, leading them until they dies of old age

I'm not the best storyteller but I try
Dragons are strength; they are majestic creatures that I have found strength from. In all the mystical creatures out there; there are non stronger than the Dragon. I have been obsessed with Dragons since I was 14 years old and have been collecting different dragon figurines, pictures, paintings and the like since I was 16 years old. To me Dragons are a link to a world that has long since flown us by. A world of Fantasy; a world of magic and mystery; a world that a person can get lost in and create their own image; a world where there are no expectations on that person. There is no limit to what a person can do or be in a world of Dragons. Dragon’s have many faces and many names. They can either be friend or they can be your worst foe. They can be majestic royal creatures or strange hideous monsters. Dragon’s are known throughout the world; in each and every culture you will find mentions of Dragon’s. They are truly universal which another reason to love them. Each Culture view’s them differently. In Europe they were a foe to be defeated; in China they were regal creatures to be learned from. They were magnificent and stately. When I think of Creatures I think of one that is both Humble and proud; they are fascinating creatures who have brought me comfort on cold, dark days. I could pull out any story about Dragon’s and escape into a land of Fantasy where my most stalwart companion was a Dragon. I could then escape into another one where my most dreaded enemy and the climax of my quest was to defeat a dreadful, revolting Dragon who was set out to enslave the realms. Either way the story that I was reading went; it was a comfort. Dragon’s are one of the key’s to imagination, to the past, to a world beyond what we know here in “reality.” The Journey that those stories takes us on, whether the Dragon, be Friend or Foe, is timeless like the Dragon itself. Every person from every age has heard and knows of the Dragon. They know them and some of the people love them and others just see childishness. Everyone has an opinion when it comes to Dragons. I love them. They have been a constant companion to me throughout my life. I do not know where I would be without their companionship; for they are true and just. All of these reasons and more are why I love Dragon’s. All of these reason’s and more and why I still find and look for Dragon’s where ever I go, whether that be in the clouds or in the trees or in a simple story.
Whoosh! Whoosh! Billy,"Look at all of them!" Bob,"I have never seen so many of them before!" Joe,"I have only heard of this in stories and legends!" Bob,"What did the old story teller call a herd of dragons?" Billy,"Its a thunder of dragons and it sure sounds like it!" Joe,"I can barely hear myself thinking above all the dragons roars and flapping" Bob," Watch out!, **** there attacking the palisade!" Billy,"I thought we made a treaty with the dragons" Joe,"Prepare yourselfs boys were going to war...."

I Love Dragons for there proud nature, the ability to Desimate, for there Strength and Wisdom, for there Restraint and Respect they show, for the ability to breath fire,fly, and not least of all Strike fear into there enemies!
A warrior was training deep in the valdian forest (at this time, these woods were undiscovered) far away from the village, she heard a snarl and the sound of snapping trees echo through the land then a roar that shook the grounds that bellowed around her like 100 lightning strikes. She soon got a gut feeling that something was wrong. She stops her training and walks in deeper, leading her to a barren wasteland. The forest was a second home, for she knew the place well and returned often without anyone noticing. She took a few glances around the terrain, and was in shock. Trees were engulfed in huge flames, covering the sky in smoke. The air became dense with lightning clouds soon after. "What is this place? I can tell already tell it is not usually like this", she said to herself as she saw fissures in the ground form and lightning strike around her. She knew what had to be done. She blinked and her eyes became a bright gold as she charged into the cloud of smoke, then saw what was going on. 7 dragons were found in a great war. She identified them immediately and knew they were unlike the dragons that were at her village trained by the locals. "One fire, earth, water, chaos, order and air dragon. but there, that 7th one! I have seen that one before... I've fought them!" The 7th dragon was the dragon of death. As soon as they made eye contact, the dragon roared and beat his wings, soon charging right for her with humongous claws and vicious fangs! "I remember what you've done to me last time we fought" she exclaimed after looking at an amazingly large scar in the middle of her torso "I will end this now!" She clutched the amulet she wore around her neck and turned into her true form, the dragon of life by the name of Oblivion. She then pulled out her sword, crafted out of metals she has harvested and inscribed with the symbol of light. The 6 dragons saw her sword and they knew that the war would end now. They flew off to their distant caves, far away from the world of Adan to watch over its habitants and protect them. They knew that the dragon of death had to be killed or else all of the land will plunge into chaos, much more than the chaos dragon can deal himself! The two great dragons fought but Oblivion knew that this dragon cannot be allowed to live. She clutched her sword and charged for the death dragon. They fought sword to claws and fangs. After a long duel, Oblivion rose victorious at last. She bottled up the death dragon's soul in a small phial and sealed it, to ensure that they may never be able to wreak havoc on Adan again. She turned back into her mortal form, putting her sword away, noticing she has at least 10 new wounds. From her finding the hidden war of the ancient guardians, she managed to save her village and all of Adan. Rumor has it she is still walking amongst the warriors of Adan to this day. Perhaps someone, somewhere can meet this legendary protector.

In my opinion, I've always been fascinated by dragons, thinking perhaps they have existed in some sort of way and we have evolved from them. Plus I've also been sketching them out, reading about them and coming up with ideas and stories about them as well. It gives me a lot to think about when i get the chance to.
“Waah!” A baby cries with no around it. It is a cold and stormy night. The remnants of a village are of in the distance destroyed by human raiders. Far off in the mountains a dragon lifts its head from its long slumber and begins flying to the baby. By the time the dragon arrives the baby’s cries have brought something else…the raiders are back to silence this baby. The dragon, angered at this act, attacks the raiders with tooth, claw, and fire. Defeating the raiders the dragon takes the baby back to its home. There the baby is fed and nurtured by the dragon. However such an undertaking cannot go unnoticed by the surrounding population. People begin wondering what is going on in the mountain. They send scouts first one, then two, then three. None return. Soon wild tales start to spread drawing the attention of the king. The king orders his knights to find out the truth of these wild tales and sends them to the village. After arriving in the village a party is thrown. The child that the dragon has raised sees this and hurries back to the dragon. “Please you must leave. These are not simple village folk anymore. They are knights sent by the king. They will stop at nothing until you are dead or captured.” The dragon simply looks at the now grown woman and says nothing. Sure enough the dragon does not leave. The knights come. “Please leave.” The woman again pleads to no avail. The knights attack and the dragon defends but is gravely wounded. The woman sad and angry at the dragon yells, “I told you to leave didn’t ? Why did you not?” The dragon looks again at the woman in silence, stands, and then slowly walks back into the cave gesturing for the woman to follow. The woman does. When they reach the wall at the end the dragon makes a sign and the wall disappears. The dragon then stands back to let the woman look in. It is a dragon birthing chamber…but it is empty and has been in years. The woman looks on and then realizes something and turns around. Saying nothing she just stares at the dragon with shock, love, an empathetic sadness, and a question in her eyes. The dragon nods in response then telepathically talks to the woman. “I have no children to call my own. I have tried for many years. I was on the verge of giving up when I heard your cry as a baby. I have raised you as my own. I hope that you love me even though we are not the same species. Crying now the woman walks over to the dragon and hugs her while saying “I do.” She stays like that all night. The next morning the dragon is cold and unmoving.
I have always loved fiction novels and dragon novels and mythology and everything of that sort.
The Story of Esta & Her Water Dragon
Esta was just a walking down the usual road that she takes to go and plant some wheat in order to make some wheat loaf for her family one afternoon.. On that particular cloudy day in Adan, Esta decided to go for a walk on the mystical island of Knossos Canyon as she was tired of the same old track every time to plant her same old wheat.
Walking past a stream, Esta suddenly got thirsty and decided to take a sipof the crystal clear waters. As she lowered her face to the water and cupped water into her hands she saw something move in the waterfall infront of her.
Jumping out of the water fall was.. for the very first time in her life her encounter with a water dragon! This was the most breath taking moment she had ever experienced in her life,
and strangely she was not affraid of this magnificent beast that stood before her. Immediately Esta and this dragon became friends as they stared into eachothers eyes.
Esta spoke softly 'I shall name you Auril Lagoonai.. oh princess of the Waters'.
Somehow a bond was formed between Esta and Auril. A bond that can never be broken.
Doran of Del. known to the Deltoran dragons as "dragon friend" was on a mission. To write a guide book on Deltora's dangers, as he did so he saw a dragon from the 7 territories. Topaz, Ruby, Emerald, Opal, Lapiz Lazuli, Diamond, and Amethyst, the last of their kind. While he met with each he warned of their extinction and persuaded them to sleep until their skies were safe to fly in again. He saved them and generations later they awoke to save the land of Deltora from the evil shadowlord. And because of the dragons the land prospered once again.
-From "Deltora dragons" book 4 by Emily Rodda

Dragons, beautiful beyond description have been my obsession since I was 9 which started with a few stories telling of dragons and how magnificent they are and their glory. How they are able to get along with humans in peace, i wish that was the case in today's society, sadly it is not. I beleived the stories such as Doran of Del dragon friend (as seen above).And I have been searching for the dragons and even now almost 6 years later I hav developed my own religion based on dragons, their exsistance on earth and are the true answers to things we cannot explain. They are all over my walls and they will stay there, their names never to be said. They are my life's work and dedication, always have always will be. I believe that every story of dragons has at least a grain of truth to them, such as tribal dragons, dragon riders, and i do believe they are real, watching all of us. To me, they are facinating with many questions never answered, i think the biggest is how they breathed fire, unfortunantly we will never know because our ansestor drove them off eithr to extinction or into hiding. If it was extinction then i truly wish i could go back into time and stop the men who killed dragons. For what did the dragons do? They may hav taken animals for their mere servival and they were desperate for resources. They are very smart creatures, who most likely knew more to life than the wisest of people. I'm not entirely intrested in the prize of this contest but more of to show how much i do love dragons and i do love them with a strong pasion. And i wish for the entire world to believe in them as i have, and to keep the spirit of their existance alive because in peoples memories and thoughts they will live forever.
[this is my full story, here just for every one to enjoy. i will promply post one to enter in the contest, with (hope fully) 500 characters]

I was not always a powerful Knight, or a revered Guardian. I was once a poor peasant, and in order to feed my 3 yr old daughter, Esta Kinya, i had to do odd jobs. Replace an ill hunter, guard a merchant's goods, returning stolen goods, etc. In time, my baby girl grew up strong, bodied and minded, and revealed to me her wish to become a Lady Knight. Though we were peasants, refused to let my baby girl's dream go unaccomplished, so I came up with the ingenius idea of stealing a few dragon eggs. I knew our glorious Kingdom of Vaalor needed reenforcements for its army, and that the king would gladly take hatchling dragons into training. No one that attempted to steal dragon eggs before ever survied or succeeded. But some how i managed to steal two eggs from the Dragon's caves.
However, before I could get the eggs to the kings castle, they hatched, and grew rather fond of myself and Esta. I chose to name my dragon Lord Hajimefor i knew he was highborn, and that he would bring about a great beggining. Esta named her dragon Auril Lagoonia. When we arrived at the castle, it became obvious the dragons would follow no other, then their chosen masters, Esta and myself. Therefore the king allowed us to train with them, and eventually we were both annointed Knights of Vaalor.
Ofcourse, when the Dragons became aware of their loss, they prepared for war with Vaalor. However, during battle they noticed how powerful and magnificent the union between dragons and humans could be, and decided to have a meeting with us. We apologized for the theft of the eggs, but explained we needed a stronger army to battle the tyrant Sadarians, who wanted to hold all of Adan and Tartu under their rule. After hearing our story, the Dragons allowed us to keep Hajime and Auril, they they refused to leave us.
But in their infinite wisdom, the Dragons also allowed Sadar to take voluntary dragons to join their armies, with the rule that Vaalor and Sadar had to become allied nations. They quickly agreed, bringing onto tartu a much desired peace, much un expected aswell. Henceforth, Sadar and Vaalor united, sought to rid Adan of all remaining evil, and bring peace to Tartu.
The few elite among us became Great Guardians, who kept relations between Sadar and Vaalor peaceful. Esta Kinya and I among them.
Why do I love dragons u ask?
Because they are our Soulbound Brothers, and our Future!!
[official entry][i amsorry i kuldnt get it to be shorter than about 900 chars, but i tried my best, i hope u allow it as a legitimate entry (please do ) if not then i humbly accept my defeat in this battle "> ]

I was once a peasant and in order to feed my 3 yr old Esta Kinya, i did odd jobs. Replace an ill hunter, return stolen goods, etc. My baby girl grew up strong and revealed to me her wish to become a Lady Knight.I refused to let my girl's dream go unaccomplished, so I came up with a plan to steal dragon eggs.Vaalor needed a stronger army, and the king would gladly train dragons . I managed to steal two eggs from the Dragons.
I couldnt get the eggs to the king,for they hatched, and grew fond of Esta and myself. My dragon's name is Lord Hajime for he was highborn and he would bring about a great beggining. Esta named hers Auril Lagoonia. When we arrived it became obvious the dragons would follow none but Esta and myself. So the king allowed us to train with them and we were both anointed Knights of Vaalor.
When the Dragons noticed their loss they prepared for war with us. But after seeing how magnificent the union between dragons and humans was, they met with us. We apologized for the theft, but explained our need of a stronger army to battle the tyrant Sadar. The Dragons then allowed us to keep Hajime and Auril,(they refused to leave us.)
In their wisdom, the Dragons also allowed Sadar to take dragons into their army, with the rule that Vaalor and Sadar had to be allies. We agreed, bringing to tartu peace. Ever since, Sadar and Vaalor fight to rid Adan of all evil.
The elite among us became Guardians, who kept relations between Sadar and Vaalor peaceful. Esta Kinya and I among them.
Why do I love dragons?
Because they are our Soulbound Brothers!
I personally feel that Dragons are what all of us want to be: Strong willed, No fear of what is to come,willing to fight to the death. We as people want to believe in dragons and in some ways would like to even be embodied into there souls, so that we could experience the feel of breath of power the flight of flying and the strength of a 1000 men. The feel of digging claws on flesh or to stand fast to hold your ground then spread your wings and fly high into the night skies to be able heal a human with a piece of there heart or there blood. So very mysterious,beautiful and dangerous and yet so many of us want too feel what all this would be like. I personally am as much of my dragon as I am at fighting solo and when my dragon fights it is me that is inside of him/her.I feel there pain of death and happiness of victory..I may get more into my dragon than others do cause I feel that MY dragon is a part of me in this game and always will be......Just my thoughts thank you for reading!!!!
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